Best Hockey Helmets in 2021: Tried, Tested, & Trusted

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For hockey players, a helmet is important safety equipment. It protects the player’s head from potential head injuries and reduces the risk of concussion.

There are times when you can be hit by a puck, ice hockey sticks, or when slammed against the board. Having a helmet significantly increases a player’s safety.

In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best ice hockey helmets that are available in 2021, and are ready to dive into the intense game of hockey with you.

Best Ice Hockey Helmets in 2021

Given below are the best hockey helmets that you will currently find in the market. You will find a detailed review, followed by a list of features for each of the hockey helmets below.

CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet

The Tacks 910 is the latest addition to the CCM’s Tacks series and is without a doubt one rocking helmet. It comes with an IQ Shion gel memory foam coupled with a due density molded foams that not only provide premium comfort to the players but also manages the sweat and manages to keep the player cool even during stressful gameplay situations. 

To make the Tacks 910 as protective as possible, CCM even teamed up with the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory, making it a premium choice for any ice hockey player. Moreover, the Tacks 910 can even dissipate impact energy thanks to the new Fluid Inside Pod technology that is strategically placed within the liner to best protect the head.

The entire helmet is designed to meet an elite player’s expectations. It even comes with an active stabilizer and a tool-free adjustment feature that allows the players to adjust their helmet fit in the best possible manner. This feature includes self-adjusting occipital support and a front-to-back adjustment allowing a perfectly customized fit.

The outer shell of this helmet too is made very strong and is integrated with a new structure stiffness to better protect the head from the sides. All in all, the CCM Tacks 910 is an excellent ice hockey helmet and delivers everything a pro-level hockey player needs. This is an excellent choice for beginners as well, as it can help improve their field confidence.

Bauer Re-Akt 150 Hockey Helmet

Bauer’s Re-Akt 150 is an innovative hockey helmet that has been specifically designed to provide pro-level protection, enhanced fit, and high-quality comfort. This helmet is packed with features and truly lives up to its expectations. If you are looking for an advanced ice hockey helmet to confidently enter the field, then Bauer’s Re-Akt 150 is an excellent choice.

One of the main features of Re-Akt 150 is its comfort pod liner, which uses a contoured design for a better fit. This comfort pod is also integrated with a layered construction of XRD technology, which is a reactive foam that can protect your head from both high and low-velocity impact, and IX foam, which has a low density provides lightweight protection.

The Re-Akt 150 also includes an exclusive VTX foam liner system, which is a lightweight liner that provides all-around protection to enhance the safety at the front, rear, and top of the helmet and to improve comfort on these key impact areas. With all these protective features backing it up, Re-Akt 150 is one of the safest hockey helmets in 2021. 

Apart from all this, the Re-Akt 150 also comes with a Freeform Adjustment System that provides three types of tool-free adjustments that allow the user to independently change the length and width of the helmet. Thanks to this, finding the right size is not a problem at all, and customizing the perfect fit is very simple. 

Warrior Covert RS Pro Hockey Helmet

The Covert RS is a completely pro-level hockey helmet designed to meet the expectations of pro-level ice hockey. It features a traditional two-piece design offering advanced comfort and complete head protection. In terms of safety and comfort, this is the best hockey helmet for a concussion on this list.

It includes Warrior’s exclusive Impax foam that offers top-tier protection and is also layered with a compression molded liner that mainly works against all levels of impact while providing total comfort ranging from front to back. Even the outer shell is uniquely designed with integrated vents that allow the air to flow through the helmet, always keeping it cool.

The Warrior’s Covert RS is an excellent choice if you are looking for a hockey helmet for youth players as it offers all-side protection and is very comfortable too. It also features a traditional tool-less adjustment mechanism that makes it very simple to find your custom fit. It is also very lightweight and does not feel too heavy on the head.

Warrior Alpha One Hockey Helmet

The Warrior’s Alpha One is full of innovative features that make it one of the most popular helmets in the market. It has a sleek and attractive design and was created to be very lightweight and comfortable. With this helmet on, players can enter the field with confidence, and play to their fullest in the high-impact sport of Ice Hockey.

To start with, the Alpha One comes with a one-piece shell made out of ultra-rigid high-density plastic, which is extremely stiff, but lightweight. Moreover, the entire shell has been geometrically designed to distribute all levels of impact, providing top-notch protection and safety.

Apart from all this, the Alpha One also features a lightweight Viconic diffusion plate. This plate can dissipate energy from single or multiple impacts. Thanks to this plate, the key impact areas such as a player’s frontal lobe, occipital areas, and the temple receive added protection, ultimately raising the safety level of this helmet.

Additional to all these protection layers, the Alpha One still includes a layer of EPP foam to ensure maximum protection. This EPP foam creates a lightweight protective barrier against potentially serious injuries. Moreover, it also features an Omnishock+ safety system that reduces the impacts of various intensities, making it one of the safest hockey helmets.

True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet

True to the name, and truly dynamic, the Dynamic 9 hockey helmet is one of the most lightweight and highly protective hockey helmets. It features an exclusive Brain Protection System designed by MIPS, a Swedish brain protection company that not only protects your skull but truly the brain as well.

The Brain Protection System protects the brain by using a low friction layer designed to reduce the rotational motion reaching the brain, which is generated through the angled impacts to the head. Therefore, Dynamic 9 is truly the best hockey helmet for concussions and can protect your head and brain in the best possible manner.

When it comes to its construction, the outer is made using a lightweight, but strong EPP shell. Thanks to this, the Dynamic 9 is lighter than any other ice hockey helmet and too without actually sacrificing any protection points. Inside, there is EPP foam too, which adds a protective layer while improving comfort.

Another notable this about this helmet is its adjustable fitting. The Dynamic 9 is designed to have a truly personalized custom fit, thanks to the interchangeable side and rear occipital fit-pads. These occipital fit-pads come in three different thicknesses and are 360 degrees adjustable as well, allowing the user to increase or decrease the size by up to 5%.

Bauer Hyperlite Hockey Helmet

If you’re searching for the lightest hockey helmet, you should get your hands on this Bauer’s Hyperlite Helmet. For its appearance, it has a timeless design that will never get old in the hockey world. There are a lot of color choices available: white, black, blue, navy, and red. 

At first glance, you can sense the touch of modern manufacturing. Everything about this helmet is well thought of to serve the users the lightest helmet possible. It will shield your ears and head during the game without compromising your comfort—blockage of cool air and noise. Unlike other ice hockey helmets, this one doesn’t give a sense of discomfort due to the high-quality yet light foam used.

The helmet’s fit is crucial in hockey. Without the right size, the helmet’s function won’t work nor protect you. Bauer innovates a hockey helmet wherein the user has the freedom to arrange their desired size on their own for a better fit. 

For its price, this is definitely worth every penny!

  • It gives freedom to adjust the helmet’s length and width.
  • It uses light and durable material.
  • It comes with color and sizes variation.
  • It may take time to properly adjust the helmet.

Bauer Prodigy Hockey Helmet Combo – Youth

The leading hockey helmet for youth is here in town!

We may not protect our kids during the game, but this hockey helmet will surely do! It offers a one-size helmet as it is adjustable. By moving a clip, you’ll be able to change the helmet’s size for a better fit and performance. It will also comfortably fit inside your hockey bags.

This helmet has a lot of holes to refrain heat from built-up when used. It will give our kids an added relief experience during the game. Moreover, the helmet’s lock in the chin part uses a renowned rapid release for more convenience. In just a snap, they can remove it without the need to ask for help. Don’t worry because it won’t easily fall off in mid-game.

The padding used in this hockey helmet is high-quality for optimum protection.

  • It is made of high-quality and durable material.
  • Adjustable exterior
  • A renowned rapid buckle release
  • It may be too small for the late aged youth.

Bauer IMS 5.0 Hockey Helmet

If you still haven’t noticed, this brand offers the topmost hockey helmets here in the market. Just like the two helmets from Bauer, this one also has an adjustable exterior to suit your own size. You can stretch its size all-in or shorten it if necessary by pulling the handle. 
This hockey helmet doesn’t focus on giving protection but satisfaction and relief as well. It has holes in the right places—in the front, center, and back for air passageway. The foam used is standard that has a combination of both soft and hard material without giving discomfort.

Aside from the adjustable exterior, it also comes in three sizes to ensure a great fit.

  • No tools are needed for adjustment.
  • It is comfortable and lightweight.
  • It has three sizes available.
  • You might have a hard time attaching the cage to the helmet.

CCM 50 Hockey Helmet Combo

We’re now down to our last hockey helmet. If you still can’t choose anything yet, then this safest hockey helmet of CCM 50 is for you. 

Like a standard hockey helmet, you’ll receive two pieces of this product—the helmet itself and the cage. It has a sleek and stylish design that would match any gear or uniform. Moreover, you can alter the size by pushing a button to unlock it. By pushing inward and outward, you can find the perfect size for you. 

To avoid discomfort, they place holes in the three areas of the hockey helmet for cool air. Once you see the inside, you can guarantee that this helmet lends comfort and protection. The pads used are high-quality to assure the user’s safety during the game.

As for the cage, it is ideal to be used for pro-players as well as beginners and it even has a chin pad for added comfort.

  • It is a custom-built helmet.
  • It uses lightweight and durable material.
  • Ideal for pro and beginner level.
  • It comes in 4 sizes.
  • You may be troubled by the snap on the side.

How to Choose Hockey Helmet

Hockey gives us a lot of health benefits and skills. However, the occurrence of accidents during field games or practice is quite alarming. Paying close attention to selecting your hockey helmet will guard you against possible injuries. 

If you don’t have any idea how to choose the best hockey helmet in 2021 that suits you, here are some factors you should watch out for.


This is the most important factor in selecting a hockey helmet. Like I said earlier, your helmet’s features won’t work if you have a loose or too tight helmet.

We have different head proportions, so it might be quite hard to find the right fit for you. Good thing, there are hockey helmets that let you personalized your helmet sizing. These typical hockey helmets are expandable, making them easier to adjust in the sides.

If you are buying in-store, you should try wearing a hockey helmet. It should be fitted in the forehead and chin pad without unnecessary allowance. Furthermore, it is much better if the helmet has an added chin belt.

Inner padding

Upon buying a hockey helmet, you should check and ask for the type of inner foam used in the helmet. 

There are two typical types of padding used in this situation. The Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) is commonly used for bicycle helmets. It is because they are good at absorbing impact and don’t give an added weight to the helmet. 

For a rubber finish padding, then it must be the Vinyl Nitrile (VN). It is more on the spongy side, bendable, and impact-absorbing as well.


Aside from the mentioned factors above, we should also go for a hockey helmet that gives us comfort or relief when used.

best ice hockey helmets

You don’t want to get suffocated during the game, so you should check this out. This hole serves as the air passageway to keep us cool with our helmets on. 

A convenient and reliable helmet has holes in the right places. These are typically placed on the front, middle, and back. The back portion is necessary for the heat built-up to be released.

Final Words

Ice Hockey is a high-impact sport and injuries are pretty common. However, if proper care is not taken, these injuries can turn into potentially serious issues. So, hockey players need to be rightly equipped with safety measures. One of the most important pieces of safety equipment for a hockey player is the helmet.

All the hockey helmets mentioned in this article are packed with technologically advanced and innovative safety features that guarantee maximum protection on the field. After choosing any of these helmets, you should also know how to clean your helmets.

We hope we helped you with this guide, and wish you to enjoy the game of ice hockey to its fullest!

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