How to Build a Wooden Snowmobile Ramp: Vital Steps to Follow

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Are you worried about the cost of snowmobile ramps? Quite normal!

Snowmobile ramps are costly, and if you have already invested so much in your snowmobile and its boots, goggles, bibs, etc., you might be hesitant to go for expensive ramps. 

But don’t worry. You CAN build your snowmobile ramp at home!!  

You can save those extra bucks by building your ramp with inexpensive raw materials.

So gear yourself up, grab your materials and read this article to find out how to build a wooden snowmobile ramp yourself! 

Build a Wooden Snowmobile Ramp

Things Required to Build a Snowmobile Ramp

You will need these things to build a wooden snowmobile ramp by yourself. So grab them before you start! 

  • Plywood three quarter and 2/4 and 2/6
  • Measuring Tape 
  • Plywood cutter
  • Drilling Machine
  • Sawing machine
  • Nails

Steps to Build Your Snowmobile Ramp

Follow these steps carefully to build a wooden snowmobile ramp on your own:

  1.  Cut your plywood according to the dimensions of your pick-up truck space and your snowmobile. 
  2. Carve the frame to let pass at least 48 to 49-inch space between the wheels. Make sure the frame fits the wheel spacing.
  3. Fit the frame in the loading space of your truck.
  4. Place the cut plywood on top of the frame and fit it using nails.
  5. Cut another plywood for the ramp based on the measurements of the wheel spacing and your frame.
  6. Use the leftover plywood as the traction pad. 
  7. Drill holes on the edge of the frame to attach hooks that will fasten the ramp to the frame.
  8. Build the traction pad by placing an H-shaped frame and a horizontal one alternatingly on the lower surface of your ramp.
  9. Secure the ramp and the frame above with hooks and chains to enable folding.
  10. Your DIY ramp is done and all set to load your bike!

Some Tips to Follow:

  • Please DO NOT throw away the leftover plywood as you cut them. They might come in handy when you fit everything together.
  • Be careful while cutting the plywood and drilling nails. Focus entirely on preventing your hands from getting injured.
  • Make sure you buy good-quality plywood, so the ramp is sturdy enough to carry your heavy snowmobile bikes.

How Much Does It Cost?

You might have to spend around $100 for all the materials together. This is easy to build at a lower cost than commercial snowmobile ramps.  

It’s pretty affordable, and you can save money by doing it on your own!

Final Words

So go ahead, take your tools and start building your snowmobile ramp! It is quite a laborious task, but it’s worth it!

Ofcourse, ready snowmobile ramps are available in the market, but you can surely save a lot of bucks with this DIY ramp!

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