Blenders Snow Goggles Review 2022: {My Experience}

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For the past few months, I have been looking for good snow goggles for my skiing attire. Then, I came across Blenders Eyewear.

So, in this article, I’ll review Blenders Snow Goggles.

I’m using Blenders snow goggles and sunglasses for almost 1 year, and I’m in love with them because they’re stylish just like a $300 goggle, but they cost way less than $300. So, initially, I thought, they’re not expensive, so their quality must be poor, but I was wrong.

Just take a look at these snow goggles, and I bet, you’ll love them.

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I know, this article is about snow goggles, but I like Blenders Eyewear so much that I also want you to check these two sunglasses: Rose Theater and Black Tundra.

In June 2022, I order Black Tundra for me, and Rose Theater for my wife, and we’re quite happy with the purchase.

My Personal Experience

Last year, I was looking for affordable ski goggles. I liked Oakley Flight Deck, and Smith 4D MAG, but, they were out of my budget.

I did some research on Amazon, and I found some decent-looking goggles like findway Ski Goggles, and ZIONOR Goggles. Maybe, they were good, but, I didn’t like their design. So, I didn’t place the order for the next 2 days and kept searching.

Then, I found Blenders Eyewear, and I ordered 2 goggles, Arctic Motion for myself, and Diva Drama for my wife. Since then, we have used them multiple times while skiing, and 2 times while snowboarding.

These snow goggles are compatible with our helmets. However, our helmets are old, and we’re thinking about replacing them. This time, we’ll buy helmets from Blenders Eyewear. Yes, they also manufacture snow helmets that are designed with Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). So, they’re quite safe than cheap helmets and fully compatible with goggles.

Both goggles (Arctic Motion and Diva Drama) came with bonus lenses designed for low-light conditions. When you’re skiing or snowboarding, and the weather changes, the bonus lens comes into play. I was amazed to see how easy it is to change the lens with the magnet system. It takes less than 10 seconds.

These goggles are anti-fog and scratch-resistant, which is good for someone whose wife is clumsy.

So, overall, I’m quite happy with my decision that I tried Blenders Eyewear.

I was so happy that I order 2 sunglasses Black Tundra. and Rose Theater, for me and my wife.

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A Few Recommendations For You

If you’re a complete beginner, and want to try the cheapest Blenders Eyewear snow goggles, then you can go with Lunar Snow Goggles. These are entry-level goggles, so they’re cheaper than their Aura and Nebula goggles.

They have also launched the Punkster series, especially for kids. So, if you have kids who like snow sports, then you can gift Punkster snow goggles. I’m sure, they’ll love them.

If you have some experience, even a little, then I don’t want to recommend any goggle to you because all the goggles are good, and you can buy just any of them based on your personal preference like I chose Arctic Motion, and my wife chose Diva Drama.

Also, don’t forget to check their ‘Powder Packs‘. Their powder packs contain a custom set of goggles, sunglasses, and beanies.

The Black Friday Deal (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) applies to Snow Goggles (Punkster, Lunar, Aura, and Nebula), Snow Helmets, Beanies, Powder Packs, and Sunglasses. So, take benefit of this huge sale, and buy 2 things for the price of 1.

Blenders: The Brand

What started as a solo hustle of selling shades out of backpacks on the beaches of California rapidly set itself up to become one of the biggest eyewear brands.

From selling one style, this brand has awed its customers with advancing models throughout the years.

From innovative technologies to unique designs Blenders Eyewear are a force to be reckoned with in the eyewear market all over.

Different Types Of Blenders Snow Goggles 

Aura Blenders Snow Goggles

The Aura snow goggles are known for their unique and effective anti-fog and scratch-resistant surfaces. The magnetic layers in these goggles are a convenient addition to the lens-swapping process.

Nebula Blenders Snow Goggles

The Nebula Blenders snow goggles are unique for their toric lenses. These lenses are responsible for providing you with broader and clearer peripheral vision.

Lunar Blenders Snow Goggles

The Lunar Snow Goggles are known for their fixed cylindrical lenses. It is these lenses that give impeccable optical clarity!

Apart from these unique features in each type, all the Blenders Eyewear Ski Goggles are known for their convenient fittings, helmet compatibility, UV protection, and VLT percentages.

Essential Features Of Blenders Snow Goggles

Anti-Fog and Scratch Resistant 

Okay, so when buying Snow Goggles, you must go for anti-fog goggles.

What happens in most goggles is that due to continuous usage, sometimes, when the warm air on the inside of the goggles comes in contact with the cold air, the lenses, if not protected, will fog over.

This can impair your vision, leading to mishaps on your skiing or snowboarding expeditions.

To prevent this, you should always go for goggles that either have anti-fog coatings or will be protected against fog formation on the screens.

Apart from being anti-fog, the goggles should also be scratch resistant. This is important because slopes for snowboarding and skiing are unpredictable.

Your goggles may slip off, or you may fall. These accidents shouldn’t be able to damage or even scratch your goggles. 

So get hardy and sturdy goggles offered by Blenders Ski Goggles.

Best Blenders Snow Goggles

Easy Swap Magnetic Lens

Now, this is another essential trick your goggles need to ace if you want the best service from it. Not all lenses are meant for all kinds of conditions. You might require more than one lens.

Also, it cannot be said with a guarantee that the lens you already have will serve you till the end. Midway through your skiing, you might require to switch.

In that case, you very well cannot spend 5 to 10 minutes trying to get that perfect lens fit.

It will cost you time and perhaps some great scenic beauty. For that reason, Blender’s Eyewear Ski Goggles use advanced technology where there are magnetic layers.

These magnetic layers allow you to change your lens with just a click.

100% UV Protection

Well, almost all the top skin care regimens recommend sunscreen as a must in the list of daily usages.

Why? Because we must protect our skin, especially our sensitive facial skin from harmful UV rays. The sunscreen offers a layer that is almost impenetrable to the rays.

Similarly, your goggles are also sensitive objects. They, also require protection against UV rays to stay undamaged for extended periods.

Thus, this is the reason you should always opt for goggles that guarantee 100% UV protection. 

If not, the risk of reduced durability hangs above your precious beauties! 

Elastic Strap with Adjustable Buckle

Ideally, one wouldn’t want to travel on slopes and rough paths full of bumps and blocks. But more often than not, snowboarding and skiing slopes are unpredictable.

You never know what could lie in the length of a few yards or even on familiar trails. 

So it is almost fruitless to claim to be prepared to tackle every kind of danger on the path because you don’t know what will happen.

You could slip, slide off, or hit challenging grounds, or your ride could be one of the roughest.

All these can easily lead to your goggles slipping off. Now, this is dangerous in case you are hurrying down the slope during a drizzle or light snowfall.

So to prevent such accidents, you should always go for goggles with elastic straps with buckles.

While the elastic straps in blender Eyewear give a snug fit, the back foam frame is comfortable and doesn’t dig into your head. The buckles are additional security against accidental slip-offs.

Blenders Ski Goggles Review

Helmet Compatibility 

The Blenders’ Eyewear is compatible with almost all types of snow helmets.

This is important because you will not be comfortable enough to focus entirely on snowboarding or skiing without proper helmet compatibility. This is another crucial point to consider while buying snowmobile goggles.

And lack of concentration on where you are going on the slope is problematic.  To avoid that, you should always get goggles that fit perfectly with your snowmobile helmet.

The goggles and helmets should complement each other and not hinder their functionality. 

Bonus Lens Included

Equally paradoxical is the state of lenses. As we have already established, trails for winter sports are highly unpredictable.

No one knows what could happen on the trails. We never know if it could fail in a specific condition.

Thus, when you buy snow goggles, they should always come with spare lenses. This is also important because you often might not find the lens for your goggles from the market itself. In that case, if goggles already come with a spare lens, you are safe side.

Don’t Miss the Black Friday Sale (Buy 1 Get 1 Free). The sale is applicable on all the products available on Blenders Eyewear.

Blenders’ Best Snow Goggles in 2022

Diva Drama Aura Snow Goggles

Okay, so the Diva Drama Snow Goggles had features that’ll make you think of a diva on a roll. It uses advanced technology that has eight layers of magnets.

Starting from the swappable lens technology used by it, one can quickly point out the type of ease it offers when you are out on the snow fields snowboarding or skiing.

Interestingly, these magnets reduce the swapping process to a single cinch, and lo and behold!

What could have taken 5-10 mins and cost you some scenic beauty can now be achieved with a single click. And, of course, it is 100% UV protected, so it survives under the glare.

That survival is also taken care of by the 14% VLT (not much but enough). It manages your vision under bright and medium light while making convenient adjustments! 

With these, you can effectively avoid glare on the slopes, thus giving you an easy and peaceful ride.

Say you have landed on a rough surface while skiing. Because your snowboard goggles have a comfortable, but snug foam layered fit that is known to not slip off even in the most aggressive rides! In that way, you just concentrate on keeping your balance.

Gemini II Nebula Snow Goggle 

Okay, so have you ever been in a situation where you missed some adorable animal activity while snowboarding or skiing on the beautiful slopes and trails? Yes? Well, I have. And for me, the reason mainly was my goggles.

Once worn, my previous goggles gave me an incredible vision in the front, but the peripheral images were hazy at best.

And I couldn’t afford to turn my head sideways to have a good look at what was being pointed out. Well, Gemini II Nebula solves it.

This Blenders ski goggles use the actual curve toric design lens. This lens is not only UV protected and offers maximum anti-fog functionality.

But it uses cutting-edge technology to incorporate cylindrical lenses.

These curved lenses offer a wider field of vision. Additionally, these also employ 11% VLT (which again is not much but enough), giving easy vision in bright and overcast environments. The Black smoke lens is also a great add-on to the style aesthetic. 

Apart from this swappable lens system and foam-backed fittings make the goggles a great option!

Blenders Eyewear Snow Goggles

JJ Pacific Aura Snow Goggle

Being an avid snowboarder, I have often faced harsh natural elements on the mountain slopes.

But it was just last year that the mishap was directly a result of my incompetent goggles.

Sliding down the slopes, I had missed the fast-changing weather, and suddenly I found myself under an overcast sky instead of the bright sunny one upwards.

But it was too late, and my lens, meant for the bright sun, eventually failed me with that impaired vision; I had one of the worst falls in winter sports in my entire life.

That day I decided to change my goggles, and after much research, I switched to JJ Pacific Aura Snow Goggle.

This uses advanced tech of wight magnetic layers that allow you to change the lens with just a click. Plus, it also makes effective use of Crystal Champagne which gives a VLT of 14%.

So be it sunny mornings or overcast evenings, JJ pacific is one reliable piece of beauty.

Additionally, its helmet compatibility and foam-backed fittings of the goggles make it a perfect choice for skiing and snowboarding.

This ensures you have equally grand visions in bright light and the least-lighted places. 

Fitz II Nebula Snow Goggle

Snow Goggles are essential in almost all kinds of winter sports; it is also imperative that you own the correct type of goggles for the right occasion.

The Fitz II Nebula Snow Goggle is one of those fitting snow goggles for all conditions. The biggest reason is its VLT of 16%.

The lens these ski goggles uses is a shiny sheen of silver. Keeping aside the fact that it is probably one of the most stylish goggles I have come across,

I’ll focus on its functionality in this review. The built-in technology of this lens combines anti-scratch, anti-fog coatings, and a wider field of vision to give it one of the most brilliant finishes.

The actual curve toric lens technology provides an excellent field of vision. Traveling on the backcountry slopes is one of your best options out there.

And that, coupled with the VLT percentage, gives you ample options to enjoy under the sun and in cloudy skies.

Additionally, the magnetic swaps of the lens with the locking system and the beautiful fittings of the goggles make it almost a perfect choice for backcountry trips.

Cold Smoke Aura Snow Goggles 

As we know, the Aura Snow Goggles are known for their easy and convenient swapping of lenses. But apart from that, it is also an excellent example of using VLT to provide better vision on the slopes under different lighting.

The cold smoke Aura with its lavender sky lens is one the most excellent epitome of how that is done.

This is not only an easy-on color that kind of pops a lot on the style and beauty aesthetics. But it also has a much-approved VLT of 15%.

That means these goggles with this lens are one of the most versatile vision providers!

Be it bright sunny slopes or overcast paths; the cold smoke Aura is there to guide you toward the destination safely!

The eight-layered magnets offer the best type of lens interchangeability that one could wish for in snow goggles!

Additionally, the foam-backed frames and helmet compatibility makes this one of the finest choices for skiing and snowboarding. 

Final Words

Well, this is all I had to say about the Blenders snow goggles. I hope this article was informative enough to give you an idea of what to expect from a pair of blenders if you buy them.

There are many other brands, like Giro Axis or Outdoormaster ski goggles etc. that you can look at but Blender’s is one brand that you definitely can’t miss.

Do give it a try if you want!

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