Best Goggles for Night Skiing and Snowboarding in 2021 with Reviews

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Ski goggles protect your eyes from flying snow, wind, ice and debris. However, not all lenses are created equal. Different goggle lens colors and types will help you depending on the conditions in which you can typically ski. If you ski at night, you will need goggles that sharpen your vision and increase the visibility. Because the sun’s rays are less of a factor, you will not need extra built in to alleviate glare.

Night skiing goggles are cheaper than the normal day goggles as the lenses are not as expensive to produce. Instead of blocking out of the powerful glare of the sun, for night skiing you will only need the goggles that block out the wind and snow or in some cases, the glare of the spotlights.

My Personal Recommendation

My top pick for the best skiing goggles, if you’re skiing at night, is without a doubt the Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles.

Its clear lens is suitable for night or low light skiing offering a high visibility light transmission. It allows ample light in so you can see the trail while skiing in the dark.

The Flow-Tech Venting optimizes and controls airflow to reduce fogging and clogging from snow and ice.

It performs excellently at night with its unique double lens design that creates a thermal barrier while providing clear optics and a superior seal to keep you warm.

The Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles guarantee to provide excellent optical clarity, fog-free performance, and warmth which are the keys to the ultimate night skiing experience.

Best Ski Goggles for Night Skiing

Goggles for Night Skiing

Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles

From the well-respected goggle brand Oakley, this goggle is perfect for snowboarding at night. These have comfortable face foam that will wick away sweat and will also help to keep your face warm. The lenses have a medium fit but this will fit small spectacles beneath them if you are a glasses wearer.

The best thing about these goggles is that they have interchangeable lenses. This means you can buy day lenses and use the same pair for all your skiing.

OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

The OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles are the best budget pick of 2021. These are a great pair for most recreational cloudy night skiers. They have very clear lenses blocking out just 1% of light but 100% of UV.

It has a wide-angle fit which can be adjusted to fit men, women, and also teens and fits comfortably with almost all the helmets. It also has a thick foam that allows the goggles to be worn with glasses measuring 4.19cm off the face and 13.4cm wide.

The frame of this goggle is made from a very flexible TPU that is strong and durable. The lens has a fog-free coating that also provides decent clarity.

Hongdak Ski Goggles

This goggle has 100% UV protection which has also enhanced anti-fogging and anti-scratch performance. The detachable lens system provides spare lenses with different colors that is suitable for all kind of weather conditions and personal preferences while snowboarding and skiing.

The OTG design allows to wear your glasses under the goggles. The adjustable strap and engineered frame shape provide better helmet compatibility, designed for both teens and adults.

The panoramic lens design provides more than 180-degree view and also a super clear vision. The two-way ventilation system enhances the air-flow and this provides a better fog-resistance and comfortable wearing in the warm and moist conditions all day long.

WildHorn Outfitters Roca Ski Goggles & Snowboard Goggles

The Roca goggle frame is made from super durable Thermoplastic Urethane Polymer material having a premium soft-touch anti-slip coating. The lenses are made from shatterproof ultra-strong poly-carbonate material. These goggles can also hold up under the most extreme conditions.

The anti-fog and anti-scratch coating allows you to see the terrain in any light condition without distortion while it also protects your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays. This goggle also features an easy side-clip locking system designed to hold the lens in place in the event of a gnarly crash. The lens also stays securely in place when you remove them from your face to take a break from shredding the slopes.

Things to Consider Before Buying Ski Goggles

Best Goggles for Night Skiing and Snowboarding

Visible Light Transmission

The visible light transmission which is often abbreviated as VLT is a percentage that represents how much light the lenses on your goggles let through. For skiing on a sunny day, you will find a dark tinted lens.

While you plan skiing at night, the yellow or clear goggles are preferable as these allow up to 99% of visible light to come through, that allows you to see the greatest amount in detail. The clear goggles will let the most light in, but some people find that yellow or other lightly tinted goggles may also help in seeing the contrast.


All the snowboarding goggles on this list will have some kind of ventilation. Ventilation allows the cold air to get into the goggles and let go of warm air. This keeps the temperature inside and outside the goggles as similar as possible and will also prevent fogging.

Not all day and night goggles are going to be 100% fog proof. In fact, even the best and expensive ones can also be foggy if you treat them in the wrong way. Hence it depends on the rider how they use it.

Dual-Pane Lenses

The dual-pane lenses are almost similar to the double-pane windows. These create a layer of air between the two sets of lenses in the goggles that helps to regulate the temperature. It is another measure that helps to keep the inside and outside of the goggles at a similar temperature that can help to prevent fog.

Face Foam

The foam forms a seal between you and the goggle frame. This will help to protect against impact and other elements and to wick moisture away from the skin. Most foam has three layers- durable, extra soft next to the face for comfort, and solid next to the frame for protection, and malleable in the middle for better molding to face contours. A few foam layers also have extra technology to help stop steaming up.


A few goggles have a chunkier frame around the lens than others. This trimming of the frame will provide a wider peripheral vision even in the smaller sized goggles for small faces.


Ski goggle lenses are available in a range of colors from green, pink, yellow, gold, black, blue and also metallic silver. If you have to get only a single pair, then you can get something that can swap out the lenses quickly and easily. It is worth spending a little more on something if you know you are going to use it for various different lighting scenarios.

However, comfort is also important. Choose the ski goggles as per your safety and comfort so that it does not provide any itchiness or redness on your nose or face around. When you plan to buy a ski goggle, keep in mind that your safety and comfort is the first priority!

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