Best Hockey Bag with Wheels: Perfect Gear Bags

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So you had to put inside a few extra things the last time you stepped out to play the game. But you found out, you are not made to lift the weight of the bag. Only if you had bought that bag with the wheels on, right?

I understand the situation because I have been through the same. And let me assure you, this is just the tip of the iceberg of all problems to unfold further.

From a temporary injury to a permanent one, involving a damaged rotator cuff, the possibilities are endless. Hence it’s important to get the best hockey bag in the market for carrying your luggage easily.

My Personal Recommendation

If you are planning to buy a hockey bag, look no further than the Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Equipment Bag.

Inside the bag is Grit’s new and improved shelf system designed to carry and organize all your hockey gears and essentials.

It features compartments for your helmet and skates to prevent them from getting compressed down. Grit also incorporated a mesh lower shelf that can expand and contract for your other gears such as gloves and other equipment. It also has a removable mesh bag for extra storage.

At the back of the bag is a large airflow ventilation to allow your gears to dry. It also has a blade port and stick straps located on the side.

The HTFX hockey bag has a lightweight construction and features a side panel shoulder strap so you can carry it either on your shoulders or using the wheels.

Many also appreciate the Torsion Technology folding frame system as it allows them to fit the bag into smaller spaces easily because of its flexibility yet also keep their gears protected because of its durability.

Best Hockey Bag with Wheels

Grit HTFX Hockey Tower

The bag is light in weight, which makes the journey from your home to the locker room and back easier. In addition, the presence of the side strap adds more convenience.

The most noticeable feature about Grit HTFX is that it has managed to lose weight without compromising on its size or quality of the material. It can also be folded to a good extent, making it easy to store in tight space.

The rear end of the bag has strong mesh and one of the middle compartments is also made of a similar design. This allows air circulation within the bag and helps things dry quicker. In turn, you don’t have to worry much about bacterial growth.

The compartments do their job just right and with multiple straps on the side, it can hold up to two hockey sticks at a time.

One of its much appreciated and practical features are its removable foot carpet. This allows you to put on or remove your shoes even when the floors are wet, without getting cold feet. The bag is surely a pricey investment but thanks to its huge list of features, you definitely get your penny’s worth.

BSN SPORTS™ Deluxe Wheeled

A really good hockey bag for youth who are just starting to play the game or those who are looking for a budget option. While you won’t get the extra features, the addons, and the other bells and whistles that come with pricier bags, the Deluxe from BSN Sports still gets the job done.

Don’t let the moderate looks of the bag deceive you. It is crafted using 600 denier polyester, a material known for its durability and lightweight. The bag can withstand rough usage without picking up minor scuffs and tearing.

It also boasts a shoulder strap which is padded for more comfort. The bag is spacious and can fit all your clothes, shoes, other equipment, and tools adequately. Fulfills all other basic requirements that one might expect from a budget-friendly hockey bag.

ARMY CAMO USA Military Bag

ARMY CAMO makes some of the most durable bags you can find on the market. Undoubtedly so, since their target audience is soldiers, firefighters, field medical professionals, and so on.

Quality is of utmost importance to them, having said that they also make bags geared towards explorers and athletes. Their trolley duffel bag is one of their rarest products that more on the affordable side, but it doesn’t skimp on important features. Because, well, it is ARMY CAMO!

The bag is spacious and has enough compartments to let you organize your things perfectly. It is designed using 600 denier polyester, so you can expect it to last for a long time without picking up any superficial marks.

The material also allows it to be foldable and easy to fit in small spaces. Despite its huge size, the bag is pretty lightweight and the three wheels (most bags have two wheels) keep the bag well on the ground even if it hits a small bump.

Travelway Group International Inc. New Warrior W20

Warrior Sports is a trustworthy equipment brand in the world of lacrosse and hockey. Their W20 Wheeled equipment bag is yet another addition to the brand’s legacy of high-quality products.

The bag is made using polyester, which means even in pouring weather conditions, it will keep your belongings safe.

The polyester also helps the bag to be more affordable and makes it durable. On the inside, the bag features a straightforward design for all the compartments. The two handles on the top give the user an option to lift the bag along with the default option of dragging the bag on its wheels.

Now, as you might have noticed, Warrior sports have clearly cut a lot of corners in this one. They have strictly kept only the utmost basic features. But if you are new to the game or low on budget or both, then this is an option worth considering.

Gothamite 36-inch Rolling Duffle Bag with Wheels

Hands down the biggest bag on this list and If you are used to carrying a lot of equipment then this might be your best call. It is also reasonably priced so it can be a great youth hockey bag as well.

It is made using 1200D polyester, which has almost twice the quality of the many other bags on the market. So you are getting a very durable bag which can withstand heavy rains and rough usage.

It is also flexible and takes less storage space when it is empty, but all these features come with one downside. The bag is heavy and carrying it can require a lot of strength.

A small saving grace here is that it has three wheels, so it doesn’t wobble even when you are dragging it on rough terrain. It is not for everyone and its weight might make people look for something little less heavy. But with weight comes leverage to carry many things at once.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hockey Bag

The market in 2020 is filled with so many options that might leave you confused at first. So it’s just an organic step to get your requirements figured out and then proceed to think about your budget rather than going the other way around.


I’d suggest you start with the bag’s weight. You will be carrying the bag from your house to the field and back and depending on the distance between these two, the bag’s weight is a crucial element.

You don’t want to reach the field with a sore back or stiff shoulders. You don’t want your journey back home to seem like a nightmare either.


All your gear and extra clothes should fit into the bag with an isolated space for your wallet, phone and other important things as well.

Then we look at what kind of material is used. I would advise you to read about polyester and its denier rating. It is not complicated to understand at all and would help you to get a proper idea of how long a bag might last.

After getting the basics in place, start moving towards the extra features. The more of these in a bag, the heavier its price will be.

Side strap, foldable body, three wheels instead of two, a mat, removable smaller bags, and use of mesh for better air circulation. All of these qualities make the user experience with the bag better. It makes carrying the bag and your interactions with it more pleasant.

So if you can afford it, then going for a feature-rich bag will always be helpful for you. But as I mentioned in the beginning, the market is filled with plenty of options with a variety of features. So even on a tight budget, you can get yourself a nice bag.

Final Words

The Grit HTFX Hockey Tower is the winner on this list, it is an all-rounder. But your specific requirements and budget might make you want to consider the other bags.

No matter which one you choose, you will not be disappointed with anyone from this list. As these are the best ones in their respective price range. So go ahead and get yourself a bag that suits your needs.

Just like they say in The Lord of the Rings – “One bag to rule them all, one bag to store them, and one bag to bring them all” out on the field! 

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