Best Ski Goggles 2022: Tried & Tested

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Are you frustrated with the fog that seems to gather on your lens every time you go for a fun ski trip? Are you practically disgusted with the way in which you seem to miss out on the most beautiful scenes around you? And desperate for new ski goggles?

Well, let me tell you it’s not your luck to be blamed but your goggles. They are probably problematic. When you buy one goggle for its photochromic features you realize it has pathetic anti-fogging properties!

Sad, I know. But don’t worry. In this article, we have discussed some best ski goggles and some effective ways to purchase those ideal goggles for yourself!

Best Overall Ski Goggles

Smith I/O MAG Snow Goggle

Well, before going into the intricacies of goggles proper I would like to mention that Smith, was founded in 1965 with the invention of the first-ever ski goggle with a thermal seal and breathable foam. This tidbit I disclose only as evidence to the Smith Snow Goggles dynastic prowess in the Goggle forum.

The best part is of course its use of Smith’s carbonic-X lens. The unique thing about this is, the material of the lens instead of being coated has the carbonic-X molded onto the surfaces individually. So in case of accidental drops or the face of flying debris, your goggles are well protected because of this scratch and impact-resistant personality!

Being a ski guide might require you to spend hours with your ski goggles on. This can easily amount to fogging on the surface. Wearing Smith’s will prevent this. How?

Well, it poses a unique kind of lens to fight fog. This lens is hydrophobic and has a micro-etched surface to absorb moisture and spread it over a wider area. And because of this carved waterproofing, it can’t even be wiped away like many other anti-fog coatings!

The anti-fog feature is enhanced by the use of hydrophobic lens coating. This coating repels moisture as well as grease and grime and dirt. Skiing in the rain becomes more fun because with the goggles the water on the surface beads up and disperses.

Not only on the outer part of the goggles but on the inside also it has a 5X anti-fog inner lens. This keeps the sweat from creating any kind of foggy problems on your precious pair!

This impeccable working of lenses is vouched with a 3-way DriWix face foam. This gives you a comfortable finish without the uncomfortable feeling of the goggles digging into your skin!

Best Budget Ski Goggles

Arctic Motion Aura Snow Goggles 

While usual professional ski goggles can get quite pricey, the Arctic option aura pair costs relatively lower. So if like me you too are looking for goggles that do not create a hole in your pocket, these are just for you. And not only budget-wise but even the features offered by them are cool and useful!

Firstly, say you damage your lens just before going out for a fun skiing day. With Arctic Motion you have the convenient option of switching in the spare lens with just a few clicks. And all the lenses are UV protected and have a VLT of 15%.

This means that whatever kind of weather there is on the slopes, be it too sunny or hazy, your lens can easily adapt and protect your eyes from the glare of sunlight. It also works great in overcast weather. This improves your vision and gives you the proper experience of the visual beauty around you. 

The comfort provided by these lenses is never-ending. They come with a triple-layered hypoallergenic foam and polyurethane frame. This ensures that you are wrapped in soft comfort but also partnered with the best form of durability!

Best Ski Goggle For Night

OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles

This pair of goggles is for real snow sports enthusiasts, for people who don’t care about the time of the day and whenever the opportunity presents itself they are out there skiing, snowmobiling, or snowboarding! Sounds surprising? But it’s true.

You see, be it night or day, the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles have lenses that are great in all conditions. And this is possible because their VLT unlike other lens models is adaptable and adjustable in all weather and light conditions! It has vlt-99% and therefore it is exceptionally a great option if you are out at night!

These goggles designed for both adults and youth can be worn over your glasses as well. So, to all the spectacle people out there, you don’t need to worry about skiing at night. The OutdoorMaster goggles have got you.

With these sweat and moisture have less chance of accumulating on the inner lens surface. The reason is that it uses dual lens technology with an anti-fog inner surface. With these, you are also amply protected from UV rays.

This is possible because of the soft TPU framed lenses that are UV resistant. This also ensures durability and reliable use of years. Thus using these you don’t have to worry about replacing your goggles frequently!

For additional comfort and for, these goggles come with extra-long straps for the best fit!

Best OTG Ski Goggles

AKASO Ski Goggles

So, are you looking for that ideal pair of goggles that can fit just right over your glasses? Are you looking for Ski Goggles that can give you a comfortable fit over your glasses? Are you looking for a goggle that can serve as a Ski Goggle without hindering the function of your glasses?

Well, look no further. Because we are introducing one of the best OTG goggles out there, namely the AKASO OTG pair. This is known to give the most comfortable and convenient OTG function. It is made possible with its feature of the large spherical lens being secured by 12 points and 4 magnets.

Not only that, but these are under a stabilization bezel that gives you a distortion-free visual as well as great clarity. So you can let go of those fears of goggles affecting your spectacle-clad views! The goggles are known to stay in place as you climb the slope and then when times of lens change you can easily pop it off also.

Wearing goggles over glasses increases the risk of sweat and moisture. This is mitigated by the anti-fog design. The anti-fog design is possible for the hydrophobic coating on the inner surface of the lens as well as venting windows at the top and bottom to generate the much-needed passage of cool air.

Apart from these goggles are actually awesome with other features that include adjustable elastic straps,  slip resistant helmet compatible straps. For additional comfort and durability, it comes with triple-layer foam and a TPU frame. It is also designed to be resistant to scratches and impact.

You don’t have to handle the goggles like delicate glass. They are sturdy enough!

Most Ventilated Goggle

Julbo Aerospace Snow Goggle

Are you frustrated with the amount of sweat your snow goggles seem to accumulate? Especially while skiing or snowmobiling under helmets? Ask me, I had this same problem till last year.

But then I found out about the Julbo Aerospace snow Goggle that is known for its world-class ventilation. This kind of ventilation prevents excess moisture from resting on the inner surface of the goggle. It also prevents fogging which is quite common in snow goggles!

The technology used by this is the Julbo super flow that allows the lens to create a gap between itself and the Frame. And it is through this vital gap that air is permitted to flow in and the fog is exhausted. This overall process keeps you warm and dry without being too suffocating!

It is designed for large faces and thus provides a large field of vision along with a spherical double lens. It is a great option for skiing because it allows you to keep an eye out for the surroundings! It is made to give you the most comfortable fit with adjustable silicone straps that are slip-resistant!

One of the best features of these is its use of REACTIV VLT. This ensures that you have options to choose from for all weather and you don’t have to compromise on darker weather. It varies between polarized light, glare control, and high contrasting light.

It also sports dual soft foam that wraps comfortably around your face. So you don’t have to bear the brunt of digging giggles anymore!

Best Photochromic Ski Goggles 

Julbo Skydome Snow Goggles 

Are you tired of wearing goggles that function zero in protecting you from those sudden glares? Are you just about done with goggles breaking their promises and not protecting you from changing lights? Are random weather changes becoming too much on your eyes?

I believe skiing is one of the most fun snow sports. What I also believe is that without that proper Goggle you might end up hating the activity like anything! For that let’s introduce you to the Julbo skydive pair of goggles.

These feature the biggest range of photochromic lenses out in the market. It has 70-80% VLT. That means that this can work under a very large range of weather conditions. It uses REACTIV 0-4  High contrast 

With these, you will never need to change the lens along with the lighting and weather. The lens itself is going to do its job. Even light and dark conditions are adjusted automatically by the lens. These lenses are also fog free and come with moderate airflow ventilation. 

The goggle is light and almost weightless on your face. So when you are skiing you won’t even realize that you are wearing something. But with its large field of vision, you have an expanded view of the surroundings. 

Other Great Snow Goggles

OutdoorMaster Ski OTG Goggles

These are Goggles especially designed for all the ski enthusiasts out there. Be a ski guide, a snowmobiler, or a snowboarder, this was made just for you. Designed for youth and adults, you can get multiple sizes of these for your family members.

The OutdoorMasters are masters in snowfields as they serve as great protectors for your eyes against the snow and cold and even flying debris. They have vast fields of vision that aid in giving you enough frontal as well as peripheral vision. That way you will not miss beautiful mountain sites!

The durability of the goggles is maintained by the soft TPU frame. The lend used is awesome with interchangeable properties. It is also UV protected and that keeps the safety and reliability intact.

It sports dual lens technology. The inner lenses are coated in anti-fog that prevents moisture from building up and discounting your vision. This feature also serves well worn over glasses as it prevents sweat due to constriction.

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles 

This is one of the best Ski Goggles known for providing an excellent field of vision. This was inspired by the pilot’s design. And thus it allows you to keep an eye all around and focus on the target!

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be if you knew the color contrasts of the snow on mountains? Well, this is what Oakley offers. It uses Prism and HDO technology that gives you colorful, accurate vision.

Also, this is one of the most prescription-friendly giggles I have ever seen. You see, these giggles have discrete frame notches at temples that provide the required compatibility. 

It also uses the F3 anti-fog coating that absorbs moisture and eliminates haze. It also protects against harmful UVA/UVB/UVC and also provides blue light protection. Additionally, it also protects you against harsh elements as well as from hard impacts!

These goggles have a soft and pliable frame that conforms to the face and gives you a great grip and yet a comfortable feel. The additional triple-layer foam makes it more durable.

Anons Helix 2.0 Goggles

This is one of the best snow goggles out there but what I love about it is its innovative use of design and technology. Unlike other conventional goggles, these have a cylindrical shape lens that uses PERCEIVE tech.

Skiing on the snowy slopes you often might have noticed the brief flashes at your periphery. They are not only annoying but a distraction too. To mitigate that the Anons Helix 2.0 uses injected lens design that reduces these kinds of peripheral distortions.

The PERCEIVE lens also features in aiding high contrast vision and terrain-defining clarity. This is particularly great news for one’s skiing because often terrain irregularities are issues that can be dangerous. 

The lenses are coated with a material that is smudge resistant, scratch resistant, and water resistant too. This acts as a protection cover. The frame of the goggles is made of Thermoplastic polyurethane. This makes it durable And more reliable.

For better comfort, the goggles have dual-layer face foam. These give you a firm yet comfortable grip. It also helps during bumpy rides by preventing the goggles from slipping. 

ZIONOR X Snow Goggles

With the extremely versatile design that allows it to be worn by teenagers, adult men, and women alike, these snow goggles are one of the top goggles for people spending their time on the snow fields. Suitable to be worn over glasses also, these goggles support a maximum glass of length of 5.5 inches and 1.57 inches in height underneath them!

Traveling on the snowy slopes or the snow paths, our goggles are exposed to all kinds of harsh elements. The rugged lens of this particular snow Goggle protects you from harsh weather elements as well as flying debris. It uses specialized ZIONOR EDT (Enhanced Durability Tech).

This EDT is ultimately responsible for giving you a scratch-free and impact-resistant pair of Ski Goggles. So ride however you want, whichever way you want, you don’t even have to feat falls that might break your goggles. Also if you are riding at full speed, then you don’t have to worry about the goggles slipping off.

The reason is that these goggles are specially designed to curve and mold to your face even under helmets. These goggles also sport some optimized UV protection treatments that allow you to have a warm and dry journey without sweat or haze building up on the surface. This way even your vision is maintained and you don’t have to constantly remove the giggles to wipe them!

Buying Guide For Ski Goggles

Interchangeable Lens

Well, if you are purchasing goggles for skiing purposes or any kind of winter sports activity then yes friend you do require interchangeable lenses. You see, it’s rather simple. Just like you have different outfits for different occasions, similarly, your Ski goggles too require different lenses for different occasions.

For instance, you cannot wear party wear to some kind of physical adventure. No, it’s not safe nor is it convenient. Just like that while one lens might seem great for sunny weather protecting you from bright sunlight etc it might not fare well in the haze. And sports in winter do listen to the weather but your mood.

Thus you need skiing goggles where you can change lenses as you please!

Over The Glasses

Your goggles should always be OTG-featured. Now, this might seem unnecessary to people who don’t wear spectacles. But again, you never know. You don’t wear them now, but you might start requiring them next year or the year after.

And I don’t think that it’s practical to buy one type of snow Goggle only to get it replaced the next year. So whenever you buy snow goggles, they can be worn over your glasses.

And also while buying them if you already have glasses ensure they fit over them properly. The size matters in these cases! You cannot have them too big or too small!

Helmet Compatibility 

While Buying skiing goggles one should always check their helmet compatibility. Now, remember that some goggles may appear to be compatible with their branded helmets. Try not to go for them.

The reason is you might not have the same brand of helmet. Your helmet design might be very different. Now if the giggles are not universally compatible, then when you wear it with the helmet it will be too uncomfortable. 

Either you will get a constrictive grip around your face or the mismatch might be so blatant that they could just slip off. So the goggles can be worn with all kinds of helmets.

Lens Colour And Visible Light Transmission 

Now, this is a very important thing that you need to understand when you go to buy Ski Goggles. You see,  the colors of lenses are not just like that. They have reasons and most of them are rented to the type of vision you want.

Different colored lenses are required for deferential types of light. Some give you night vision, some provide you with a clear vision in haze and fog and some protect you from the glare of sunlight.

All these are dependent on the VLT, that is the visible light transmission percentage. Depending on the percentage of the VLT you need to understand and know what sort of lens is required by you.

Field Of View

There are many goggles whose frontal vision is great but to have a look at the sides you need to turn your head around. Now, this is inconvenient very fast. This way you cannot keep an eye on the entire surroundings. At least not simultaneously. 

Apart from the inconvenience caused it is also dangerous to move your eyes off the front. And this may lead you to miss the beautiful mountainous scenery flashing beside you.

So to ensure that you keep your eye at the front and yet have a great peripheral vision you need to go for goggles that give you an expanded field of view. Also, keep another thing in mind, the goggles you purchase should give you an undistorted peripheral vision, or else again, there is no point.

Ventilation And Fogging

Well, this is one of the most important things you need to ensure in your Ski goggles. Skiing or Snowboarding or any kind of High-intensity winter sport requires a pot of energy and you might sweat in the cold also. At least your face might heat up.

This may result in moisture accumulation on the inner surface of the lens. With continuous moisture collection, it will spoil your vision and ultimately spoil the goggles over time.

So to mitigate something so disastrous, always go for goggles that have anti-fog coatings. That one also looks for goggles that have moisture-wicking properties or some sort of ventilation. This ventilation is often responsible for aiding in ample air circulation.

Framed And Frameless

This is another thing you need to keep in mind when you are getting your Ski goggles. While some prefer frameless goggles, some just cannot do without a frame. But if looked at from a broader perspective it is always important that you opt for framed goggles.

The benefit of wearing framed goggles is that it protects the lenses from severe impacts and overall makes the goggles way more durable and reliable. 

Whereas frameless goggles although they might fare better as OTGs may not be up to the mark in case of wearing just over your eyes? Chances of them slipping off or leaving the lenses vulnerable are some disadvantages. 

Fit And Sizing

This is one of the most important things you need to make sure of when buying Ski goggles. As I’ve said before, skiing and snowboarding are high-intensity activities. The rides on the paths and down the slopes are littered with bumps and quite frankly are adventurous. 

And adventures are never without pretty fun mishaps but they shouldn’t turn into accidents. Many accidents during these adventures can be related to improper fitting of ski goggles.

These goggles tend to slip off at a moment’s notice at the hint of bumpy rides. So to prevent such things one needs to get hold of goggles that fit you or have customizable fits.

Though the best thing would be to get your fit as well as get goggles that have silicone straps that are non-slip and usually come with buckles.

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