Comparison of Best Snowmobile 2 Stroke Oils in 2021

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Isn’t it really tough to choose the right kind of engine oil for your snowmobile?

The two-stroke engines are available in plenty in the markets for their particular configured snowmobile engine. Due to a lot of options available in the market, the task has become even more complicated than before.

Firstly, it is important to understand your engine’s need and requirements then go to the specifications as each and every engine is unique in its own way. As you go further in the article you will get an idea about the two-stroke oil used in the two-stroke engines of snowmobile, their types and also about the best two-stroke oils available in the market.

My Personal Recommendation

There are a lot of snowmobile brands out there and do you know that there are specifically designed 2 stroke oil for different snowmobiles?

Maybe not. There is a reason why snowmobile manufacturers produce their snowmobiles with their own 2-Stroke oils. So, which oil you should buy?

I’ll recommend you to buy the oil according to your snowmobile brand.

2-Stroke Oil for Polaris

If you own a Polaris snowmobile, then I’ll recommend the Polaris OEM VES 2 Stroke Oil.

This oil is approved by Polaris Engineering for maximum engine protection and is formulated to withstand very cold temperatures. A full synthetic base means excellent load carrying abilities to reduce engine wear.

This is very much chosen by many Polaris snowmobile owners so make sure to check the customer reviews of the Polaris OEM VES 2 Stroke Oil to see what they have to say.

2-Stroke Oil for Ski-Doo

If somehow you have a Ski-Doo snowmobile, I highly recommend the Ski-Doo XPS 2 Stroke Synthetic Oil.

This is oil has an advanced formulation that is developed by Ski-Doo for snowmobiles with Rotax E-TEC engine. Its exclusive premium mix of patented synthetic base stocks and highly advanced additives will help ensure ultimate performance and unsurpassed friction and wear safety for your engine.

Go and check the customer reviews of the Ski-Doo XPS 2 Stroke Synthetic Oil to see why this is chosen by Ski-Doo snowmobile owners.

2-Stroke Oil for Yamaha

Do you have a Yamaha snowmobile? The Yamalube 2 Stroke Oil is one of the best I can recommend.

Its technologically advanced semi-synthetic base stock provides an amazing output during the winter season and dramatically reduces visible smoke. It also offers a low carbon deposit which means longer engine life and greater performance over time.

To see why this oil is a great choice for Yamaha snowmobiles, check the customer reviews of the Yamalube 2 Stroke Oil.

2-Stroke Oil for Arctic Cat

For Arctic Cat snowmobiles, the Arctic Cat APV 2 Stroke Oil is the best one to go to.

It offers outstanding performance for all non- C-TEC2 Arctic Cat 2-cycle engines and provides the user an excellent Arctic Power Valve cleanliness. This oil also protects the snowmobile from engine wear with its excellent lubricity.

Check the customer reviews of the Arctic Cat APV 2 Stroke Oil to see what other snowmobilers have to say.

Comparison of Snowmobile 2 Stroke Oils

 Ski-Doo XPS 2 Stroke OilPolaris 2-Cycle OilArctic Cat 2-Cycle OilYamalube 2-Cycle Oil
BrandSki-DooPolarisArctic CatYamaha
EmissionLow smokeSmokelessLow smoke and low odorLow deposits
Volume1 gallon1 gallon1 gallon1 gallon
TechnologyFull Synthetic OilSynthetic OilFull Synthetic OilSemi-synthetic base stock
PerformanceSuperior cold pour performanceGood cold performance Can stand less than -40FCan stand sub-zero conditions
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price

Best Snowmobile 2 Stroke Oil

Polaris VES Full Synthetic Oil

The Polaris VES oil has a fully synthetic high-performance 2 cycle oil engineered to have a clean-burning, low odor, smokeless oil formulation designed to improve exhaust valve performance while working to give maximum engine protection.

The fully synthetic base oil formula offers excellent load-carrying abilities for less engine wear to give your engine a longer life and reduce repair expenses over time.

It is also formulated with custom anti-wear and detergency additives to protect the engine by significantly reducing the number of carbon deposits and buildup on critical engine components such as pistons, rings, and exhaust valves.

The oil includes corrosion inhibitors that help prevent rust from forming keeping your snowmobiles newer for longer and excellent lubricity for protection while your snowmobile is on off-season storage.

It is also designed to boost the cold flow properties of the engine allowing for an easy start-up even in sub-zero temperatures. It also provides excellent lubricity to keep the engine lubricated and coats the engine with a protective oil film on hot internal engine parts for added protection after shutting down your engine.

Many snowmobile riders are raving about this product. However, if you are sensitive to scents, this oil contains a really strong scent.

  • Full synthetic base oil
  • Clean-burning, low odor, and smoke-free formulation
  • Corrosion inhibitors and excellent lubricity
  • Easy start-up in extremely cold weather
  • Strong scent

Ski-Doo XPS 2 Stroke Synthetic Oil

Rotax and E-TEC engines have exclusive needs compared to other models. To meet these unique needs, Ski-Doo engineered the XPS full synthetic oil to provide maximum protection against engine wear in Rotax and E-TEC engines.

The oil has highly refined synthetic base oil formulated to deliver ultimate and uniform protection to your engine. It is also formulated with a highly engineered solvent and lubricity agent to provide an excellent oil film that contributes to less friction and wear. The combination of these additives keeps the engine parts lubricated, clean, and has the least amount of wear ensuring longer lasting engines. Another feature of the oil is the exclusive additive package customized to meet the unique needs of E-TEC engines that other oils don’t have.

It has low smoke and low odor formula for optimum engine performance. It can be used in the direct, semi-direct fuel injection system and high performance carbureted 2-stroke engines.

This oil is a slow-burning product so you use less oil that can save you cost in the longer run. However, the main issue of the users of this oil is the scent which gives them discomfort.

  • Formulated for Rotax engines and E-TEC engines
  • Full synthetic oil
  • Solvent and lubricity agent
  • Additive package
  • Low smoke and low odor formula
  • Discomforting scent

Arctic Cat APV Synthetic Oil

This synthetic oil is enhanced to produce less friction and more lubrication in your snowmobiles for excellent engine performance.

The additives that are mixed into the synthetic oil help prevent piston scuffing, varnish formation, and deposit buildup which are contributors to engine damage. It also increases efficiency and maintains Arctic Power Valve cleanliness for added protection to ensure the ultimate performance for Arctic Cat Power Valve Engines and all Arctic Cat 2-cycle engines. These additives guarantee your engine to last many seasons and prevent damage while also reducing repairs and maintenance costs over time.

The oil has prime lubrication formulated for easy engine startup in extremely cold weather.

It has a smokeless formulation and burns extremely clean. However, this oil has a strong scent that others find discomforting. This oil is also formulated for Arctic Cat Power Valve Engines and all Arctic Cat 2-cycle engines so make sure to check the compatibility of your engine to this product.

  • Synthetic oil
  • Helps prevent piston scuffing, varnish formation, and deposit buildup
  • Improved cold-weather start-up
  • Smokeless and clean-burning formulation
  • Strong scent
  • Works best for Arctic Cat Power Valve Engines and all Arctic Cat 2-cycle engines

Yamaha 2S 2-stroke Oil

The 2S 2-stroke oil has a technologically advanced semi-synthetic base oil formulation with additives designed to ensure and provide smooth all-season snowmobile rides.

The semi-synthetic base stocks protect against wear and breakdown and reduce friction for optimal protection while providing maximum performance.

The special synthetic additives help in maintaining a proper flow in your engine. It also significantly reduces carbon and varnish deposit buildup to prevent damage and for the least possible wear in your engine to last you for many seasons while giving you excellent overall performance.

The oil is also formulated to significantly reduce visible smoke. It is designed to withstand all temperatures, especially in sub-zero conditions. This oil prevents fuel gelling which is a usual problem when snowmobiling at sub-zero temperatures. It also delivers outstanding lubrication and protection to your engine.

The Yamaha 2-stroke oil is specially formulated to work best for Yamaha engines. It also works well for other brands but makes sure to check if it is compatible with your engine.

  • Semi-synthetic base stocks
  • Special synthetic additives
  • Reduces carbon and varnish deposit buildup
  • Significantly reduce visible smoke
  • Prevents fuel gelling
  • Works best for Yamaha engines

Klotz Snowmobile TechniPlate 2-stroke oil

The Klotz Techniplate oil holds the pride as a TC-W3 certified warranty compliant and one of the best snowmobile oil promising to deliver a high-quality product expertly made from top-grade materials using up-to-date equipment to ensure overall outstanding performance.

This synthetic oil is formulated to improve throttle response and increase RPMs in your engine for an overall smooth and efficient performance. The environment- friendly formulation of the oil also features its Clean Burn technology that reduces smoke and carbon residue.

The oil is also made for easy start-up in cold weather and fast start-up after off-season storage. It contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect your snowmobile engine while not in use. It has a Power valve formula of -44F pour point to keep the power valve from getting sticky from the cold weather.

The Techniplate advanced lubrication system contributes to less friction and less wear to preserve your engine’s durability and to deliver protection for longer engine life over time.

Many are a huge fan of the sweet scent of the Klotz oil. You have to take control of the amount of oil you use in your engine because it can get dirty if too much product is used.

  • TC-W3 certified warranty compliant
  • Synthetic oil
  • Techniplate advanced lubrication system
  • Clean Burn technology
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Good scent
  • Can get dirty if too much product is used

What is two-stroke oil?

What is two-stroke oil?

The two-stroke oil also known as two-cycle oil or 2-T oil is a distinctive type of motor oil which is used in the “crankcase compression two-stroke engines”. The two-stroke engine is exceptional to the four-stroke engine.

The two-stroke engine uses the crankcase as a part of the induction tract, unlike the four-stroke engine whose crankcase is closed except for its ventilation system. Hence, the two-stroke engine oils are mixed with gasoline in order to distribute the oil all the way through the engine to provide proper lubrication.

This mixture of oil with gasoline is termed as “petroil” or “premix”. The oil burns along with the fuel while combustion as a “total-loss oiling system”. This helps to increase exhaust emissions with excess smoke or a distinctive odor.

The two-stroke oil has much lower ash content in comparison to the regular lubricating oil so as to minimize the deposits which form due to the presence of ash in oil during combustion in the combustion chamber.

Types of two-stroke oils

As you have got an idea about the difference between a two-stroke oil and a four-stroke oil, let us now move ahead and understand the different types of two-stroke oils.

There are basically three main types of two-stroke oils;


Conventional oils

These oils are extracted from the crude oil through a complicated process of filtration and cleaning to remove the various contaminants in the oil. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, the petroleum-based oils are cheaper in rates. They provide an all-round performance along with the best rust protection.

They do not burn as cleanly as their synthetic counterparts and also they lack the “film strength” vitals required for resisting heavy loads and high temperatures. Thus, this makes them ideal for snowmobiles as they are least expected to separate at such low temperatures.

They are widely used for “low-performance engines” and “constant RPM 2-cycle engines”.

Castor oils

The castor oil is all-natural oil and fairly similar to other vegetables- derived oils. It is generally used in high-performance engines where the contact pressure is very high especially at high RPM. The chemical compositions of these oils allow them to polymerize when exposed to a high temperature which results in the formation of a sticky “wax”.

The wax thus formed has superior lubricating properties that can separate the metal surfaces although for a short time during oil starvation period to prevent them from squeezing out when pressed in between the two surfaces.

The castor oil has an exceptional “wetting” ability which helps it to spread out over an entire surface with ease. However, the presence of gum in castor beans results in a drawback.

The gum prevents the oil from burning well thus leaving a maudlin residue over the cylinders and pistons of the machine. Nowadays, the modern castor oils have a much less amount of gum in them still you need to consider this before buying castor oil for your two-stroke engines.


The synthetic oils are made up of different organic and synthetic compounds. They burn remarkably clean and provide superior surface-wetting properties. They are highly soluble in methanol and gasoline, unlike the castor oils. They can proficiently transfer heat and don’t depreciate with time.

While the process of combustion, they never leave depositions like other two-stroke oils thus prevents you from wasting your time from scraping off carbon deposits from the engines. They perform remarkably than petroleum-based two-stroke oils at high temperatures and high loads.

Things to consider before buying two-stroke oil for your snowmobile

two stroke engine oil

The market provides us various types of options with different qualities and features of two-stroke oil making the decision more and more complicated and confusing. The task can be eased out if we know the things we need to consider before buying two-stroke oil for the snowmobile.

Before buying two-stroke engine oil, it is very important for the owner to understand their engine as each and every engine has its own requirements and needs.


The oil in the engine prevents the metal to metal interaction by providing a “field cushion”. This, in turn, prevents the wearing down of the engines and helps in smooth functioning. The engine oil has additives in it to prevent rusting which is vital during the off-season.

The two-stroke snowmobile engines are designed sophistically with variable exhaust valves which are highly unique than the two-stroke engines of motorcycle, etc. because of its use during low-temperature weathers.

The snowmobile manufacturers are highly specific about the type of two-stroke engine oil and lubricant requirements to be used for their designed two-stroke engine. Thus, many manufacturers sell their own brand of oils that is specific to their engine.

High performance

The synthetic oils have been in trend among the racers as it provides high performance and is also cost-effective. They can easily mix with gasoline and methanol providing a clean burn and superior wetting properties unlike the other two types of two-stroke oils.

The synthetic oils do not leave back residue of carbon as the castor or petroleum-based oils.

They are smokeless as well as odorless. They also have low ash content and low pour value with the capability to keep all the valves clean. This makes them the highly preferred two-stroke engine oil for snowmobiles.

Weather in which it is used

The two-stroke engine oils are available for motorcycle, lawnmowers, etc. but it is always suggested that these two-stroke engine oils should never be used in snowmobile two-stroke engines due to the difference in the pour point values.

The lowest temperature at which a fluid moves as a result of gravity is called its pour point value. This is an essential aspect while choosing two-stroke engine oil as it gives an idea about the oil’s low-temperature start-up.

The two-stroke engine oils for snowmobiles are designed specifically with a deep-freeze pour point value which is generally tolerated by a snowmobile. Generally the oils made specifically for the two-stroke snowmobile engines contain elements that are statistically measured to have a pour point value of minus forty-degree centigrade.

Cost of the product

In addition to all these points, it’s important for you to research all kinds of products and understand their specifications and your requirements. As you have already spent a lot of money on buying a snowmobile, it is advisable to consider buying engine oil worth the value rather than a cheap one which may destroy your engine eventually your snowmobile.

Final Words

As now we have a clear understanding of the two-stroke oil and its uniqueness to four-stroke oil, the different types of two-stroke oil and also the best two-stroke oil available in the market so it won’t be a difficult task to choose the right and suitable two-stroke engine oil for your snowmobile. We also discussed the various things to consider before buying a two-stroke engine for your snowmobile, I hope that it eased out the process even more.

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