Best Snowboarding & Skiing Goggles Under $100

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Snowboarding and skiing are fun winter sports for the entire family. It is also important to have the right equipment to stay safe and warm on the slopes. Choosing the right snowboard goggles especially for the first time is not an easy job. While you choose the skiing goggles the rider should also feel comfortable.

No pressure on your nose or other parts of the face is acceptable. Mind that the sun, snow, wind, and frost will test your stamina in the mountains. You will not be able to shelter in the subway or in the mall from any bad weather.

Hence, you can’t just rely on the appearance of the goggles when picking your ski equipment. All that matters is the comfort while you wear the goggles and hence, it is always good to visit the nearest store and physically wear them to know how you feel. Before you purchase affordable ski goggles here are a few things you should know.

Things to Consider before Buying Snowboarding Goggles

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When you shop budget-friendly goggles under $100 know the following.

Visual Clarity

This refers to how well the lens brings out the colors and textures in the snow and also your surroundings. High-quality optics will help to avoid obstacles and spot rough patches ahead.

Lens Tint

The tint of your lens will determine how much the light is coming in and which colors get through. When it is sunny and bright, you will need a darker lens; when it is snowy and foggy, you will need a lighter lens. Conditions change often on the mountains; hence it is always good to carry a spare lens when possible.


It does not matter how great the optical quality is if your goggles are fogged up. Features like anti-fog coating, layered foam, and air vents will help to equalize the air temperature and prevent this from occurring. Also, do not wear these goggles on your head, hat or helmet as this can also make it worse.

Field of Vision

This has to do with how narrow or wide the frame is and how much peripheral vision the rider has. A wide field of vision will help to see better and also avoid collisions.


Your goggles have to fit properly in order to create a tight seal on your face. In case they are loose, you’ll get snow, wind and various other elements coming inside. A few goggles are designed to fit certain face sizes and shapes to keep an eye out as you shop. You should also make sure that they are helmet-compatible.

Best Snowboard and Ski Goggles under $100

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Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles

Don’t settle for the tunnel vision of the ordinary glasses. Canopy allows the rider to oversize the field of view, without compromising to fit. The expanded periphery helps all the riders see more regardless of the riding style, from racing to cruising groomers.

The rider will enjoy a wide-open view with maximized peripheral and downward vision. It has the razor-sharp optics that takes advantage of Platonize lens material. This filters out 100% of all UV having a combination of F3 anti-fog coating and dual vented lens architecture, the rider will have superior protection against the threat of fog-ups.

The wide and adjustable strap has silicone lining to stay securely in place. The Oakley goggle meets the impact resistance standards of ANSI Z87.1 and EN 174:2001.

Outdoor Master OTG Ski Goggles

This is a classic mask having a dark open frame. It is quite versatile as it has a traditional design and weighs only 0.3 pounds. The lenses are irremovable but the internal fleece and the polyester triple lining is of incredible quality for this reasonable price. This item is suitable for those who have a narrow face or people who wear glasses.

This has an anti-fog lens and excellent optical clarity that gives you a fog-free ski experience. The soft TPU frame lenses provide 100% UV400 protection and years of reliable use. The extra-long elastic strap ensures great helmet compatibility with all helmets which is suitable for both adults and teens.

Outdoor Master Ski Goggles Pro

This is a frameless goggle with the ability to interchange the lenses based on the time of the day and weather you plan to use them. These are one of the best goggles till 2019, having no frame to block your view.

If you are looking for a heightened peripheral vision for the clearest view possible, each lens offers 100% UV protection, but based on whenever you plan to use these the VTL ranges from 0-90% as suited for your need.

Also, if you require glasses for your everyday sight, the Outdoor Master snow goggles are designed to fit over your glasses which also have a ventilating to make for a fog-free ride. Compatible with helmets and equipped with adjustable straps for men, women and children, these snowboarding goggles are also affordable with high-quality value.

Bolle AMP Goggles

Bolle is one of the most popular and budget-friendly ski goggles available today. This is an older version and has a simple design, but packs in a lot of useful features at a great price.

It features a double carbo glass lens and are designed to be anti-fog to significantly reduce the scratching. The lens has a vermillion tint that provides both UV protection and clear vision. The flow-vent technology will help to reduce the build-up of moisture inside the lens. This goggles will fit around most helmets and the adjustable strap can tighten or loosen to fit the most, including children and adults.

Bolle AMP Goggles are designed with both style and comfort in mind. These are considered one of the best snow goggles under $100 due to the flow-tech venting system that maximizes airflow to keep the goggles from fogging.

Gonex OTG Ski Goggles

Gonex OTG Ski Goggles have flexible urethane TPU frame construction that provides big inner space for your prescription glasses. It has an adjustable elastic strap that ensures great helmet compatibility with all ski and snowboard helmets.

The lenses available are anti-fog coated and offers 100% UV400 protection. The design of spherical frameless lenses provides the rider with an ultra-clear wide view. The dual-lens with a ventilation system and anti-fog treatment enhances the air-flow and reduces fogging while keeping your eyes in a warm condition.


The above-mentioned snowboarding and skiing goggles are perfect for the snowmobile riders either for the occasional users or the first time users. These goggles prove that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get good quality when you need it most.

Getting a set of goggles that will do everything is really impossible. Some need a helmet to really shine and other work for daytime downhillers who need more protection for their eyes to prevent losing their sight from the glare. Always plan to buy goggles that find comfort within you having the best quality at the budgeted price.

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