7 Best Snowboard Bibs for 2023: Stay Warm & Dry on the Slopes

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Are you looking for the best snowboard bibs to keep you warm and dry in 2023?

Look no further! We’ve rounded up the top 7 snowboard bibs and pants on the market so that you can stay warm & comfortable while snowboarding.

With features like waterproof fabric, adjustable suspenders, and secure pockets, these are sure to be your go-to for all of your winter adventures.

Whether you’re hitting slopes or just playing in the snow with friends, our picks have got you covered from head to toe. So don’t wait any longer – check out our list of best snowboard bibs now!

best overall – Men’s

Volcom Men’s Roan Bib

best overall (drop seat)

Burton Women’s Avalon Bib

budget-friendly – men’s

Arctix Essential Insulated Bib

budget-friendly – women’s

Arctix women’s Insulated Bib

most comfortable – Men’s

Burton Reserve Bib

most comfortable – women’s


best premium bib

Flylow Men’s Baker Bib

Best Snowboard Bibs in 2023

Snowsports Cargo Pants by Arctix

They say, what’s there in a name? When it comes to snowmobile gears, I say the name is EVERYTHING.

At least, that is made evident with the unfailing success of the Arctix Snowgears!

The latest snowmobile cargo pants by Arctix are made to keep you warm and comfortable in temperatures ranging between -25⁰ and +35⁰.

I don’t know about you, but if I ever go near the Arctic, I’m carrying my pair of Arctix!

Its’ list of awesomeness begins with 85 gm of ThermaTech insulation used in its material. Thus your rides in these cargo lightweight pants would be warm yet not stifling!

And the material is one of the most lightweight and non-bulky pieces of beauty you’ll find out there.

What I like about this pair is that despite its easy-to-carry surface, it does not shy away from using high-end materials. For instance, it is lined with 100% polyester 210T taffeta.

And it is this feature that will keep it waterproof as well as keep its durability intact!

The durability is kept in check with 600 Denier Ballistic used in reinforcements of ankles, scuff, and hem guards. Also, this pair of cargo never troubled me with washing problems.

I could easily throw them inside the washing machine for cleaning! 

And the best part? You remain tension-free about comfort. Once you have figured out the size, the fittings at all odd and tricky parts are taken care of by our Arctix couple!

With the adjustable waist, you can easily fit in as per your requirements. No need to hound for that one single perfect fit only!

Even the articulated knees are there to give you unrestricted mobility while you maneuver on the snowmobile trails!

The boot gaiters are an additional aid to offer the best kind of fittings with snowboard boots!

Softshell Snowboard Pants by Gash Hao

Many claims to own miracle snowmobile pants that give complete protection against rain.

But I’ll just come clean and tell you that my softshell slim-fit snowboard pants are not miracles. They will keep you dry for about 15 mins under heavy rain.

And I believe that is enough to find at least a semblance of shelter against the downpour!

That said, my Softshells do absolute justice to their name.

The trousers are made of 95% polyester and are waterproof, windproof, insulated, and quickly dried. Yet, the outer shell is such that you won’t feel even an inch of bothersome coarseness!

It also enhances durability. Additionally, the inner part of the trousers is lined with granule fleece for added comfort.

So just imagine the comfort level as you ride your sled covered in a solid but gentle piece of snow armor!

What I especially like about these pairs of conveniences is they are littered with pockets.

I mean, the first time I saw it I couldn’t believe the number of zippers I kept opening to find all sorts of large, small, and tiny compartments! 

An add-on? To eliminate the cold from so many zipper metals, these areas are lined by plush covering!

The cashmere structure is responsible for trapping the warm air and keeping all the chills out. So it’s basically like wearing warm pants without all the bulk!

Articulated Snow Pants by Volcom

warmest snowboard bibs

Insulated snowmobile pants are great aids, yes. But the non-insulated ones by Volcom can be your friends in not-so-chilled temperatures.

One of the best non-insulated snow pants available, they can be easily worn during daily activities, especially if you live in regions where the cold is not that daunting.

I don’t particularly love them, but they can be helpful too.

I say this because these pants might be a bit underrated. They use GORE Tex technology to keep you dry from snow, ice, or even rain.

Even the zippers are the much-revered YKK aqua guard water-repellent zipper.

Therefore, the risk of zipper damage due to moisture accumulation is zero despite enough exposure.

The zippers are pretty stylish too. Thus with the Volcom pants, durability and appearance are in good hands!

Be it snow or sun; the Volcom pants can keep you in shape under all elements! The high-tech waterproofing is coupled with a brilliant lining system by V Science.

The fun of this is that it allows the material ample breathing room.

Because of the breathability, the pants won’t accumulate sweat or body odor. No sticking to the skin, only fresh bouts of snowmobiling!

Since it is non-insulated, these multipurpose pairs keep in the warmth with taped seams. It reduces the risk of daily wear and tear.

It also prevents snow from getting inside and coming in contact with your skin!

Covert Insulated Snowboard Pants by Burton

The covert insulated pants are known for their high-quality insulation and waterproofing. They use DRYRIDE materials.

And it is this Dryride that is responsible for reducing sweat absorption. Thus keeping your skin sweat-free despite intense activities. 

The insulation is provided by 40g ThermacoreECO insulation. This keeps the material of your pants breathable and keeps you warm.

An additional perk is that the insulation is relatively light and highly non-bulky. 

The thing that made me go for it is its blue sign product. So people, with the Covert Snowboard pants, be assured that you will get a safe and comfortable ride.

That means using this; you are not only taking care of yourself but doing a favor to Mother Earth as well.

How so? Well, the ThermacoreECO Insulation is made from 90% recycled products. And it is these products that give lasting durability. Not very sensitive, they are easy to care for also!

Another great thing about this is its intelligent moisture-wicking features. It features a Living Lining and small-holed mesh.

Together, these keep you warm in chilly weather and accelerate moisture-wicking in case of too much heat!

After the eco-friendliness, I’d also like to point out that they sport taped seams.

This serves great in harsh weather and keeps the pants intact in critical areas.

Like me, if you, too, tend to get cold hands, you can easily use the fleece-lined pockets of the pants. These pockets are lined with micro-fleece and come with a hook and loop.

All in all, this pretty pair is waterproof, windproof, and has excellent durability. Being on rides, you constantly don’t have to look out for potential snag risk zones. 

Burton Reserve Bib

Well, while I could get behind the Burton Snowboard pants anytime, the Bibs sorted by them are equally helpful.

Okay, so firstly I’d like to point out the excellent fittings this pair offers.

From the elastic adjustable suspender straps to the conveniently placed zippers, these pieces are number one in style and comfort put together.

That said, I should also mention the GORE tex technology used to keep you dry both outside and inside.

By this, I mean the fabric is waterproof with the GORE seam. So your critical seam areas are taped, which keeps it snow-proof and durable!

It is these Bibs that have allowed me in moderately intense activities. And all credit for that goes to the GORE Tex membrane that provides world-class breathability to your precious fabrics.

It also sports taffeta-lined small-holed mesh that permits ample air circulation to cool you down when required!

Often I have found myself at the mercy of inadequate venting despite mesh vents. The Burton bib offers an additional option with the branded Test-I-Cool zipper venting.

And this is the perfect step-up you require in not-so-cold weather.

It is the Living Lining that gives you perfect 2-layered moisture-wicking properties. It prevents you from getting too sweaty.

And the best part? You will hardly feel the bulk of such high-end materials.

And, of course, talking about Burton Bibs’s eco-friendliness is its flag posting quality. It is a blue sign product.

That entails that the manufacturing of the Burton Bibs unites the supply chain and thus decreases the impact on the environment.  

So all the environmental geeks? Go for the Burton Bibs already!

Roan Bib Overall by Volcom

This is one of my favorites. Why? Firstly, because of its impeccable eco-friendly use of materials.

You see, the Roan bib Overalls use the REPREVE recycled fibers. This use reduces the strain on nature instead of the manufactured high-end fabrics.

Another point for the Roan column is its use of non-fluorinated DWR. Apart from waterproofing, what I found interesting is that non-fluorinated materials are pretty environment-friendly.

This is because it can easily be recycled with the help of conventional methods.

So when you are done with it, you needn’t worry about the waste it leaves behind. The afterlife of this particular bib is sorted even before its proper birth, per se!

Do you ever feel uncomfortable and constricted in your snowmobile suit? Especially with the waning winters?

Well, this particular shell solves that. The 2-layered V-Science shell uses the REPREVE Fibre.

The shell offers almost unmatchable breathability of 15Ks.

This is possible because of its relaxed, straight leg cut. And it’s fitting once you get the right size is as snug as they come.

What attracted me to this is its leg-to-jacket interface. The adjustable elastic suspenders and the side waist neoprene jersey add to the flattering cut.

It also allows some layering Dialed in that further contributes to the snug fit.

With this kind of interface, you can get almost full-body coverage provided by a one-piece.

Moreover, you also get the agility and mobility offered by pants! Such two-in-one functions are rarely accessible in snowmobile gears.

Avalon Bib by Burton

One looking for men’s snowmobile pants can skip this because this gem is for girls only!

And, my, this is one of the best snowmobile bibs available in the women’s section.

A recurring problem with women’s Bibs is their sizes. It is annoying when it just never seems to fit right.

But last year, my sister (who was never completely satisfied with a bib before) found out about this pair of amazements by Burton.

Extremely light and low-bulk, the Avalon Bib for women is meant to be a smashing overall on moderately cold winter trails!

It features elastic adjustable suspender straps that cross at the back. This design ensures that your Bibs stay in place and do not slip off randomly. Such a hassle-free ride, phew!

The rest of the fittings are done by the Avalon Bibs, the epitome of conveniences and adjustments! What is quite impressive are the elastic panels at the central and back of the Bibs.

So girls, all you need to do is figure out a rough size.

It uses DRYRIDE stretch fabric. This fabric is quick to dry and breathable, 15,000mm/10,000g.

With the taped seams at critical areas, you are relieved of snag fears and you can ride without the persistent paranoia of branches getting caught or anything.

It also reduces the risk of daily wear and tear and improves durability. 

Moisture-wicking property is provided by the Living Lining, mesh vents, and zip vents. This ensures you stay clear of the heat-robbing sweat during moderately intense activities.

So, have all the snow fun you want without worrying about getting sweaty or having to get rid of the bib altogether!

Also, do you get cold hands on sled rides? Not to worry. The fleece-lined hand-warming pockets take care of it!

How to Choose Appropriate Snowboard Bibs

Size and Fitting

It’s essential to have correctly fitting snowboard bibs for greater mobility. So look for the correct size and fitting. Remember, the fitting is as important as the style. 

You will wear your pants with base layers and sometimes even a mid-layer. So you should try on the pants with your underlayers.

 If not, make sure you’ll have enough room to maneuver. If you want a skinnier or tighter fit, look for ski and snowboard bibs with some stretch. 


Pockets come in handy if you want to carry miniature items that may be useful during snowboarding.

So look for pants with pockets and enough space to help you put stuff you might need in.


This plays a crucial role in snow bibs for snowboarding. The waterproofing of the Snowboard bib’ is measured in units of thousands.

So a bib that is 20K waterproof is more waterproof than a 10K rated pair of pants. 

Membranes like GORE-TEX keep you dry and comfortable. I would recommend snowboard bibs with at least a 10k waterproof rating.

You will need a 20k rating if you might often run into wetter conditions or even the nastiest conditions. 


What’s more important than the comfort you get while wearing your snowboarding gear? It’s the first thing you must consider before buying your bibs.

Comfort depends on the fitting and the material the snowboard pants are made of.

Look for features that can give ease of use and warmth along with adequate breathability.

best bibs for snowboarding


Snowboard bibs have vents that promote air circulation when you get too hot. They are often located on the inner thigh inseam and feature a mesh lining to prevent stray snow from getting in. 

Some pants will feature zip vents across the front or outer seam.

Technical ski mountaineering pants will often have full-length side zippers, which, in addition to offering ultimate ventilation control, also allow for easy on-off without removing boots. 


Insulation is measured in grams per square meter; the higher the number, the warmer it will keep you.

While some pants are insulated through the whole shell, others just have insulated zones around the bottom and thighs to keep you warm on the chairlift.

I would say the key to warmth is to stay dry. If you keep moisture and snow at bay, you will stay warm. 

Snowboard Pants Vs. Bibs

Bibs are superior to traditional snow pants due to three main upgrades. They offer excellent snow protection, have colossal storage potential, and are more comfortable. 

I suggest choosing bib-style pants because of the lack of restrictions they provide and the additional protection.

With bibs, your entire body is covered by a waterproof layer, providing greater waterproofing and warmth.

Ski Bibs style pants are often made with neoprene-backed stretch fabric.

This offers plenty of mobility to snowboarders. 

They have a more streamlined design than other snowboard pants and have a bib feature on the front for extra warmth.

Bib style pants also have a higher waist to protect against the tearing of clothing from the snowboard’s edge. So the durability is also higher. 

Bibs keep a rider warm while riding a snowboard down a powder-filled mountain. Also, ski bib bib-style board pants provide better protection against injury. 

On the other hand, regular snowboard pants are not much insulated, but they are less expensive and are still good at keeping snow out.

The cost difference may not seem like much, but it does make a difference.

But if you are a beginner exploring less snowy places, then regular snowboarding pants would do.

Final Words

We hope this article helps you to find the best pants for snowboarding and helps you to enjoy the adventure with full enthusiasm and protection.

Choosing the correct snowboard pants form just one part of your preparation. Apart from this, remember to gear up properly.

Carry your snowboard walkie-talkie, your balaclavas, and airbag packs to ensure that you are fully prepared for your adventure on ice.

If you have any more questions for us regarding snowboarding, free free to leave a comment below, and we will get back to you asap.

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