Anon Rodan Helmet Review: Tried, Tested, and Trusted

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In any adventure sport, you cannot take safety for granted, especially if you love indulging in activities that involve a certain level of danger like skiing through snowy mountains or snowboarding on icy terrains.

While certain things are beyond our control, buying the correct helmet to keep ourselves well-protected is still in our hands.

So check out this article for a detailed and unbiased review of the popular Anon Rodan helmet and determine whether it’s the appropriate choice for you.

My Personal Opinion

In my own opinion, the Anon Rodan Helmet is among the best helmets currently available in the market.

I personally like the sleek and simple design on this helmet. It’s not chunky in any way and along with the design is the polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner construction which makes it extremely lightweight and comfortable with a low profile fit and feel.

The passive ventilation system is also a game-changer here. It allows cold air to penetrate through the vents located at the top and front of the helmet while the hot air is pushed back to keep your head cool. This clever design also keeps your goggles from getting fogged up giving you clear vision all day.

It has Fidlock Snap Helmet Buckle to deliver ultra-fast and secure fasteners that allow you to open and close it with one hand. It also features the BOA Fit System to give you an easily customizable fit with just a turn of the dial.

If you like to wear goggles or beanie underneath, the removable ear pads and liners allow you to convert it the way you want so it’s not going to be a problem with the Anon Rodan Helmet.

Anon Rodan Helmet
MaterialPremium fibers
Color14 color choices
SizeS to XL
StrapFidlock magnetic locking system
Fit SystemBOA fit system
Construction365 grams-in-mold shell construction
Goggle SupportYes
PerksAudio accessory compatible

Analysis of Anon Rodan Helmet

how good is Anon Rodan Helmet

There is no doubt that the Anon ski helmet is one of the most popular helmets in the market, especially for adventurous sports like skiing and snowboarding.

This is because of the gear’s unique features, which, in reality, sets it apart from its competitors.

Let’s analyze this a little more and understand what truly distinguishes this helmet from other similar gears:

Construction & Durability

The Burton Anon Rodan Helmet has a single-mold outer construction, which is sturdy enough to handle a few rough hits while you snowboard or ski.

The reason behind this is its in-mold shell construction design, which features a lightweight and fine polycarbonate shell along with an EPS liner.

This provides the rider with maximum comfort and support, further accompanied by a low, sleek profile.

Moreover, the helmet is extremely lightweight (merely 378g), making it even more convenient to wear and carry it around while skiing in frigid weather.

Its ergonomic design and lightweight structure make it a fine choice for someone looking for a dependable helmet in 2022.


Proper and adequate ventilation in an extremely cold climate is a vital feature in your helmet, which cannot be ignored no matter what.

Fortunately, the ventilation of the Anon Rodan Snowboard Helmet is quite smart in a way that prevents both from building up of sweat and goggle-fogging.

This helmet comes installed with ‘passive ventilation’; this means that it features vents at the top and front of your head.

This allows the chilly air to enter from these vents (on the top and front) while pushing the warm air and moisture out the back.

This type of sleek ventilation not only keeps your skiing & snowboarding goggle from fogging up but also provides you with the utmost comfort while you ski or snowboard in the winter.

Furthermore, by separating the flow of air, the helmet is able to maintain a comfortable and a balanced airing inside the gear.

Comfort & Fit

You need to invest in a helmet that fits you, and the Anon Rodan group of engineers have taken plenty of steps to integrate this well to avoid any mishaps while you snowboard or go skiing with your friends in extreme weather.

To begin with, the helmet comes installed with its trademarked 360° Boa Fit System. This allows you to customize your helmet’s fit and size with a simple turn of a dial.

It further comes with an adjustable chin strap so that you can easily and quickly modify the strap even when you are on the move.

The helmet also comes with their patented ‘Fidlock Snap Helmet Buckle,’ which are these secure magnetic fasteners that allow you to open and close the buckle on your helmet with just one hand even with gloves on.

This simple and straightforward fit, along with the high-tech upgrades, makes this Burton Anon helmet easily customizable for all the different kinds of winter sports enthusiasts while maintaining excellent fit all along.

Additional Features

Apart from the features mentioned above, some additional characteristics make this helmet such a popular choice among their buyers.

First, this excellent ski helmet comes with ear pads and expedition fleece liners, which are designed to provide maximum warmth and moisture-wicking comfort.

You can also remove the ear pad and the pre-installed inner liner if you want a low-profile fit or you want to wear a beanie under the helmet while you go skiing in the extreme cold weather.

Furthermore, it is ‘audio accessory compatible,’ meaning you can simply replace your ear pad with your headphones if you like listening to music while you snowboard.

To add to this, the Burton Anon helmet is available in many different and vibrant colors and sizes so that you don’t have to compromise on fashion or fit.

And the company also provides one year warranty which allows you to get your money returned or helmet replaced in case of any significant manufacturing defect (within 12 months of purchase).

Final Words

In a nutshell, if you are looking for an exceptionally lightweight and inexpensive helmet, then the Anon Rodan Ski helmet is a fantastic alternative for you.

It provides you with all the essential features as you make your way through freezing terrains on your snowboards and skis in 2022.

This particular model is effortless, straightforward, and gets the work done without any hassle.

Furthermore, you get to choose from the many available colors and sizes to match your style with comfort!

So check out the helmet and let us know what you think below.

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