How Do You Use a Flip-Over Ice Shelter?

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Flip-Over Ice Shelter is a good choice if you are going ice fishing with just one or two persons. Yes, they aren’t very huge but they can be a great option for a small group and quite affordable too. 

But have you ever wondered how to set up a flip-over ice shelter? Don’t worry. We have explained how you can do it easily. After all, that’s why you should go for a flip-over model. 

How to Use a Flip-Over Ice Shelter? 

Flip-Over Ice Shelter

Setting up your ice shelter is the first thing you do before getting into ice fishing. A good shelter is very important to have a good experience. 

All you have to do is just flip it over. Here’s how you can do it easily:

  • Set the tent on the ground and anchor it using the poles and clips.
  • Get yourself into the space below the tent and lift the top part.
  • Flip the tent and open it up.
  • Make sure to clamp all the support poles given at the top of your tent.
  • Adjust the height of the pole and fit it into the sled.
  • And in a matter of a few seconds, you’re all set to ice fishing.

Now, what are some features in a flip-over ice shelter that you can put to use? There are two kinds of flip-over ice shelters. A one-person ice shanty is enough if you are going ice fishing all alone to enjoy that solitude. You can go for two people if you are going with your buddy or partner.

To keep yourself warm you can make use of a heater inside your ice shelter. Some ice shelters come with insulated fabric and this helps you feel warmer.

Flip-over ice shelters come with two or more doors that help you gain entry and exit. The floor is also removable so that you can place it as and when you want to. 

using Flip-Over Ice Shelter

Final Words

So now that you’ve learned how to use a flip-over ice shelter, go ahead and explore the icy lands!

Make sure to set your ice shelter well and carefully so that you have a makeshift home sweet home in the snow during your holidays! Have a great ice fishing and hope you get a great catch!

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