9 Best Snowmobile Boots in 2022: For Both Men and Women

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Let’s say you are amidst a thrilling and exciting snowmobile ride, but your boots are backing you out!

You feel wet and soggy from all the snow. Sounds horrible, right?

You might have heard of many brands of snowmobile boots, and if you are confused about which the best boots for snowmobiling are, then you are on the right page!

So keep scrolling and read to get your doubts cleared!

Best Snowmobile Boots for Men

Baffin Wolf Snow Boot

This boot is made of 100% nylon and leather and has a synthetic sole. It also has a Drawcord collar, a double buckle locking mechanism, and a 5-layer inner boot liner with Thermaplus.

This provides excellent security and makes this one of the warmest snowmobile boots.

What makes these boots stand out from other work boots? These boots have their sole and midsole molded to the base in one continuous process.

The sole comprises several advanced thermo-set polymers combined to achieve the right balance of warmth, protection, lightweight, and grip.

The boots measure 18.8 x 16.7 x 5.7 inches and weigh 2.3 Pounds. They have an integrated arched rubber outsole which adds to the cold resistance of the EVA midsole.

All these combined, these boots provide extra warmth and comfort.

Fly Racing Marker BOA Boot

Fly Racing boots are very well-known for snowmobiling.

These boots have a Single M4-Series BOA dial which provides a customized fit. They come with 600 g  insulation which can offer comfort up to – 40 F.

They have a Hydroguard waterproof, breathable membrane. Their sole is durable rubber, reducing wear and tears on rough terrains.

They have a genuine leather upper for extra longevity and wear protection.

These boots provide exceptional traction due to their slip-resistant sole and high durability guaranteed by double stitches. They offer excellent warmth and comfort.

But you may need to go for a size bigger than your work boot size to accommodate your thick, fleecy socks.

KLIM Klutch GTX BOA Boots

These boots have 800 g of  3M Thinsulate water-resistant insulation that make your ride warm, dry, and comfortable.

Their outsole is made of Michelin Rubber which adds to the durability.

These boots have a dual Boa system made of Boa H3 Coiler System & Boa Ss2 lace with a dial that provides excellent grip. Their open lacing system helps shed debris.

You can avoid your feet from bruises as these boots have heel and toe reinforcement made of rubber.

They have a Gore-Tex membrane that keeps the insulation of the boots dry. They also have a  half-size insert for an optimal fit.

ALEADER Insulated Snow Boots

These boots have their upper material made of durable water and wind-resistant PU-coated synthetic textile.

The upper also has a drawstring with a barrel lock closure for optimized fitting.

Their sole is made of non-slippery rubber to withstand rugged terrain and good comfort. The outsole is seam-sealed and waterproof.

This can keep your feet dry even in wet conditions.

They have a well-cushioned footbed for supportive comfort. They provide all-cold weather protection and have a nice layer of insulation.

Castle X Barrier 2 Boot

These boots are designed with Castle ColdShield Technology. The insole is removable and engineered from a wool blend with a metallic heat-reflecting layer.

These boots have a 3-Layer Merino wool insulation with air mesh & perforated air trap foam to provide excellent warmth and breathable layers.

Their footbed is made of EVA to provide all-day comfort.

Best Snowmobile Boots for Women

SOREL Tivoli IV Tall Winter Boot

These women’s snowmobile boots measure 2 x 2 x 2 inches and weigh 1.48 pounds. The heel measures 1.75 inches. 

Their soles are rubber, and these boots are waterproof, made using waterproof suede and PU-coated leather combination, complete with a faux-fur collar. This fur collar adds to its looks as well.

The lining is made of microfleece and 100 g insulation to provide warmth and softness. Die-cut, PU-like EVA footbed and microfleece top cover offer extra comfort. Its molded rubber sole gives better traction.

Baffin Chloe Boots

These feminine boots are made of 100% leather and rubber soles. The lacing system is secured with metallic loops for stability.

The shaft measures approximately 10″ from the arch, and the boot opening measures about 13″.

These boots have a removable comfort-fit multi-layer inner boot system for warmth, dryness, and softness.

They also come with a B- Tek dry waterproof base. Their upper is made of suede leather and a faux-fur collar for a stylish look.

Columbia Ice Maiden Shorty Snow Boo

These female boots are made of rubber soles, and the boot opening measures approximately one.

The sole has air-permeable protection that is waterproof and breathable protection, enabling warmth and dryness.

This boot is of mid-height and has 200g insulation, quilted ankle support, and a soft faux fur collar for a warm style. 

ArcticShield Anna Boots

These snow boots for women are insulated with ArcticShield Retain Technology and waterproof to keep you warm and dry in the snowy and muddy outdoors.

They are made of nylon and fur outer material with rubber soles. 

These boots made for females have durable rubber with slip-resistant patches to prevent you from falling. They have a lace type of closure.

Their memory foam insoles provide a cushion effect and support. Thus these boots can be used even in muddy and rugged snow terrains. 

The fur collar adds to the boot’s beauty and can be folded up or over according to the desired style.

They are lightweight and have wind-resistant and waterproof insulation. 

How to Choose the Right Snowmobile Boots 

Choosing the proper snowmobile boots can be tricky, especially if you are a beginner.

That perfect style, size, and fit you strive for can be attained by carefully selecting boots. 

Look for the following features and details to choose the proper snowmobile boots.


Your snowmobile boots should be comfortable and snug on your feet. That should not bite the heel or toe, which may result in bruises. 

Look at the insole material to see if there are options of soft cushion lining that is also breathable.

The first thing your boot should do is to make you feel utterly comfy during your ride. 

Size and Fitting 

Say a big no to loose-fitting and extra-size snowmobile boots. Perfect size and fitting are significant for you to focus on your snowmobiling adventure. 

Look for the wiggle room of your boot. A one-finger width gap down the heel of the shoe is the maximum wiggle room you should leave.

An extra gap might give the hazard of tripping over. 

Snow boots are usually wider to accommodate your thick fleecy socks. So you need not get a larger size than the usual size to accommodate your socks.

Sticking to the standard boot size while buying your snowmobile boots is better. 

Do the kick test. You can also find if the boot is too tight by kicking gently on a wall and see if you hit your toes and if they rub while walking.

best snowmobile boots

If so, it means there’s plenty of toe space, and you must go for a smaller size. 

Also, check your heel space by pushing your feet forward and see how much space is behind your heels. There must be one-finger space, ideally.

You might have to go for a smaller space if there is so much extra space. Your boot is too tight if there is less than a finger space. 

The size may also depend on the lacing system and any buckles or straps. So make sure to try on the boots before you buy them. 


Snowmobiling involves unexpected encounters with snow and ice. A non-waterproof boot can make your feet feel soggy, and the ride might become uncomfortable. 

Surprisingly not all snowmobile boots are entirely waterproof. So be sure to pick good water-resistant ones.

Look for features like moisture-wicking soles and water-resistant insoles. 


The most critical aspect of choosing the proper snowmobile boots is the warmth they can provide.

The wind chill mat is high during mountain rides, and you will need good insulation in your boots to get that warmth. 

Get boots with mid-range insulation of at least 600g so you can feel comfortable above and below zero degrees.

You can also wear heated, fleecy socks to get extra warmth. 

Temperature Range

You might have seen phrases like “Temperature rated: -25°F” and “thermal insulation comfort rated down to -40° F” mentioned in the product description of snowmobile boots.

Ever wondered what it means? 

A comfort rating is a temperature or temperature range for which a particular piece of insulated boot would protect you.

This means the temperature range indicates the temperatures within which the boots can give the required warmth. 

The lower the range, the higher warmth it can provide. Make sure to choose the insulation based on the temperature you like to ride. 


Traction is your boots’ grip as you ride on slippery snow. A good snowmobile boot provides super grip and prevents any chances of skidding. 

The running boards of your sled might be slippery slopes. Your snowmobile boots need not slide without control over metal surfaces.

Look for the material with which the sole is made, and also look for any features that enhance the grip and stability of your boots. 

Also, look for aggressive outer lugs—small, rubber protrusions around the edge of the boot that help gain traction on ice and snow.


Snowmobile boots can also become fashion statements apart from providing the necessary features for a good ride. 

Snowmobile boots come in many different lace styles. From regular laces, velcro straps, and buckles to a Boa, the lacing system depends on your ride type and convenience. 

Boa boots have an advantage as they come with dials that can help customize your boots’ fit. Style is important, especially in women’s boots. 

This is why women’s snowmobile boots for mountain riding come with faux fur collars and other pretty designs. 

best boots for snowmobiling

Other Considerations While Buying Boots:

  • Removable inner lining can make it easy to dry and clean the inside of your boots. 
  • Breathable liners keep you free from sweat and prevent damp feet. 
  • Shaft height: A higher shaft protects your ankle and calf well. 

Top Brands That Manufacture Good Snow Boots 


Klim integrates with Michelin for the sole of their boots to provide excellent stability, grip, and durability.

They use GORE-TEX technology to keep your feet dry. 


Baffin is well known for the women’s boots that they manufacture. They have basic features such as waterproof, breathable liners, good traction, and insulation. 


These boots are durable and waterproof to keep you warm and dry in harsh weather. They manufacture men’s snow boots that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, they are also very stylish. 

Sorel boots are made from high-quality materials like waterproof leather, suede, felt insulation, and vulcanized rubber. 


This brand is trendy for its snowmobile boots.

Moreover, they are also known for their versatility and excellent insulation.

This is one of the top brands riders prefer when it comes to boots. 


Kamik is a Canadian brand that manufactures strong, dependable, and resilient boots.

Their boots provide extraordinary comfort, warmth, and stability in all conditions. 

best brands for snowmobile boots

Final Words 

So if you are looking for the best snowmobile boots, you can go ahead with the brands mentioned above.

Choose the right pair of boots by following the tips given.

Ensure you get the right size, so you are not uncomfortable in your boots. 

Have a great, safe, and fun-filled snowmobiling adventure time! Go ahead and grab your gear!! 

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