Sorel Ice Fishing Boots: Tried & Tested by Ice Fishermen

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Ice fishing is the most popular and widespread winter sports among the children, youth, and adults that require various essential gears like portable heaters, comfy jackets, dependable bibs, etc.

This is because ice fishing demands prolonged exposure to harsh winter conditions that can lead to frostbites and other issues.

The ice fishing boots are another vital accessory to keep your feet snug and protected while spending your day in the ice.

The Sorel Ice fishing boots keep your feet warm and damp throughout as their manufacturers have taken the two words ‘warm’ and ‘dry’ very seriously while creating the Sorel winter boots.

In this article, we have enlisted the best Sorel ice fishing winter boots with their features to help you find your perfect pair.

Best Sorel Boots for Ice Fishing

Men’s Glacier XT Insulated Winter Boot

The Sorel Glacier XT winter boots are designed especially for men to provide comfort and warmth throughout the day in the harsh winter temperatures. The boots are made from polyurethane-coated synthetic textiles that are resistant to both water and wind. The textile used keeps your boot dry and your feet warm as well as content throughout the day.

These ice fishing boots feature barrel lock closure along with drawstring to provide a secure and firm fit. The lower portion of the boot is crafted with a durable handcrafted vulcanized waterproof rubber shell that provides a nice and dry foot. The rubber shell with its abrasion-resistant property protects the toe as well as feet and keeps the elements out.

The outsole of the boot is pretty durable to maintain the stickiness at the lowest temperature. The upper of the boots have a unique classy design with loads of adjustability offered to the customer with cord cinching locking toggle system in the collar. The inner of the boots are completely lined for enhanced comfort to the skin.

The removable liner is made up of 13mm Thermo plus felt on the inner boot with Omni-heat to reflect the body heat to keep you warm and content. These boots are rated 100 degrees Fahrenheit sub-zero making them a perfect choice for both works and play.

The midsole of the boot features a 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug to keep your foot warm and dry while walking in deep snow or icy terrain. The Sorel Glacier XT boot will always perform the best to keep you warm and comfortable in the harshest climatic conditions.

Men’s Bear XT insulated Winter Boot

The Sorel Bear winter boots are constructed out of an extremely durable polyurethane-coated synthetic textile. The material is resistant to water as well as wind keeping you warm and dry all day long. The upper of the boot has loads of customizing options to adjust the fit of the boots. The lace-up system in the front along with the bungee cord cinching system provides a snug and secure fit.

The barrel lock closure system helps to keep the elements out of your boot. The insides of the boot have a soft and breathable 9mm removable lining with Omni-heat that reflects the body’s heat into the boot to keep you warm and comfortable even with the temperature down to 60 degrees Fahrenheit sub-zero.

The midsole of the boot consists of 2.5mm bonded frost felt plug for additional comfort and warmth while exploring through snowy and icy terrains. This ice-fishing boot feature a 6mm ThermoPlush felt footbed to augment the comfort level of the foot in the boot. The outsole of the boots is designed out of handcrafted vulcanized rubber shell for an enhanced grip to the icy or snowy ground.

The abrasion resistance of the rubber shell prevents the cracking of the boots in the sub-zero temperature. The bold and modern style of the boots with the astounding features makes them a perfect choice for the adventurer in you to deal with the toughest winter conditions.

Women’s Winter Carnival Waterproof Boot

The Sorel Winter Carnival boots are light-weight insulated boots specially designed for women to relish the winter sports without worrying to deal with the cold outdoors. The winter carnival is constructed out of nylon and rubber with all-in-one waterproof construction. The material helps to keep your feet warm, dry, and protected in the most intolerable weather.

The insides of the boots feature a removable as well as washable 6 mm inner lining for additional warmth and comfort. The inner liner of these boots made from bonded felt nylon acrylic and wool blend to keep you warm at -32 degrees Fahrenheit. The midsole of the boots features a 2.5mm felt frost plug to offer the customer with extra insulation.

The outsole of the boots is constructed with a handcrafted vulcanized rubber shell with herringbone to offer an impressive grip while walking through icy terrains. The abrasion-resistant material of the outsole prevents the boot from cracking in the sub-zero temperature.

Men’s 1964 Pac Nylon Snow Boot

The Men’s 1964 Pac snow boot is designed with a retro look that is inspired by the classic outdoor boots in the sixties. The classic look with modern materials used in the manufacturing of the boots offers them a premium outlook. The upper of the boot is made up of nylon with a unified waterproof construction to keep your foot warm, dry, and happy in all climatic conditions.

The boot features a lace-up closure design for a snug, secure, and adjustable fit. The shearling snow cuff located in the neck of the boot helps to keep the elements out.  The inner of the boot has a recyclable as well as a washable 9mm lining to enhance the warmness and coziness inside the boot. The midsole of the boots features a 2.5mm bonded frost felt plug for additional insulation.

The outsoles of the boots are crafted out of a handcrafted vulcanized rubber shell with herringbone for the extra grip while walking on frozen icy terrain or deep snow. These Sorel ice fishing boots are rated -40 degrees Fahrenheit for exceptional warmth and comfort.

Women’s Caribou Waterproof Boot for winter

The Sorel Caribou boots are the most popular and proven winter boots for snow trekkers. The upper of the boots is crafted out of waterproof leather that is best suitable for heavy snow days. The upper has seamless waterproof construction that protects against winter’s worst conditions.

These boots are extremely comfortable for extended use in the snow. The neck collar of this snow boot features a snow cuff made up of soft acrylic wool. This snow cuff is a removable and washable 9mm ThermoPlus felt inner lining in the insides of the boot. The Caribou is rated to negative 40 degrees to offer the warmth and comfort one needs to spend a day in the slopes.

The outsoles of the boots are a narrow track natural rubber sole to provide superior traction and grip in the snowy slopes as well as rugged terrain. The D-ring lacing system is the best feature of the boots offering a snug and secure fit to the foot keeping them in their rightful place.

Final Words

We hope this article helps you to find the best Sorel ice fishing winter boot to help you enjoy the serenity and wildness of winter.

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