How to Prevent Eyeglasses from Fogging in a Snowmobile Helmet

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It is indeed frustrating to have your glasses all fogged up under your helmet while you’re snowmobiling, right?

Foggy glasses can hinder proper vision, which can also be infuriating and dangerous. 

You are already halfway through if you are looking for ways to prevent your eyeglasses from fogging in a snowmobile helmet!

Read this article to learn how to eliminate this irritating phenomenon. Scroll down for more! 

keep eyeglasses from fogging in a snowmobile helmet

Why Are My Eyeglasses Fogging Up In a Helmet?

You might be wondering if it’s normal for eyeglasses to fog up in your snowmobile helmet. 

Yes, you are not alone! It’s quite normal for glasses to get foggy under a helmet. Do you want to know why this happens? 

The answer is simple. It’s due to the simple phenomenon of condensation.

The cold air and the icy wind can get condensed as they come in contact with your glasses, thus forming fog. This happens when there is no proper ventilation. 

Why does this condensation occur? It’s because the temperature inside your helmet is different from the temperature outside. This is why the air inside the helmet condenses on the glass surface.

Due to improper ventilation in snowmobile helmets, the air inside doesn’t get enough circulation. This makes it get stagnant inside. 

Another common reason your eyeglasses fog up in your snowmobile helmet is because of your face shield.

If you wear face shields, then you might have noticed this. The shield traps heat inside from your breath, causing your glasses to fog up.

This is pretty much the same as how your eyeglasses get foggy while wearing masks. 

How to Prevent Eyeglasses From Fogging in a Snowmobile Helmet

Some methods can help in preventing your eyeglasses from fogging up inside your snowmobile helmet. You can also wear something inside your helmet to prevent fogging.

Here are some tips you can try. 


Make sure to keep your snowmobile helmets properly ventilated and ensure that the helmet fits well on your face. If your helmet has vents, open them before wearing your eyeglasses. 

This helps in air circulation and prevents fog from forming in your glasses. 

Anti-Fog Solution 

Clean your glasses with an anti-fog solution before putting them on. The solution creates a barrier between your lenses and the humid air inside your helmet.  Also, avoid wearing thick frames and lenses. 

You can also use a simple solution of soap with water to clean your eyeglasses before wearing them. The soap creates a thin layer that prevents fogging. 


You can also try wearing snowmobile goggles on top of your glasses. But make sure to tightly fasten the strap of your goggles to get a snug fit. 

Prevent eyeglasses from fogging in snowmobile helmet

Bonus Tip

Breathe through your nose rather than your mouth. This will prevent the inside of your helmet from getting too humid. 


There are different ways to prevent eyeglasses from fogging in a snowmobile helmet. Open the vents in your snowmobile helmet to allow ventilation. 

You can also try modular snowmobile helmets for better feasibility.

Try using an anti-fog solution or diluted soap solution to clean your glasses before use. You can also go for goggles. Check which method works the best for you and go ahead with it. 

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