Why Are Ice Fishing Rods So Small?

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Have you ever wondered why ice fishing rods look so small and short when compared to regular fishing rods? There should be some reason they are made so right? 

This article will tell you why! Keep reading to find out why ice fishing rods are so small.

How Long Are Ice Fishing Rods?

Ice fishing rods usually vary in length from 24 – 48 inches on average. They come in different sizes and ranges and which length you need to use depends on the type of fish you wish to catch.

Fish species such as the panfish, stocked trout, and walleye require a rod of length 24 to 32 inches. Usually, ultra-light or light-action rods with soft, fast-action tips are preferred.

The length you need also depends on the type of ice fishing you prefer. When fishing outside a shelter or when hole hopping, you might need a  slightly longer and more versatile rod measuring 36 to 39 inches in length.   

Reasons Why Ice Fishing Rods Are So Small

reasons of Ice Fishing Rods being So Small

Ice fishing rods are designed especially small for some reasons. Here is a list of them.

Allows you to fish inside an ice shelter

A short ice fishing rod makes it easy to do ice fishing in the comfort of staying inside your ice shelter. You can thus avoid the cold conditions outside your tent to catch a good deal. 

Close Reach of the Ice Hole

A short rod allows you to sit close to your fishing hole and your fish finder while fishing vertically below. This makes ice fishing more convenient and in case you’re not using an underwater camera or flasher, then a short rod can help you have a look into the water by just peeping into it.

You Can Grab The Fish In Your Hand

A short ice fishing rod allows you to grab the fish you have caught in your hand when you pull it out from the ice. This helps you have a look at the species of fish you have caught and decide which one you would want or not.

Better Sensitivity 

A short rod provides better sensitivity to the bait and you can feel even subtle movements and nibbling of the bait by your fish. This makes it easy for you to pull out the fish as soon as it has grabbed the bait. 

This saves a lot of time and increases the chances of catching more fish. A short rod also offers a better grip to hold. 

Final Words

Now that you know why ice fishing rods are so small, it’s high time you get one if you are keen on getting a good catch. Go ahead and grab your ice fishing rod and have a great time!

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