Best Baffin Boots for Ice Fishing in this Winter Season

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The ice finishing is the most coldest and popular winter sports that require to be subjected to sub-zero temperatures for a longer time. Many people even carry portable ice fishing heaters in order to withstand the cold outside. The long exposure to this chilly weather can be exceptionally uncomfortable and may affect your expedition.

To fully enjoy your ice fishing you not only need layers of clothes but also the best ice fishing boots that keep you warm and comfortable throughout the day.

In this article, we have covered all the best Baffin boots for ice fishing available in the market in 2020 with detailed and helpful information.

Best Baffin Boots for Ice fishing

Men’s Impact Insulated Boots

The Baffin Impact boots are popular in the market with two buckle systems and all the buckles have been flex and cold crack tested. The buckle in the lower portion helps to hold the ankles to provide secure and firm support while the buckle in the upper allows customizing the shafts in and out. The boots feature reflective piping in the upper and are made up of full grain leather.

The full-grain leather keeps the balance of strength between the nylon waterproof upper and the lower section of the boot preventing them to tear apart under extreme conditions. The snow cuff featured on the neck of the boot prevents any snow debris or wind to enter inside the boots keeping them warm and comfortable.

The lugs on the outsole of the boot enhance the traction and steadiness on the icy as well as snowy terrains. Each of the lugs includes grooves cut that reduces the slippage while walking through snow. The outsole of the boot is constructed with compound vulcanized rubber with a forward or backward slope creating a firm grip of the boots in the snow or ice.

The bottom of the boots features an arch support system to emphasize the support and grip of the outsole of the boots. The midsole of the boots is designed using EVA. The flexibility of the boots is quite impressive and allows an effortless movement through deep snow and slippery icy terrains.

The -148 degree Fahrenheit insulation of the boots offers a comfortable environment and prevents the cracking up of the boots in the snow. The Impact snow boot features the Thermaplush eight-layered inner boot system for ultimate warmth and coziness inside the boots.

  • Flex and cold crack tested
  • Two buckle system
  • Lugs with grooves cut
  • Arch support system
  • 8-layered inner boot system
  • Loose stitching
  • Sizing is challenging
  • Overpriced

Snow Monster

The snow monster with its unique classic style and design along with its modern outlook has baffled the crowd and is widely used by many ice fishing enthusiasts. These Baffin ice fishing boots are constructed out of leather and nylon material that is extremely durable. The lace-up closure system introduced in the boots comes with two bungee closure to keep the elements out for a comfortable and warm inner environment.

The inner of the boots consists of loads of padding made up of exceptionally soft material to keep your feet warm and content. The outsole of the boots is made with exceedingly durable material that consists of deep flex grooves for a steady grip and improved traction. The impressive flexibility of the boots allows effortless movement through deep snow and ice.

The heel of the boot measures approximately 1.5 inches with a shaft measuring around 11 inches from the arch. These knee-high boots are a perfect choice for your ice fishing adventures to keep you warm and relaxed throughout the day.

  • Durable and flexible
  • Lace-up closure system
  • Multi-layered padding
  • Deep flex grooves
  • Eyelets break off
  • Comparably weak lacing
  • Narrow snow gaiters

Baffin Wolf

The Baffin Wolf has been rated -40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and features two adjustable buckles on the shaft for a customizable fitting experience. The collar of the boot has a bungee closure to keep the elements out and provide you with a nice and warm environment.

The upper of the boots is constructed using a double-weave, 900 denier nylon that has exceptional durability and flexibility for effortless motion through the deep snow. The inner of the boots feature a five-layered removable inner boot system to offer additional insulation for warmth.

The midsole of the boots has EVA cushioning that has a remarkable shock-absorbing capability. The cushioning also helps the boot to resist the cold to help it work in awfully frosty temperatures. The outsole of the boot is constructed using a durable rubber material to challenge the extreme cool temperatures in the winters.

This Baffin Wolf for ice fishing features built-in mid-foot support for added steadiness and grip while walking through deep snow. These ice fishing boots are designed especially for men and are true to size.

  • Two adjustable buckles
  • Rated -40 degree Fahrenheit
  • Five layered liner
  • Durable and dependable
  • Moderate arch support
  • Excessive strap ends
  • Smaller than expected

Baffin Titan (PLN)

The Baffin Titan is a fully molded waterproof boot made for the explorer in you to challenge through the extreme temperatures and life-threatening weather conditions. These boots are rated for -148 degree Fahrenheit and is considered an admirable choice for ice fishing in the thrilling winter temperatures.

The contemporary technologies used in the manufacturing of these boots help you stay out in the ice for long hours while keeping you warm, comfortable, and dry. The removable liner provided with the boots has an impressive layering system that wicks away the moisture and keeps your feet warm and dry throughout your ice fishing expedition.

The collar of the boot has an inch long cord-cinched snow cuff to keep the elements out and your feet tugged in warm and content. The outsole of the boot has an excellent aggressive tread to keep you standing while trekking in sub-zero temperatures over harsh frozen terrain. The best feature introduced by Baffin in Titan is the waffle footbed.

This technology traps the air and moisture in the bottom of the foot and also keeps the liner slightly elevated keeping you warm and dry all day long. The liner can dry fast and the footbed can easily be wiped out thus allowing to instantly plan for your next ice fishing tour.

  • Rated -148 degree Fahrenheit
  • Multi-layered technology
  • Waffle Footbed
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Non-breathable shells
  • Not true to size
  • Immobility causes cold feet

Women’s Ice field Insulated Boots

The Ice Field insulated boots are the warmest boots Baffin manufactured especially for women that are rated -148 degrees Fahrenheit. The rubber sole used in the manufacture of the upper of the boot has both waterproof and windproof abilities. They have no buckle or no lacing system instead have a cord cinched closure system that keeps out the elements that keep your feet warm and dry all day long.

The boot is extremely light-weight and has impressive flexibility to offer you with an uncomplicated walk through deep snow terrains. The removable liner features a seven-layered system for additional warmth and comfort. These liners trap the heat in them that helps to enhance the warmness around the foot.

The liners are easy to wash and can even be blow-dried instantly with ease using boot dryers.

  • Light-weight and flexible
  • Cord closure system
  • Seven layered liner
  • Rated -148 degree Fahrenheit
  • Unable to keep out the cold
  • Moistening of feet

Women’s Snogoose Winter Boot

The Baffin Snogoose is the warmest flexible boot crafted especially for women as it is quite easy to get on and off the boot. The boots do not include the lacing system or the BOA system or the buckle system instead it has a cord cinching system to have a customizable fit. The rubber sole used in the manufacturing of the upper is awfully light-weight and extremely durable.

The 900 denier nylon used in the upper is waterproof as well as windproof to give the ultimate warmth and comfort while ice fishing in the sub-zero temperature for long hours. The removable liner comes in two different colors with a multi-layered system for additional warmth and dryness to your foot. They are easy to pull out and can be machine washed or blow-dried using a boot dryer.

The multi-layered liner is the management system of the boot that performs multiple tasks by not only protecting the feet against the cold but also wicking away the moisture to keep the foot dry all day long. The wicking layer is responsible to wick away the moisture from the liner to keep the boot warm and dry.

The open-cell foam maintains the light-weight of the boot and is responsible for the quick-drying and breathability of the boots. The reflective layer reflects the heat inside for a warm and cozy environment to work through the sub-zero temperature outdoors. The mesh on the outside of all these layers protects the feet from abrasions.

The Snogoose ice fishing winter boots are rated 40 degrees Fahrenheit sub-zero to tackle the most extreme weather conditions and hazardous terrains. The outsole of the Snogoose features rubber pads and rubber lugs to keep you steady and standing improving your traction through icy slippery terrain. The deep lugs keep out the snow to effortlessly walk through deep snow terrains.

The EVA midsole lightens the weight of the boot and augments the flexibility of the boots. The synthetic rubber upper, the EVA midsole, and the rubber outsole altogether work whimsical offering the customers with a dream product.

  • True to size
  • Durable
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Multi-layered liner system
  • Cord-cinch closure
  • Narrower than expected
  • Inner insulated layer slips out
  • Unable to keep the ice-water out

Final Words

The last thing one expects on ice fishing is a cold and wet foot. We hope this article helps you to find the best Baffin ice fishing boot that fits you perfectly and provides ultimate comfort outdoors in the sub-zero temperatures.

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