Lenz Heated Socks Review: Pros & Cons of Lenz Socks

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Heated Socks are worth the money. They are easy to use, keep your feet always warm, and protect your feet and toes from cold while enjoying snow sports like Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, etc. If you are a part of any of these and would like to keep your feet warm during the action, then Lenz heated socks are one of the best options you have.

Lenz Heated Socks is one of the latest additions to Lenz Products and offers features that are a lot more comforting than heated socks from other brands. In this article, you will find a detailed review of Lenz’s heated socks to help you understand everything that they offer.

Lenz Heated Socks Review

Heated socks are great equipment to have, but when you are exposed to cold weather constantly, you wouldn’t want just any heated socks, but only the best. Lenz Heated Socks are those best pair of heated socks that will provide the comfort you truly need. They are extremely easy to use and can keep your feet protected and warm throughout the cold.

Why buy Lenz Heat Socks?

Lenz heat socks come with plenty of features, making it one of the most preferred choices. Apart from just keeping your feet warm, the product also focuses on maintaining the optimal temperature within and providing optimal foot support using ring bandages. 

All heat socks by Lenz are performance socks with integrated heating elements. These heating elements are so arranged that you won’t even notice. Even the toes are heat covered thanks to the latest generation heating elements, which completely cover the toe area keeping the ends as warm like rest of the feet.

The entire heat effect is well supported by the ergonomically knitted design and the natural material construction that works as an internal system to maintain the right temperature. These socks also come with extra padding on the exposed areas, additional shin protectors, and moisture-wicking abilities to prevent your feet from sweating.

However, the most attractive thing about these socks is the ease of use. All you need to do is charge the batteries and then easily attach them to the socks through press studs on the leg band. Additional to this, you can even control the sock’s heat level using Bluetooth on your mobile, making them one of the most comfortable and easy to use heat socks ever.

What are the Variants Available?

Lenz Heat Socks are currently available in three main variants, which are Heat Sock 4.0 Toe Cap, Heat Sock 5.0 Toe Cap, and Heat Sock 6.0 Toe Cap. The fundamental features of all the variants are the same, but there are still a few differences that keep them apart. A brief review of each of the Lenz Heat Socks variant is mentioned below.

Heat Sock 4.0 Toe Cap

Lenz Heat socks version 4.0 is the most basic set out of the three. It comes with all the generic features mentioned above like an integrated heat system, ergonomically knitted design, moisture-wicking, extra padding on the exposed part, and complete heat cover for your toes.

Apart from this, you can expect the 4.0s to continuously develop heat for up to 14 hours, and also allows you to control between three heat levels remotely using the Bluetooth on your smartphone. These socks have very less charging time and come with flexible plastic case for better storage.

Heat Sock 5.0 Toe Cap

The heat socks 4.0 offers a lot of features, but the Heat Sock version 5.0 is still one level up. For starters, the 5.0s come in two variants, which are 5.0 Toe Cap and 5.0 Toe Cap Slim Fit. Additional to all the features that 4.0 has, the 5.0 Toe Cap offers extra protection with shin guards and supports the internal heating system using its mix of merino wool and silk.

The only advantage the 5.0 Slim Fit provides when compared to the normal 5.0 Toe Cap is that they feature especially for-narrow feet and legs. These socks are cut narrow in the area of the forefoot and are most recommended for people with narrow feet and slim legs. Both the variants of 5.0 are performance-tuned and are suitable for all outdoor activities.

Heat Sock 6.0 Toe Cap Merino Compression

The Lenz Heat Socks 6.0 is the most innovative and technologically advanced heat socks, not only in this series but also in the market. These socks are the first toe cap heat socks made using compression technology and merino wool, which makes it very special, highly comfortable, and one of the best-heated socks you can buy.

In any case, these socks do not come in Slim Fit version and you won’t even find the additional shin guard protection that is available in the heat sock 5.0. Even so, the Heat Sock 6.0 is the strongest heat socks version in this series and guarantee to keep your feet and toes warm throughout your time in the cold.

What comes with the Package?

Lenz Heat Socks arrive in a nice package. Along with the pair of socks you ordered, the box usually contains lithium pack rechargeable batteries, 1 global USB charger, 1 USB charging cable with charging indicator, and a laundry bag using which you can easily wash your Lenz heat socks along with other clothes.

Final Words

Wearing heat socks can protect your feet from a variety of cold-related problems like poor circulation, frostbites, infections, chilblains, and much more. If you live in an area with a cold climate, you may regularly use heat socks to go to work, enjoy snow sports, or just keep your feet and toes warm from the chilling cold.

Lenz heat socks are one of the best electrically heated socks available in the market. They offer plenty of features and can continuously develop heat throughout the day. If you are looking to buy heat socks for this winter, then Lenz heat socks are a wonderful option.

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