Pop Up Hubs Vs. Flip Over Ice Shelters

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Are you confused between pop-up hubs and flip-over ice fishing shelters? Bound to happen!

But throw away your worries. This article will give you a comparison of pop-up hubs and flip-over ice shelters. Keep reading to know more!

Pop Up Hubs Vs. Flip Over Ice Shelters

Pop Up Hubs 

Pop Up Hubs

Pop-up hubs are lightweight, portable shelters that fold down into a compact package and fit into a convenient transport and storage bag. They work by a  framework of poles inserted into rigid hubs that provide rigidity to the structure. 

Once inside, there is greater access to more fishable areas than in a flip-over shelter. They provided great ventilation to allow moisture to escape and allow anglers to safely use portable propane-powered heaters. 

Pop Up hubs also have large flaps that extend away from the shelter to allow snow along the sides. This type of shelter is anchored well to avoid it from being carried away by a strong gust of wind. 

Most pop-up hubs provide comforts on the interior, including coat hangers, rod holders, lights, and even insulated floors which make it easy to fish while remaining warm and dry.

Flip Over Ice Shelters 

Flip-Over Ice Shelter

Flip Over Ice shelters on the other hand has a smaller footprint, accommodating two to perhaps three anglers. They provide less insulation than pop-up hubs and so they are lightweight and easy to carry. 

Good ice fishing shelters have a durable, waterproof exterior to keep the cold, snow, and wind away. 

Pop-Up Hubs Vs. Flip Over Ice Shelters: The Differences

How They Work

Flip-over tents have extendable brackets that can be lifted to click in place. They usually have doors that can be zipped up. But you might need a power drill to anchor the self-tapping screws.

Pop Up hubs are very easy to use. All you need to do is to anchor the tent and pull the strings on the sides and top. Yeah and in just a matter of a few seconds, you’re done.

Ease of Use

Pop Up hubs are easier to set and remove within a minute, making them user-friendly and easy to use.

Flip-over tents, on the other hand, need to be anchored deep and quiet for a longer time. But these tents also come with water water-resistant windproof materials. 

Heat Retention

Hubs are said to hold on more to eat due to their quilted insulated fabric. This means you need not use an extra heater inside your ice shanty.


Hubs are more spacious than flip overs.  You can drill more ice holes inside a hub than a flip flip-over 

Final Words 

Comparing the two types, pop-up hubs have more features and comfort than flip-up ice shelters. But it’s your choice to go for any one among these two.

If you go ice fishing alone then a flip-up tent would do. But if you love ice fishing with your friends and family then you might need pop-up hubs. 

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