Lenz Heated Socks Review: No More Cold Feet in 2023

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In the winter months, it can be hard to stay warm and comfortable. Whether you’re skiing, snowshoeing, or just walking around in cold weather, having a good pair of heated socks is essential for staying toasty.

The Lenz Heated Socks are designed with advanced technology that will keep your feet warm in even the coldest temperatures.

In this review, we’ll take a look at all of their features and see if these socks are worth investing in for your next outdoor adventure!


Toe Cap heating element

Anatomical fit for left and right foot 

Lightweight and comfortable fit

Intuitive temperature control system

Long-lasting battery life


Lenz heated socks are an excellent choice to keep your feet warm in cold weather. They are designed with built-in heating elements that provide warmth without bulk, making them ideal for outdoor sports and activities. The temperature can be easily adjusted using the app on your smartphone. However, they’re a little expensive as compared to others, but they’re worth the price.

My Review After Using Lenz Heated Socks 6.0

Let’s begin by discussing fit. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical at first. I’ve tried a few heated socks over the years and have found that they don’t work well with how tight I like my boots to be.

In the past, I’ve found that with a tight-fitting boot, the heating elements and overall design of the socks I’ve tried were somewhat uncomfortable, frequently creating pressure points. When I was assigned to test these 6.0 socks, I assumed the situation would be the same.

I spent about 5 days in the socks with my hybrid touring boots and had a great time, but I prefer skiing in my alpine boots. I recently decided to put my foot in my Promachines while wearing the Lenz 6.0 on a whim, and I was pleasantly surprised. This updated 6.0 is made of Merino Wool and has compression features.

The heating elements are very flat, and the wires run through the sock in the most efficient way I’ve ever seen. As a result, I can wear these in my performance-fit alpine boots, which is a game changer. I’m sure there are many others in the same situation. I’ve spoken with many people who have avoided heated socks for the same reason. All I can say to those people is that you’re going to be surprised.

The Lenz socks have completely changed the game. The parents who were there to watch their children compete asked why I was so warm and comfortable. My feet stayed toasty warm all day. Because I wasn’t skiing, I had unlimited access to my phone and the Lenz app. That day, I probably adjusted my heat settings 50 times.

The phone app allows you to select heat levels ranging from 0 to 10. The sock warms not only your toes but also the bottom of your foot. It is very simple and has interval settings on the phone app.

Partly because it was fun and I was having fun with the socks, but also because it allowed me to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day. I began skiing in them the following day.

These are useful for Raynaud’s patients. When your feet are cold-sensitive, you can immediately feel them warm up. They are extremely helpful in relieving symptoms immediately and reducing pain caused by restricted blood flow and then returning, which is painful.

Set the battery to a lower setting to make it last as long as possible. Then use the interval function to have it turn on and off at the times you specify. I like to set mine for 10 minutes on level 2 or 3, then 20 minutes off. This reduces the rate at which the batteries drain and allows them to last much longer.

Will I wear these socks every day now? No, I won’t, but if it’s a cold day, I won’t hesitate. I can’t say how surprised I was, or how well they work with my borderline-too-tight alpine boots. I never imagined there would be a sock that worked for such a low-volume fit.

The batteries are somewhat bulky and difficult to carry with skinny jeans. I try to wear them over my jeans and inside my boots, tucking them in. Simply turn off the lights on the batteries. When I wear boots, I add another layer of socks on top of the warm socks to keep the warmth in. It is beneficial.

The batteries do not take long to charge and can be recharged in a matter of hours. The socks can be washed, though I haven’t done so yet. They still work perfectly!

Finally, the batteries work far better through the cell phone app than through the buttons on the actual battery. I strongly advise you to use the app. It’s also pretty entertaining to pull out your phone on the chairlift and inform the person next to you that you’re just turning up your sock heat. It’s sure to turn heads and raise some eyebrows.

Are Lenz Heated Socks Worth the Price?

Yes, they are, in my opinion. They are high-quality products that will last you for a long time. I know skiers who easily spend $100 on toe warmers in a season. Consider the overall cost of skiing. Add up all of the money you spend on skiing in a year.

Different Variants of Lenz Heated Socks

You can find Lenz heated socks in many variants based on different requirements and for different consumers.

Below, you can find all the available variants of heated socks. Each new variant is better than the previous one, but it’s also a little more expensive than the previous one.


In conclusion, Lenz heated socks are well worth the price. They provide long-lasting warmth and comfort for a variety of activities, from skiing to just walking around on cold days. The advanced technology allows you to adjust your heat settings with an app so that you can always stay comfortable in any environment.

Additionally, they come with a rechargeable battery which makes them even more convenient and economical than disposable toe warmers or other heating options. All in all, if you want reliable foot warmth throughout the winter season, then these are definitely the way to go!

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