How to Wear Snow Pants with Snow Boots: Step-By-Step Guide

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You can’t just cook yourself alive in that bundle you call clothes! And you ESPECIALLY can’t strip yourself down to your underwear if it gets too much!

So, layers!

Of course, layering clothes doesn’t mean you HAVE to look all bulky and stiff wearing them. You’ll need a system if you want to dress for a snowy occasion.

And you can start by learning how to wear snow pants with your pair of snow boots!


Pants On!

Do you have your base layer on? What about your socks? Are they all made out of any material other than cotton?

If yes to all three, then you’re good to go in pulling your pants on!

But if you’re wearing a cotton base layer, then put on something else like wool or fleece or any moisture-wicking fabric out there that exists because cotton will LITERALLY weigh you down!

Anyway, back to the task at hand, once you got your base layer all fitted properly, you can now wear your snow pants.

Now, your sports pants can either be styled like any pair of pants you can see anywhere, or they can be something called bib pants.

Bib pants resemble overalls more rather than regular pants when they reach over your stomach to cover your chest. Then you can hook them over your shoulders.

Both of these pants have an option where you can loop a belt around them for extra measures, but it doesn’t change the fact that these are made to withstand the cold.

So, once you have your pants on, rolls the hems up to your calves. Because of how baggy snow pants are, it’ll be as easy as breathing, that’s for sure!

wearing snow pants with snow boots

Set in Line!

Onto the important part, slipping on your snow boots!

Just imagine you’re putting on a pair of extra tall shoes with their own version of layers like your snow get-up.

And many can’t deny that there’s just SOMETHING about fixing your clothes or straightening them. 

Even though you have no idea what you’re doing in the first place, without any crease or fold askew, it would still give you an air of a pro skier, you know!

That goes the same for your boots, too!

Now, snow boots aren’t your typical footwear. As mentioned earlier, this kind of boots has layers to keep your feet warm and protect them from anything the cold might throw your way.

There’s a layer inside that you’ll need to secure properly, and you can start by lining up its tongue at the center.

Once you get that done, you can start tying up what needs to be tied because this base layer is what holds the boot in place!

Usually, these ties are drawstrings, so they’re not as short as shoelaces. But all you need to do is knot them all up as neatly as you can; an organized mess, if you will.

When you’re done fixing the base layer, you can now move on with the outer one!

Do the same in lining up the tongue at the center.

Then, you’ll see shoelaces or buckles being used to have your boots hold onto your feet snugly. 

Either way, secure them nice and good, unless you want them getting all tangled up with your skis!

how to wear Snow Pants with Snow Boots

Keep It In! 

So you got your boots all tied up like a second glove. What’s next on the list?

We’ll be going back to your pants!

Remember how each leg is folded up by the hem? Well, now, all you have to do next is unfold them!

Tug them down that the hem can cover up the buckles and/or laces from your boot. This way, they’ll be hidden away from any potential accidents!

And ta-dah! You now have your snow pants over your snow boots!

Final Words

If one is to describe assembling your gear to take on the snow, the first word that probably pops up is “particular”. Maybe “specific”, even.

There’s a process in putting on your snow clothes, like peeling layer after layer of an onion.

And that process applies to putting on snow boots with snow pants! Or the other way around!

Whichever it is, you get to learn how being thorough will do you wonders in an extreme sport like skiing.

As a skier, being thorough is something you have to live by if you want to get up there to the pro levels!

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