Best Hockey Sticks in 2022: Affordable + Durable

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Invented around 130 years ago, by William Fairbrother in Ontario, Canada, ice skating is a contact team sport. Usually played within a rink, it is hockey placed on ice. Here, two games of skaters use their hockey sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent’s net to score goals.

The hockey stick is an extremely crucial element of the game and they are considered as important as the hockey player’s skates. To enhance your game, picking a stick that suits you is essential. Hence, here is a list of the best hockey sticks.

Best Ice Hockey Sticks in 2022

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.1 Hockey Stick

The Surgeon Rx3.1 is designed to maximize elf- handling capability, maintaining affordability without compromising performance. An innovative, ergonomic shape on the underpart of the shaft provides increased face area, maximizing hand contact points and adding control over the stick.

Precision flex II the lower section of the stick has are-engineered flex peak to enhance quick, responsive play. The stiffness in the upper portion of the shaft maximizes cargo capacity when demanded.

Tableware Band an innovative, new material fitted into the base of the blade furnishing a more stable and durable Structure. Ultra high balance point amplifies the sense and playability of the stick. 

STX Stallion HPR2.1 Ice Hockey Stick

Ultra-High Balance Point STX Stallion HPR2.1 Ice Hockey Stick is the best-in- class weight distribution that amplifies the sense and playability of the stick. 

Pureblade Power High performance carbon filaments seamlessly woven together for advanced performance. 3k, on the front, for a more explosive shot and 18k, on the reverse, for weight reduction. 

Power Flex A constant flex profile transfers maximum energy generating further power behind every shot. Tableware Band A personal resin fitted along the full length of the blade increases continuity and protects against unreasonable wear & breakage. 

Nano Enhanced Resin Nano Technology fitted into the resin provides continuity against impact micro fractures which lead to unseasonable breakage. 

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3 Hockey Stick

Durable excitement: The shaft and blade are constructed with a flexible and durable ABS plastic to repel the natural wear and gash that comes with playing outdoors on pavement. 

Promotes Out-of-door PLAY Including 2 sticks for 1-on-1 play, this hockey stick set promotes out-of-door play and can get your little athletes outdoors and active as they test out and exercise their Hockey 

LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED SHOT Straight blade design so each right-handed and left-handed player can exercise and get introduced to the game of road hockey.

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon RX3.2 Hockey Stick

Peregrine-a patented ergonomic design on the underpart of the shaft maximizes contact between your hands and stick furnishing increased control of the elf. 

Precision flex II-the most protean binary- kick point on the request. The lower hotel has been optimized to release briskly. While the upper portion of the shaft maximizes cargo capacity for hard & FAST shots. 

Tableware Band-a personal Resin fitted along the entire base of the blade increases continuity and protects against unreasonable wear & breakage. 

Spear construction-Advanced one piece construction reduces the quantum of material where the blade meets the shaft furnishing the player more feel throughout the stick. 

How to Choose a Hockey Stick

While purchasing a hockey stick, you must ensure that you get the best quality! A good quality hockey stick must have the characteristics listed below.

Material & Quality

The ice hockey stick should be of supreme quality and material. Traditionally, ice hockey sticks were made out of wood, but recently, they are made out of comparatively expensive materials, like aluminum, Kevlar, carbon fibers, fiberglass, and other such composite materials. If you want a good quality hockey stick, you must not compromise on the quality due to its price.


Durability is one of the most important points while purchasing an ice hockey stick. The stick should be durable and should not break, as it will cause you trouble and disrupt the same as well. Therefore, ensure that if not others, this function is well taken care of.

Weight & Size

The weight factor affects your game immensely. If the ice hockey stick is too heavy or too light, it will mislead you and hence cause errors in your aim for the goal. Choose the right weight for your stick to help you aim for the win!

Size is another factor that affects the game – a size too small or too large will make it uncomfortable for you to make your shot, hence ensure that these two factors are looked after.


The stick should allow you to have a strong and firm grip on the handle so that the puck goes where you aim for it and it is extremely comfortable for you to play.


Overall, the stick should feel like a part of your body, that is how well it should fit you as this is the way you can make sure you get the most out of its performance which will reflect on your performance on the rink!

Final Words

Since the 19th century, hockey sticks have been made out of hardwood trees. It is said that the biggest change in the hockey equipment has been the renewed development of the hockey sticks.

Hence, choosing the one to help you in the long term, and last for that amount of time, would be the best one to go for. The stick should also be strong and sturdy as if a player is found to be playing with a broken stick, it serves as a two-minute penalty.

We hope this article helped and wish you good luck with your game!

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