Best Ice Hockey Skates in 2020: Tried & Tested

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Ice hockey is extremely different from the usual hockey in many different ways but the chief aspect is the ice thus it is quite imperative to choose the right pair of ice hockey skates as the contact between the ice and the skates creates a powerful impact on your performance in the game.

In this article, we have chosen the best ice hockey skates available in the market in 2020 and give a detailed review of every product that is most popular and talked about in the market.

Best Ice Hockey Skates in 2020

Bauer Supreme 3S Ice Hockey Skates

The new Performance fit system of Bauer introduced the extremely light-weight and technologically advanced pair of ice hockey skates designed especially for the skilled and devoted players. These ice skates are comfortable and the 3D lasted flex composite boot featured in the skates improves the flex.

The Pro TPU outsole offers a more straight-line speed along with added stiffness in the power part of the skate. The power cut featured in the skates offers an amplified wrap for the optimal foot stability and eventually offers an explosive power through each stride.

The lower portion of the skate has a toque edge holder that features a quick-release trigger system that allows you to quickly and efficiently remove the damaged broken steel in no time. The steel used in the skates is the LS with a power profile that offers the customer with four different radii instead of one single radius as used in the traditional steel.

The four different radii allow improved ice contact through the portions on the sides. The toe and the heel in the skates allow agility that creates an enhanced power without compromising with the agility. The Bauer Skates are heat-moldable with an impressive anatomical shape. The skates are extremely stiff therefore they attached the edge wraps to enhance the level of comfort for the dedicated players.

The skates feature a 48 ounce felt tongue with an exceptional level of thickness and injected foams throughout. The metatarsal guard of the skates is pretty exposed to offer the players with ultimate protection to the top portion of the foot and prevent lace bites during a tournament. The forward flex of the skates is impressive to offer the players an easy deep forward bent for a powerful stride.

The aero foam ankle pads in the liner of the skates are an upgraded version that is extremely light-weight and comfortable. These ankle pads easily form around the natural contours of the foot thus the player can just heat them in the oven to reduce the break-in time and receive a customized fit. The hydrophobic microfiber liner is soft to touch and wicks away the foot moisture helping to keep the foot dry and warm all through the tournament.

The Bauer offers three fit options for this skate system; the first fit option is designed for the narrow forefoot players with a lower overall volume of the foot, the second fit is for the medium standard footed player along with a standard forefoot and instep and the fit 3 is mainly for the high profile footed players with a wide forefoot and tall instep.

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Ice hockey skates are designed especially for the elite players to augment their level of performance, power, and control. These ice hockey skates feature a toque edge holder in the lower portion of the skates that are popular in NHL today. They feature the quick-release trigger system that allows the player to get rid of damaged steel quickly in seconds.

The steel used in the construction of the skates is the new pulse TI that is a magnificent upgrade in the steel system. The arrangement of the materials both inside and out along with the overall process is exceptionally innovative and original in the construction of the steel. The outer portion of the skates is titanium coated which is considerably more permanent than the traditional ones.

The titanium edges add a lot of bite to these skates and are extremely effortless to sharpen with a taller profile. The Supreme Ultrasonic skates have the supreme Quad Pro profile that offers the player a significant amount of ice contact without compromising the stability between the toe and the heel.

These Ice hockey skates offer the compact, complete, and comfortable feel to the feet without negotiating the agility that allows the player to perform quick starts and turns. The outsole construction of the skates uses the composite union body and this full composite material wraps up into the neighborhood package near the heel and also adds up to the stiffness of the skates.

The material used in the construction of the upper portion of the skates is the carbon curve that is the most popular and supreme material used by the Bauer. The material is extremely light-weight and heat moldable. The new asymmetrical design used in the toe cap is extremely comfortable and allows room for the toes to wiggle and lose energy.

The reflex tendon fully injected is used for their tendon guard that is exceptionally strong and durable with an impressible amount of flex that allows you to take the powerful strides. The liner used in the upper area of the skates is the dual-density lock fit pro material that is incredibly soft and comfortable.

These liners wick away the moisture of the foot and keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable throughout the tournament. The lower material of the liner is grittier than the upper to keep your feet planted. The skates have the aero foam+ and air form pro padding that is extremely thicker to offer ultimate protection.

The skates feature anti-abrasion pads and come with a composite midsole that is an upgrade to other traditional options in the market. The skates also have a lock fit footbed that has grippy texture in the heel and the toe to keep your feet planted.

The Bauer is offering the new fit system that has three fit options; fit 1 is for the narrow foot profile players, fit 2 is for the standard or medium foot profile, and fit 3 is for the high profile wide foot players.

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Ice hockey skates increase your energy transfer without negotiating with the overall range of motion and playability.

CCM Super Tacks 9380 Ice Hockey Skates- Junior

The lower portion of these CCM super tacks ice hockey skates has the excess holder with a mechanical dial system that allows the player to swap out the damaged steels in seconds. The design of the weights prevents the steel from darting out while taking a slap shop or slash at the dial. The customary excess stainless steel runner and the fresh armored dual-layer pro TPU outsole offers overall rigidity and stability to the skates.

The materials used in the manufacture of the skates enhance the durability and responsiveness of these ice hockey skates. The lower portion of the skates features a vent that allows the moisture to escape out of the bottom of the boot to keep them dry throughout the practice. This feature also helps in reducing the duration of drying time after the game or practice.

These ice hockey skates are made out of rocket frame composite that utilizes the MetaFrame technology that is an NHL caliber technology used by the elite players. The stiffness of the boots offers an excellent powerful stride along with a comfortable feel.

The MetaFrame technology is used to mold the boot and they provide an excellent fit right out of the box however, it is suggested to bake them in the oven to get a customized fit. The combination of MetaFrame and the rocket frame offers a great contour to the feet of the player with an ultimate level of comfort with a personalized fit.

 The tongue of these skates are dual-density asymmetrical build with additional protection from lace bites and a 10 mm felt offering layers of reinforcement for ultimate comfort and protection. The Total Dri Pro Liner used in the skates have a dual-zone texture that provides comfort and helps to keep your foot stable and secured in place.

The liner is also necessary to keep the skates dry and cool by wicking away the moisture from the feet. The padded heel pockets increase the level of comfort and protection. The 9380 features DuraZone abrasion patches to extend the durability of the liner especially for those players who prefer the shin guards below the skate’s tongue.

The Super Tacks 9830 is the best ice hockey skate for youth available in the market of 2020 with an affordable range of price with impressive features designed especially for the elite youth players.

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Ice hockey skates- senior

The CCM Super Tacks AS3 pro ice hockey skates are the new generation skates with revolutionary technology and have the most innovative one-piece design to blow your minds. The skates are designed using the radical one-piece mono frame technology that is used to boost the speed and performance of the player in the game.

The carbon composited used cloaks under the boot that offers the player with an undeviating transfer of energy with a comfortable fit. This direct transfer of energy increases the contact between the ice and skates rather than spreading through the outsole. The CCM’s XS tongue is exceptionally fresh to this 2020 model with an augmented level of protection and comfort with an option of the interchange.

The interchangeable tongue inserts allow the player to either increase or decrease the inner volume thickness of the boot to have a customized fit and comfort. The tongue inserts are the additional purchase and the CCM offers three different fits that range from slim to thick. The AS3 features its own standard 7mm metatomic tongue that offers protection from lace bites.  The asymmetrical flex on the tongue offers the player with optimized fit and comfort.

The AS3 offers the anti-abrasion pads that help to extend the dependability of the liners installed in the boots for the players who prefer the shin guard beneath the tongue. It features the total dri-pro liner that wicks away the moisture and keeps the foot dry and cool. The liner also helps to keep the foot in the skates securely in place.

The foams in the ankle are thick with a medium density for ultimate comfort and the smooth contour collar pads enhance the high-ankle abrasions. The CCM’s footbed is an OrthoLite UltraLite material that lessens the overall weight of the skates and also helps to release the moisture through the lower portion of the boot.

The speedblade XS blade holder has an enhanced spring locking system that creates a secure fit between the blade and holder along with allows you to effortlessly swap the damaged or broken steel. The blade is coated with an oxide to extend the durability of the blades and offer an additional bite on the ice.

The AS3 is the new high performing ice hockey skates in the market that improves your performance by boosting your speed and agility in the game.

How to Choose Ice Hockey Skates

The Ice hockey skates have three different levels and each level of ice hockey skate is designed specifically depending on the level of the player in the game. In all these levels, the quarter package, toe box, skate tongue tendon guard, outsole, holder, and runners differ in their properties and features.

The three categories are the recreational, performance, and elite with the recreational designed for the beginner players, the performance designed for the mid-to-high level players, and the elite is designed for the dedicated professional players. The elite category ice hockey skates are designed to deliver the best performance, protection, durability, and comfort.

The right fit of the ice hockey skate is also imperative along with understanding the category of the ice hockey state. There are three types of fit offered by different companies universally. The first type of fit is the narrow fit with a shallow instep, narrow heel, standard toe, narrow midsole, and low volume.

The second fit type is the contoured or anatomical fit with a standard instep, medium volume, standard toe box, snug heel, and midfoot. The third fit type is the classic or comfort fit with a deep instep, slightly wide heel, high volume, wide midfoot toe, and foot box.

These points will help you to choose the perfect fit ice hockey skates in the market and also always look for the size chart provided by every company you consider.

 Final Words

We hope this article helps you to choose the perfect ice hockey skate for you to improve your performance and boost your speed as well as agility in the game.

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