Best Ice Fishing Lines for Catching Walleye 2022: Tried & Tested

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Catching walleye is such a favorite among ice anglers. As much as they’re fun to catch, they can also be really difficult and challenging.

You need the right tools and techniques to have fun and success. And with the best fishing lines, you can try your hand at catching a big walleye fish.

Check out the list of the best ice fishing lines that you should use when catching walleye fish below.

What are the Characteristics of a Good Fishing Line for Catching Walleye?

The perfect and suitable ice fishing lines for catching walleye should have a high invisibility rate so that the lines don’t frighten the fish.

Irrespective of whether you are ice fishing at night or day, having a heightened invisibility is an essential characteristic.

They should be resistant to abrasion and offer low memory for excellent manageability for superior handling of the walleye.

The fishing lines must be highly sturdy with high tensile strength. The colors also play a significant role in catching walleye. The bright colors play a big hit as they work to entice the walleye toward the bait.

ice fishing line for catching walleye

Best Ice Fishing Line for Walleye

KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line

The KastKing FluoroKote fishing line is the absolute favorite of anglers in 2022 for its aggressive design and durable performance.

The Fluorokete fishing line is the integration of the best-selling as well as a popular copolymer line with 100% fluorocarbon coating on the exterior.

The impressive feature of this line is the quality, durability, and performance of the fluorocarbon line offered at a pretty reasonable and affordable price.

This fishing line is exceptionally resistant to abrasion with amazingly low stretch quality. The strength of the line is outstanding as it can amazingly handle the weight of a walleye.

The fishing line sinks rather well and is almost invisible in water as a pure fluorocarbon.

The copolymer has a good low memory with superior castability that enhances the advantages of the fluorocarbon along with its own.

The KastKing FluoroKete fishing line has a diameter way reduced than the copolymer fishing lines or the monofilament lines providing the anglers with a smaller and stricter line.

The fluorocarbon on the exterior is exceptionally durable, and the level of absorption is remarkably low. The material offers anglers augmented knot strength and enhanced sensitivity.

The reel capacity and the depth of bait are outstanding for this fishing line, making them the best fishing line available for walleye in the market.

Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Ice fishing line

The professional-grade Trilene ice fishing line is made up of 100% fluorocarbon which is the widely chosen and most reliable product in the market.

The amount of white refraction is reduced in the fluorocarbon fishing line which offers the anglers ultimate invisibility making it effortless to catch a walleye.

The refractive index of the line is equivalent to that of water, making it impossible to spot by the walleye.

The 100% specially processed Polyvinylidene fluoride formula in this fishing line offers anglers superior impact strength.

best ice fishing line for walleye

The diameter of the line is extremely thin and small for effortless enticing to the bait. The line is extremely durable and dependable to handle extreme winter conditions.

The memory of the Trilene ice fishing line is pretty low for enhanced handling or casting and provides the angler with superior manageability.

The line is available in five different colors with a yard length of 75 and weighing around 6 pounds. The lower stretch system enhances the sensitivity of the line along with offering anglers compact hook sets.

Sufix IceMagic Fishing line

The monofilament Sufix IceMagic fishing line is designed for ice-cold weather conditions thus they are convenient even in sub-zero temperatures in water.

The high performance of the Sufix IceMagic ice fishing line offers the angler a strong and durable catching line for an improved catch.

The Sufix added special additives to the IceMagic ice fishing line during the manufacturing process of the line. These additives dissuade the absorption of water by the fishing line which leads to ice build-up.

The Sufic IceMagic ice fishing lines for catching walleye sink faster and quicker to easily fool the walleyes and entice them towards the bait effortlessly.

This fishing line is thinner and smaller with low memory for ultimate handling and high impact strength.

The supple and robust fishing line is one of the excellent monofilament fishing lines in the market of 2022.

The natural presentation of the Sufix IceMagic attracts anglers along with its modern features and innovative manufacturing.

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

Braided fishing lines are the strongest and most durable type of ice fishing line available in the market.

The KastKing SuperPower braided fishing line offers anglers ultimate knot strength with its dynamically integrated strands.

The low memory of the KastKing ice fishing line offers excellent manageability along with superior casting preventing the formation of wind knots.

This ice-fishing line is resistant to abrasion and can efficiently deal with sub-zero temperatures in extreme winter conditions.

The SuperPower braided line is extremely sturdy and flexible to handle the weight of a walleye with perfect ease.

Catching walleye with ice fishing line

The abrasion-resistant feature prevents the anglers from losing the big catch in the holes like the walleye.

The diameter of the fishing line is thinner and smaller providing the angler with more fishing line to spool on the reel.

The low to zero stretches along with the supremely high sensitivity augments the ratio of catch with the ultimate settings of the hook.

The KastKing superpower braided fishing line is designed using ultra-high molecular polyethylene braid fiber that is extremely durable, and tough with impressively high tensile strength.

These multipurpose high-strength strands are available in many different color options at the most reasonable and affordable price.

Final Words

So, these were some of the most popular ice fishing lines that you can use to catch walleye.

With the help of these, you can catch many walleye, but for that, you also need a good ice fishing reel for catching walleye.

Along with a good reel and line, having a great underwater camera to see walleye fish will increase your chances to catch them.

Apart from this, also invest in a good ice fishing auger to ensure that there are absolutely no hiccups in your fishing trip.

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