Rossignol Sassy 7 Review: Skis + Bindings for Women

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Ladies, are you perhaps in the mood for skiing this winter season? It sure does sound like a lot of fun and it is one of the best winter activities you could do to better enjoy the extreme cold while it lasts. Although, planning ski trips could be tough. Girls, are your outfits ready? But most importantly, to go skiing you must have a good pair of skis. Tired of your old skis? Want a new design? Well, you are very lucky because we have the perfect recommendation for you. You should get the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis! These skis are made especially for women and they also come with bindings. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and this review is here to tell you about its other benefits, you better not miss out on these skis.

My Personal Opinion

If you are buying a new ski, I will recommend the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis.

This ski is an excellent choice for beginners to highly skilled ones who likes to ski on stiff terrains and looking for adventures. The additional 90mm design allows it to expand the user compatibility than any other skis available in the market.

The strong poplar wood core material alongside a flared fiber tail profile gives you great performance when using it. It’s a very easy ski to use and handle with great underfoot stability. It gives you a super light and forgiving ride so that your coming in and out turns will be smooth and perfect. The cool graphic design also adds up to the charm of these skis.

These are the reason why this ski is a good choice to go with if you’re a beginner or a highly skilled one. Make sure to check the product reviews of the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis and see for yourself what other skiers say.

Review of Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis

Features of Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis

What do you usually look for in skis? Do you focus on weight balance? Are you looking for great flex and stability? Or are you simply looking for skis to match your winter outfits? Well, if that is the case, we assure you that the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis can give you all that and more. To know more about the Rossignol Sassy 7, you can read more about its features down below.

Rocker Type

The Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis offers 50% freeride rocker, 50% camber, and 50% progressive tip & tail rocker, it was designed for the deepest of powder snow days. Its progressive freeride rocker profile features a longer, lower tip rocker, a tapered tail profile, and traditional camber underfoot, delivering effortless flotation, instant speed control, and the power, energy, and grip to help you get back to the lift. The powder rocker profile offers an effortless float and can be controlled in deep snow with energy and grip for a more progressive and freeride performance.


The Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis has a centered sidecut that consists of a short and deep sidecut radius directly underfoot. It has a heavily rockered profile that will most likely float over powder as if it were a hovercraft. The skis centered sidecut profile gives a confident powder and edge grip right exactly where you might need it, while it also releases the extremities of the ski for easy steering and great maneuverability. This works extremely well with groomed slopes and will take your skiing onto new different styles and levels.


The skis poplar wood core balances weight, flex, and stability for a versatile blend of power and playfulness.


The Rossignol Sassy 7’s Rossi Top Cap Construction reduces weight and enhances the comfortable ski-ability for better performance.


When you purchase the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis it also has included snowboard bindings, making it more than you bargained for all in one purchase. The skis bindings are Xpress 10 Bindings that have a DIN Range of 3 – 10. The bindings do not come mounted to the skis, it will always have a certified binding technician mount to adjust your bindings.

Other Features

The Rossignol Sassy 7 Ski has a poplar wood core that balances the weight, flex, and stability of the skis for a more versatile blend of power and playfulness while going downhills. The size range is also very great with this, we start this ski with a 140 length and increase it by 10 centimeters up to a 180 so anywhere from a shorter kid like being a shorter size to a 180 size, it would be great for that application. These skis go best up on the groomed hills, although it does handle a little bit more of the powder snow when you go off on the edges. It also has a cool new graphic compared to other Rossignol skis.

Final Words

Overall, the Rossignol Sassy 7 Skis is a great all-mountain, with a 70-80% frontside and comes with Xpress 10 snowboard bindings. It handles fresh snow extremely well. It is super light and very forgiving, so whenever you are coming in and out of turns, it is super poppy and energetic. This ski is perfect for learning the basic skiing skills as a beginner, but it can also take you pretty far up into that intermediate level. This is a solid bet for any lady out there that might be having trouble with their current skis. But these skis can also be great for upper-level intermediate skiers or someone who is between that and a beginner. It is easy to ski with these as you transition into some off-piste rain and some of the softer snow conditions such as powder. These skis are very easy to bend, very easy to turn, and are a very friendly platform for somebody who is still getting themselves accustomed to all the crazy stuff out in the west. The Rossignol Sassy 7 is for anybody that is even a teenage kid whose height is still quite below average and for adults as well.

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