How Much Does Skiing Cost: Average Price of Everything

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Being halfway through the year means there’s that spike in the temperature you’ve come to expect.

And that spike will ruin you in the worst way possible.

Dry, humid air, warm breeze, sunburn-inducing sunlight—you name it!

What’s probably the worst of the worst is how LONG a day would roll by in summers, so you’ll have to endure this heat torture long after sunset.

But a trip up the snowy mountains can fix that!

The air up there may be quiet, but the cold does sink straight down to your bones, that’s for sure.

Although, first thing’s first, you’ll need to know what to bring with you!

Taking a trip up there with only the clothes on your back is out of the question, even more so if we’re going to talk about where you’ll be staying!

That’s why you’ll need to make up a budget list to prep yourself for what’s to come.

Lucky for you, you’ve got two options for where you can get all this stuff you’ll need: you can either go buy yourself new equipment or simply rent them for a few days.

Keep reading to know which one you’ll want to go with!

Average Price for Skiing Equipment and Clothing

So, you want to start fresh in your skiing adventures.

Well, the best way to do that is by buying a brand new EVERYTHING!

New gear, new digs—all the essentials you’ll need to kick off your skier dreams!

But what exactly are these “essentials”?

  1. Skiing Clothing

Since you’re going to take a trip up the snowy slopes, let’s talk about what you’ll have to wear first because you’ll die a slow, frozen death if you only throw on a pullover, a pair of sweatpants, and consider yourself good to go.

Now, the basic rule of handling the cold: wear layers!

Not the kind that drowns you in clothes and renders you useless when all you can do is waddle through the powder.

There’s “safe” and then there’s “overkill”, after all.

A base layer maintains your body heat. As you’ll be working up a sweat because of it, the base layer’s material will wick away the moisture (if you got lucky and spy fleece or any other fabric like it).

For either the top or bottom, it can get as low as $35 if you’re browsing through Eastern Mountain Sports.

However, the highest price for tops is $150 while bottoms are only a hundred bucks.

Next thing you’ll want to do is protect yourself from the cold bite of snow, especially with how often you’ll probably have a tumble in the powder for your first tries at skiing.

And you can do that by getting yourself a ski jacket!

Again, Eastern Mountain Sports got some jackets that can give you the basics of a ski jacket from its clipper softshell jacket costing a low price of $129.

If the ladies want to go for style AND practicality, go big with NORTH FACE’s Diameter Down Hybrid Jacket that costs a staggering half a grand!

For the guys out there who strive to be fashion icons while looking like a ski pro, you have the HELLY HANSEN Riva Lifaloft Jacket at $375!

Now, a ski jacket can only do so much when it’s already protecting your arms and torso. What about your neck?

Well, there won’t be any issue with that once you have a neck gaiter, and those usually cost around $20 up to $49.

As for ski pants, these can go as low as $70 while bib pants start at $225. Both can get up to $600 depending on the quality.

Winter hats and mittens (or gloves!), however, start as small as $30 and climbing up to $200 (for mittens, anyway).

If you think those are a lot already, well, be ready to get swept off your feet by your equipment!

  1. Skiing Gear

Because you’re out there to ski, it would explain why skis are the most expensive out of everything else when you can get them for $500! And that’s the lowest price already!

That doesn’t even include your ski poles yet when you could buy them for $40 with the highest being $314!

And skis aren’t complete without their bindings, which you can buy for $190; $400 if you want to splurge.

Now, to keep the ski safety train going, you’ll be needing a helmet, a sturdy pair of boots, snow goggles, and a handy hydration pack.

A helmet can cost as low as $70 in EVO and $400 if you want one with multi-directional impact protection (MIPS).

Boots may have a fairly straightforward purpose, but if you truly want to keep their shape despite being knee-deep in snow, then you’ll find them cost around $400 to $800. 

Snow goggles to shield your eyes from both sunlight and powder can be bought for $30 and $300 if you’re looking for more features.

Last but not the least, you can get a hydration pack for $20 in Dick’s Sporting Goods, with $200 being the most expensive.

Average Rent for Skiing Equipment and Clothing

There’s no shame in renting stuff, especially if skiing is just something you wanted to have a feel for first before willingly throwing all your money away for equipment and gear you’ll probably never use again.

And what’s so great about rentals is they come in packages! So all you need to do is fill out the empty spaces.

For example, you can rent a ski package online from the Sun & Ski Sports website for some resort rentals out there (i.e. Mammoth in California, Park City, Plainview, etc.) for the price of $30 per day.

This package already includes the skis, their bindings, boots, and poles, so that only takes a tiny chunk out of your budget!

But if you want to go nationwide for more resort rental options, you can turn to Ski Butlers’ rental delivery for $50 to $70 depending on your skill level.

However, you’ll notice there’s less equipment included here; namely, skis, poles, and boots only.

As for the ski clothing, you can head over to Kit Lender to rent outerwear!

This includes a ski jacket, pants, boots, gloves, and goggles. All for the price of $30 up to $60 per day!  

How Much You Need to Pay at Ski Resorts

There’s a lot of ski resorts out there to choose from, but too few details were shared on their websites!

But here are some resorts that are highly rated for their lodgings and how much they cost.

As one of the most well-known resorts there is, Vail promises you the quality you paid for and more that you can check out from the website

One of Vail’s pride and joy is the Grand Hyatt Vail. 

Here, you’ll be treated like royalty with how many amenities are included by paying $500 up to $700 for the experience.

If you want to go a bit cheaper (but with the same experience), you can turn to Vail Racquet Club Mountain Resort for a homier atmosphere compared to the Grand Hyatt Vail’s ritzy glamour.

All for the price of $245.70 for one person, and $310.70 for two people per night. Both of these deals don’t include the tax.

Another popular resort is Deer Valley, with its cheapest accommodation called Lodges at Deer Valley at the price of $184 and can climb up to $436 depending on the people staying.

Going to, you’ll get much more details here compared to; from lodgings to lift tickets!

The majority of the lift tickets here have prices between $35 to $130, but only a few have lodgings available (like Soda Springs in California) with how the pandemic ruined everyone’s day-to-day.

How Much Does Skiing Cost If You Buy Your Own Gear & Clothes?

So, here’s the final verdict.

Once you’ve added all of your basic equipment and clothing (at the highest price), you’ll get a staggering total of $4,142.

If we add up your stay in a ski resort (with the highest price), you’ll get $4,842. Just a bit more than a hundred bucks until you go five grand!

Clearly, this is just a base for what you’ll have to expect when deciding to start your ski vacation, so you can take chunks of it out once you have a look at what you’re going to buy.

So you can say this only serves to wear off that shock factor once you’re about to pay for your things, which is probably for the best, anyway.

How Much Does Skiing Cost If You Rent Ski Gear & Clothes?

As for rental, there are two prices to consider since there are two different sites where you can rent your equipment.

When you go for Sun & Ski Sports, you’ll need to pay $790 per day, including the lodging and Kit Lender.

If you’re going for Ski Butlers, you’ll be nearing a grand when all three added up to $920.

Again, these numbers are maxed prices! You’ll have more room to move in with that kind of budget in your pocket, so it’s better to go big right off the bat.

Final Words

Maybe when you were younger, spending a skiing vacation in homey lodgings with the best equipment are some you’ve taken for granted.

Because now, well, you’d notice how expensive this cold wonderland really is. So it’s bound to dampen the experience a bit, especially since you’ll be paying for everything now as such is the painful reality of adulthood.

Hopefully, these prices can help you budget your way into recreating that skiing vacay you used to have from your childhood because you deserve to cool down a bit after dealing with the chaos that is 2020 through 2021!

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