Blenders Snow Goggles Review: For Skiing & Snowboarding

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When it comes to winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, having a good quality eyewear is very important. Be it any kind of winter sport, having good snow goggles not only improves your eye safety, vision, and fun, but also protects your eye from the various external factors like tiny foreign objects, snow, UV light and fast blowing wind.

Blenders Eyewear is currently the most popular snow goggle brand out there. However, being popular doesn’t always mean quality, or value for money. In this article, we are going to do our review of Blenders snow goggles to determine how good it actually is.

My Personal Opinion

If you ask me, Blenders Eyewear is surely on top of their game with their snow goggles.

The snow goggles are really making a noise in the market because of their eye-catching visual and amazing features. Quality-wise, these are definitely on par with other brands.

Blenders offer loads of designs and color options. They usually highlight the Easy Swap Lenses and Bonus Lens Included features of the goggles.

The lenses are magnetic so you can easily pop out and replace them even while on the trail. All of their goggles come with an extra pair of low-light lenses which is definitely a great value.

You also get plenty of padding around the eyes making these of the most comfortable goggles you can wear.

One of their most popular models is the Diva Drama. It features Crystal Champagne lenses that deliver a low visual light transmission so you are prepared against the changing light conditions. It also comes with an extra pair of low-light lenses which is so convenient during cloudy days. The lenses feature 100% UV protection and anti-fog and scratch coatings. On top of it, you also get a lifetime warranty on the product.

Comparison of Best Snow Goggles of Blenders Eyewear

 Diva Drama | AuraSmooth Arrival | AuraGemini II | Aura
DesignGorgeous complementary matte designCold and Clean designMurdered-out aesthetic
LensCrystal Champagne Cylindrical LensArctic Blue CylindricalSmoke Black Cylindrical
FrameBlush FrameMatte White FrameMatte Black Frame
UV Protection100% UV Protection100% UV Protection100% UV Protection
PerksAnti Fog + Scratch ResistantAnti Fog + Scratch ResistantAnti Fog + Scratch Resistant
Best ForBest for Overcast + Partly Cloudy ConditionsBest for Partly Sunny and Sunny ConditionsBest for Sunny Conditions
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price

Blenders Snow Goggles Review

Different Snow Glasses of Blenders Review

Blenders Eyewear has a wide range of snow goggles. Each snow goggle by Blenders has a unique design and comes with some of their own exclusive features. Given below is a brief overview of the snow goggles that Blenders Eyewear currently has in the market

Diva Drama

This Diva Drama Snow Goggles is Blenders’ most popular product, and without a doubt, it has the best design, color, and features. These goggles have 100% UV protection and offer full helmet compatibility that makes them perfect to wear even with your ski helmet, and also anti-fogging and anti-scratch coating.

Gemini II

Considered best for neutralizing brightness and color in extremely bright conditions, these goggles are one of the most stylish Blenders snow goggles. It has a healthy strap, easy size adjustments, anti-fogging, and anti-scratch coating, along with a new summit slaying mag technology.

Majestic Bloom

These goggles by Blenders are truly majestic as it features an exotic color that radiantly contrasts with the snowy landscape. Apart from this, it also features glare reduction, 16% visual light transmittance, and peak performance on both medium and bright light conditions.

JJ Forest

Considered as the best goggles for snowboarding, JJ Forest is one of the most durable, sturdy, and rimmed goggles that Blenders make. These goggles offer increased contrast and definition, visual light transmittance of 15%, reduced glare, neutralized color, and an adjustable floral patterned strap that fits perfectly.

Smooth Arrival

Totally living up to its name, these goggles truly have a smooth and stylish design. It has a white matte body, and comes with two adjustable straps of blue and white colour. It has an amber base and offers 15% visual light transmittance that helps in reducing the glare and improving contrast and definition.

Flora Fantasy

With a matte black body and a dynamic design, Flora Fantasy is simply one of the most popular snow goggles out there. It features a 16% visual light transmittance that greatly reduces glare, and it also comes with the best anti-scratch and anti-fog coating that keeps your vision clean and clear at all times.

Air Goddess

These snow goggles by Blenders are truly known for their comfortable fit, which is mainly due to its triple-layer foam hardware. Designed to exceed performance in medium light conditions, it features 16% visual light transmittance that greatly reduces glare and protects you from overcast afternoons.

Sierra Echo

With a white body, black lens frame, rimmed shape, and mag-tech functionality, Sierra Echo has everything you need to have a perfect snowy day. It has great brightness and color neutralizing features and with the 11% visual light transmittance, it greatly reduces the glare as well.

Castle Ridge

These are one of the best-designed snow goggles by Blenders. They have a tacky design that stands out and attracts the crowd. It offers 11% visual light transmittance, high definition, great contrast, and is perfect for medium and bright light conditions. However, these are not best suited for night time shredding.


With a cold and icy look, Fitz is simply one of the hottest looking snow goggles that Blenders make. They come with 15% visual light transmittance which makes them perfect for medium light conditions and it greatly helps in reducing the glare. The sleek design also gives a boost on contrast and definition, making it truly perfect.

Good for Skiing and Snowboarding

Blenders snow goggles are just perfect for any kind of winter sport, especially skiing and snowboarding. Every snow goggles made by Blender has multipurpose features and can be used as ski goggles as well as goggles for snowboarding.

All Blenders goggles are designed extremely stylish, cool, and durable. These goggles offer protection from UV lights, help you keep your vision clear, and are strong enough to withstand any external interference to protect your eyes.

Along with protection, what’s amazing is that these goggles are extremely comfortable and allows you to have complete control of your head. With these goggles on, any skiing and snowboarding can be made truly memorable.

Helmet Compatibility

All the snow goggles by Blenders have full helmet compatibility. They can be comfortably worn with any of your skiing or snowboarding helmets. The flexible and adjustable straps make the entire eyewear easily adjustable, which makes it easy for you to place it according to your comfort.

Interchangeable Magnetic Lenses

Blenders snow goggles offer a dynamic style that changes as you change the lens. All snow goggles have interchangeable magnetic lenses that are very easy to remove and replace with another one. Blenders Fitz is the only snow goggles with two design and lens variations, while the rest of the snow goggles have simple replaceable lenses.

There are mainly three external lenses that users can choose from, namely Smoke Black, Rose Bros Low Light and Rose Bros Mirror. Also, with every pair of snow goggles there is an extra lens added in the box. Users can either choose to ride with the original lens or easily replace it with any of the extra lenses available.

100% UV Protection

We all know that extended exposure to UV rays is not at all good for eyes. If not taken ultra violet rays can penetrate inside your eyes and can cause damage to the cataract, which could also lead to permanent loss of vision. However, what’s more alarming is that the eyes of kids are more sensitive than adults and thus pose higher risk to the harmful UV rays.

Snow goggles made by Blenders are perfect for protecting your eyes from UV rays. These glasses provide a 100% UV protection and thanks to the full helmet compatibility and easy adjustments, they cover your eyes perfectly and comfortably.


Blenders Eyewear makes sure that every snow goggles they make are very comfortable. The goggles come with plenty of padding around the eye area and they keep your forehead total stress free. Apart from this, the frame of the goggles is also very lightweight. Most of the time, you won’t even notice that you are wearing it.

Stylish and Adjustable Straps

Every Blenders snow goggles have a very cool, unique, and attractive pattern designed all over it. These straps are totally adjustable and allow you to place the goggles perfectly fit. What’s more is that these straps have rubber linings that act as a grip while you are wearing a helmet. This prevents the strap from sliding down and keeps your fun time on.

In the Case

Each new purchase of Blenders Eyewear snow goggles comes with a unique case of its own. Every snow goggle design has its own unique case design. The case is spacious and well-padded to protect the goggles from getting damaged during travel. You also have a nice clipper attached at the end that allows you to secure the case to your bags quickly.

Inside the case, you will find the snow goggles that you ordered and an extra replaceable magnetic lens. You can switch between the two lenses easily anytime. Apart from this, you also get a cloth to wipe the lenses clean as they are easily prone to smudges and finger prints.

Visual Light Transmittance

Visible light is the only light that humans can see on the visible light spectrum. However, some of these lights can damage the eye due to continued exposure, such as UV rays from sunlight. The visual light transmittance is measured in percentage and is a measurement used to calculate and adjust the amount of light entering the eye.

Lower percentage of VLT usually means less focused light and reduced glare, which is good for your eyes. Higher percentage usually means more or bright light, which can sometimes be too intense on our eyes. All snow goggles made by Blenders have their own VLT percentage levels.

  • Diva Drama – 14% VLT
  • Gemini II – 11% VLT
  • Majestic Bloom – 16% VLT
  • JJ Forest – 15% VLT
  • Smooth Arrival – 15% VLT
  • Flora Fantasy – 16% VLT
  • Air Goddess – 16% VLT
  • Sierro Echo – 11% VLT
  • Castle Ridge – 12% VLT
  • Fitz – 15% VLT

Final Words

Blenders Eyewear has truly come out on top with its new snow goggles that can be used for any snow sport you wish for. These goggles are best for skiing, snowboarding, trailing, and everything else that you can do on snow. They are very comfortable, come with anti-scratching and anti-fogging coating, and also provide 100% UV rays protection.

When compared to other high-end snow goggles in the market, Blenders ski goggles are definitely a good simple choice. They are stylish, unique, durable, and offers everything you need to have a perfect day in the snow.

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