A Small Guide to Size & Fitting of Snowmobile Boots

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Snowmobiling can be so thrilling but if you ain’t got the right fitting and size of snowmobile boots then you might have a hard time! 

Don’t worry! This article will give you details on how to choose the right size and fit for you. So keep reading and decide well before you grab your boots. 

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How to Find Your Perfect Size in Snowmobile Boots

This can be a little tricky. But you need not worry about it so much. It’s fine to keep it to the same size as your normal shoes. 

Choosing the right size of snowmobile boots can make you go for a larger size to accommodate your thick socks but say a big NO to plus-size boots. They can make your trip over easily.

Is the snowmobile boot size the same as the shoe size?

Well, this depends on the style of snowmobile boots you are going for. Snowmobile boots can indeed be a little larger to accommodate your fleecy thick socks but this doesn’t mean you need to go for a larger size. 

Most often the size of your snowmobiling boots is the same as your shoe size. You might be tempted to go for a size larger than your shoe size but remember snowmobile boots are already designed a bit larger to fit the socks so going for the next size may not be a great idea. 

How Should Snowmobile Boots Fit

The key to a perfect fit of snowmobile boots are:

  • Comfort and Support 
  • Warmth

Your boots must hug your feet comfortably to give great support and insulation. When you buy your pair of snowmobile boots follow these steps:

  1. Try the snowmobile boots with the same socks that you are planning to wear for your ride. This will ensure you choose the right size. 
  1. Try wiggling your toes and checking if there is enough space to do so comfortably. 
  1. The height of snowmobile boots differs from your ankle-length to reaching your calf. It’s better to go for higher ones to protect yourself from the cold. 
  1. Check your heel space by pushing your feet forward in the boots till the toes hit the front. If you have enough space behind your heels then it’s the right size. 
  1. Do the kick test. Once you have fastened your snowmobile boots properly gently kick a wall. While doing this if your toes hit the end and you feel a rubbing while walking, then it means you are wearing a larger size. 

Also, remember that though most snowmobile boots are unisex some brands may have separate models for males and females. So make sure to choose accordingly. 

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