How to Prevent Snowmobile Helmet Visor from Fogging: Find Here

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Imagine being on a fun snowmobiling adventure. On a cold, windy day, you are on the trails, but your helmet visor keeps fogging up.

It’s highly annoying, right? 

It’s also dangerous to get your helmet visor foggy during your ride. But you don’t need to worry!

Read this article to know how to prevent your snowmobile helmet visor from fogging.

Prevent Snowmobile Helmet Visor from Fogging

Why Does Your Snowmobile Helmet Visor Get Fogged Up? 

Before you read how to prevent your helmet visor from fogging up, you must know why this happens.

Knowing the reason for your helmet visor fogging up while riding can help you develop strategies to get rid of it or, even better, prevent it from happening. 

Fogging happens when warm breath comes in contact with a cold surface such as a helmet visor, goggles, eyeglasses, etc.

While you are snowmobiling, your body produces excess heat from physical activity. And the temperature outside your helmet is cold. 

This difference in temperature causes condensation, resulting in fogging up of your helmet when your breath hits directly on the cold surface of the helmet visor.

Now let’s see how you can prevent this phenomenon from happening. 

How To Prevent Snowmobile Helmet Visor From Fogging 

Tip 1:  Right Size Helmet 

This is the first thing you must check so that the anti-fogging features of your snowmobile helmet work well. A helmet should fit snugly in your head. 

A perfect size helmet means there is little space for your warm breath to linger inside your helmet. This means that the chances of fogging are less. 

A snug helmet ensures that it seals well against your cheeks and mouth. This causes your warm breath to be deflected and exhausted from your snowmobile helmet.

So a perfect fit of your helmet enhances the efficiency of your helmet’s breath box. 

Tip 2: Use Heated Shield 

Think of this as your car’s de-mister. An electric heated shield makes the shield warm so that condensation doesn’t happen. This means there is no fogging. 

You can either go for heated snowmobile helmets with pre-installed electric heated shields, or if you feel it’s expensive, you can buy a heated shield and install it in your old snowmobile helmet. 

This choice depends on how often you go snowmobiling. If you are a regular snowmobile rider, it’s better to get a snowmobile helmet with a pre-installed heated shield. 

Tip 3: Use Helmets With Dual Pane Visor 

A dual pane visor, as the name suggests, comes with two panes of glass for the visor.

The outer pane takes the cold air, preventing the inner pane from getting cold. This prevents fogging up of the visor. 

Most of the standard and modular helmets today come with a dual-pane visor.

If you feel it’s not affordable to go for modular helmets with heated shields, you must consider getting one with a dual-pane visor. 

Tip 4: Increase Ventilation 

Poor air circulation and improper ventilation make your breath inside the helmet stay for a long time.

This warm air, not being deflected or pushed out, hits the cold surface of the visor, thus causing fog. 

While buying snowmobile helmets, go for those with proper vents, especially around the chin.

This will ensure that the air you exhale moves out directly. If your helmet has a removable chin bar, remove it for better ventilation. 

Keep Snowmobile Helmet Visor from Fogging

Tip 5: Anti Fog Wipes, Solution, and Mask

These can be of great help, apart from the anti-fogging features in your snowmobile helmet. So you can try which suits the best for your helmet. This tip is the cheapest one. 

Wiping your helmet visor with an anti-fog solution and wipes can create a coating that can prevent fogging. You can also go for a simple soap solution to clean your visor. 

Also, some anti-fog breath masks are available. You can try wearing them underneath your helmet. You can also apply an anti-fog coating that can be used for 1-2 years. 

Final Words 

These five tips will effectively prevent your snowmobile helmet visor from getting fogged.

You can choose the method that suits you the best by considering the frequency of your ride and, of course, your budget. 

So choose wisely and have a safe and comfortable snowmobiling adventure! 

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