How Does a Heated Snowmobile Helmet Work: Find Out Here

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Have you ever been annoyed by your snowmobile helmet shield getting all foggy, blacking your vision? It’s pretty dangerous, right? 

Isn’t it nice to have a warm helmet as you ride through the snowy terrains during snowmobiling? As you know well, the key to snowmobiling is warmth and comfort.

If you have thought of how heated snowmobile helmets work, if you need to buy them, and how often you should replace them, then read this article to know more!

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How Are Heated Helmets Different From Normal Snowmobile Helmets?

Regular snowmobile helmets have insulation and provide warmth by preventing the heat inside from escaping out of the helmet.

Standard snowmobile helmets come with a dual-pane of shield that helps provide warmth. 

Whereas a heated snowmobile helmet has a pre-installed electric heated shield that gives extra heat. This electric shield makes it different from the standard snowmobile helmet.

Also, heated snowmobile helmets have breath deflectors to avoid foggy shields while riding. 

How Does a Heated Snowmobile Helmet Work?

A heated snowmobile helmet reduces fogging and icy shields, thus helping increase visibility as you ride. It works like defrosting your car’s windshield.

They heat the shield and prevent moisture from building up your shield from your breath.

The helmet has a power cord that should be connected to your snowmobile, providing power for heat to produce. 

The electric shields in heated snowmobile helmets have a built-in heating element that, when powered on, heats the shield slightly. This condenses any moisture and prevents foggy shields. 

So a heated snowmobile helmet is of great help when snowmobiling in very low temperatures, which is most likely to cause fogging. 

Heated snowmobile helmets come in different models. Here are a few of them:

Apart from helmets with a pre-installed electric heating system, you can also make your snowmobile helmet heated up by using a heated shield that is available separately.

So it’s up to you to decide which version you prefer based on your needs. 

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Final Words

If you are looking for a safe snowmobiling experience with clear visibility through your helmet shield, then it’s high time you go for heated snowmobile helmets. 

Not only do they keep your head warm, but they also help avoid accidents that may occur by using a helmet with foggy shield glass. 

Also, ensure that whichever helmet you choose to buy, the size and fitting of the helmet is appropriate.

You wouldn’t want your helmet to suffocate you or be too tight around your face.

Let us know if you have any more questions about snowmobile helmets, and we will get back to you with the right answers.

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