Best Tow Straps For Snowmobiles in 2019 With Reviews

Snowmobiling enthusiast often knows the problems faced when they get stuck in the wild in backcountry trails or on mountainsides.

While riding on powdered and deep snow, it can be a hassle to get the snowmobile unstuck rather than enjoying a fun ride. And also, waiting for tow service is not a viable option in case the snowmobile gets stuck deeply somewhere with less accessibility. So, having a good snowmobile tow strap to remove the stuck snowmobile from the snow is very essential.

How are tow straps different from ordinary straps?

Straps for towing snowmbile

The major difference between a tow strap and a kinetic strap is the properties of the material they are made of. Commonly used kinetic straps are made of materials that stretch while tow straps are made with materials that do not stretch or offer very limited stretching.

The main use of a tow strap is to tow a broken down or a vehicle that is unable to move on its own power with the help of another. In this case, the strap is fastened to both the vehicles with the help of a hook and the vehicle in the front pulls the other. For this to work, the strap needs to be taught and have minimum stretching.

A kinetic strap is used when trying to remove a vehicle stuck in the snow, mud, along a slope, etc. The working of a kinetic strap is a little different from a tow strap. The towing vehicle gets a running start which pulls the strap. After the strap is taught, it starts stretching and then the kinetic energy that is stored in the rope is transferred to the vehicle that is being pulled out. By expending all the energy stored in the strap in a controlled manner, the vehicle is pulled out.

Things to consider before buying tow straps

Buying a tow strap for a snowmobile is not an easy task as thinking about the factors to help choose one can be a little confusing. So, here is a list of important factors that are to be considered before buying a snowmobile tow strap.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of a strap is the maximum load which leads to the breaking of the strap. The capacity is measured in pounds and should be more than the weight of your snowmobile. For safety, it is always advised to use a strap with weight capacity 3 times the weight of the snowmobile.


The material used to make the strap is very important for choosing the right tow strap. As tow straps should be made of a material that offers less than 5 percent stretching. Materials like Dacron, polypropylene or polyester are preferable as they are durable and also offer high elasticity. As the strap should be used for snowmobiles which are stuck in the snow, buying ones made of weatherproof materials is important as the strength and elasticity change with temperature.

Length and width

Choosing the right length and width of the strap are very important. Increase in width increases the weight capacity of the strap but decreases the elasticity. Length, on the other hand, influences the weight distribution on the strap will need to be picked based on the weight rating of the snowmobile. So, choosing the right balance of length and width will ensure high strength and elasticity.


The number of stitches in a strap influences the strength offered by the strap. Make sure the stitches are on the loop or joining the webbing that attaches the metal hook. If the stitches are on top of protective padding and not on the straps, then it will not affect the strength of the straps.

Attachment mechanism

The mechanism used to hold the vehicles together is very important. Having a connector without hooks is advised as it can be attached to a towing truck, snowmobile or ATB. In case the connector has hooks, the material used to make it needs to be resistant to abrasion and tension. Strong padding to protect the strap from damage is also good for increased durability.


Most snowmobile tow straps come along with a small bag or box to store them. But, the box or bag is not always required if the strap can be packed compactly into the toolbox of the snowmobile. So, while buying the strap it is important to buy one that is compact and can fit in the toolbox or backpack.


This is also an important factor to consider as bright colored straps can be visible even in dim lighting, night times or during extreme weather conditions.

Best tow straps for snowmobiles

Best tow straps for snowmobiles

Extreme Max Snowmobile and ATV Tow Strap

Extreme Max snowmobile strap is made of best in class nylon webbing blend and can be used for towing and pulling out snowmobiles stuck in light snow. With 1” wide nylon straps, it is suitable for pulling you’re broken down snowmobile or ATB to the nearest workshop or garage. The 10 feet long tow strap is accompanied by a spindle strap that helps in fastening the snowmobile or ATB faster and also with ease. The hooks are corrosion resistant and have a 2 feet long fastening length.


  • Strong nylon strap for good durability.
  • Comes with a 2-year replacement warranty for defective parts.
  • Additional spindle strap for faster fastening.
  • Rustproof hooks for long-lasting use.
  • Compact and weightless design.
  • Versatile usability due to 2 straps.


  • Quality of the bag is not so good.
  • Has only 800 lbs pulling capacity.

Grip 23004 10’ x 1’ Snowmobile Emergency Tow Strap

This tow strap is made of polyester fibered webbing. It also has reinforced webbing and is hence very strong. The hooks are also fitted very strong and they are resistant to rusting. The hooks usually rip off the paint on the vehicle but the hook of the grip emergency tow strap protects the paint and the chrome.

These can be used on all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, utility vehicles and so on. They are very steady and you can use it very confidently. It lasts long and does not tear that easily. It is resistant to harsh weather. You can pull a lot of weight using this and it will still feel strong. The braking weight is very high. The weight of this is nearly 4.5 pounds.


  • It is very strong and durable and can be used for many different vehicles.
  • It is resistant to harsh weather and so is worth buying.
  • The raw material used to make these straps is high-quality polyester.
  • The working capacity is also high.
  • The weight of the strap is very low and can be carried around very easily in the toolbox.


  • Maintaining it properly is quite difficult.

Mozzbi Tow Strap

This is a very popular tow strap that is used for escape operations. The design is made in a very good way and is hence a good choice to tow even heavy vehicles. It is very safe and is a superior choice. They give a 100% quality guarantee and it works very well. It has a very high weight capacity.

This tow strap is very easy to install and can hold the vehicle very tightly and strongly. The rings on the end of the strap are also attached properly. It is very easy to store in the trunk and it looks good too. Many snowmobilers recommend this to new users due to the quality and ease of use. It is not very expensive for the quality it offers. There is also a storage case available for this tow strap. The hooks are made of metal and rust-resistant.


  • The hooks are made of metal and are very easy to install and use.
  • It has a very high weight bearing capacity.
  • The hooks can be latched very easily and are very safe for use.
  • These are double layered to handle the extra capacity.
  • These are double stitched at the ends and this provides extra durability.


  • The metal hooks can sometimes be a little dangerous to use and can rust or cause other problems in spite of being strong.

GearAmerica recovery tow strap

The best part about the GearAmerica tow strap is that it can be used for 4 different purposes. It is a good tow strap, tree saver strap, recovery strap, and winch extension strap. It comes with a bag in which the tow strap can be stored and can be put in the trunk unless it is an emergency. The ends have double web loops and are reinforced for stronger support. This is mainly to allow it to withstand high pressure and tension.

The manufacturers give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case the customer is not satisfied with the strap, you can just return it and get a refund or a replacement. It is very easy to install and use. It is dust and waterproof. This recovery strap has a very high breaking point and hence this is an advantage over the other tow straps. The users like this product as it has very good customer review and rating.


  • It has a very high capacity focus, making it very easy to use.
  • It is a versatile strap for any of the above mentioned 4 and many more types of recovery. This makes it a multi-purpose tow strap.
  • It is made smooth so that is can repel water but not smooth enough to slip off your hand.
  • The lifetime warranty is also a big advantage.


  • The elasticity of this strap is a little high to use it as a tow strap.

Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap

This strap offers 100 percent return or replacement guarantee for customers that are not happy with the performance. This can keep working for years together and will not tear that easily. This is a heavy-duty strap and hence has a very good weight capacity. The strong webbing on it makes it durable and lightweight and hence can be used for a speedy recovery. The loops are also very strong and you can very easily pull the vehicle using this. This also comes with a small bag in which you can put the strap.

This strap is made in a vibrant color so that you will be able to see it even if it is dark. It can also accommodate heavy vehicles from tractors and even full-sized SUVs. It is resistant to wear and tear for a very long time and it is quite durable. It has nylon covers in the contact points giving it a better grip


  • The breaking point is very high and it is about 35000 lbs.
  • The safety nylon piece in the contact points makes it better and the main reason for this is to reduce wear.
  • It is visible even when it is dark and hence you can use it to rescue vehicles at night.
  • The material is highly waterproof and can be used while it is raining heavily.


  • It is a little hard to install the D-rings.

Final words

Having a good tow strap and recovery strap is very important for avid snowmobile riders. As the snowmobile getting stuck in the snow is not a phenomenon that can be completely avoided, having a handy strap to help get it unstuck quickly is important. While choosing a strap, it is important to keep in mind the weight capacity of the strap. In addition to being lightweight and portable, the strap also needs to be weatherproof as it is supposed to be used in the snow. Make sure to buy ones with easy strapping mechanisms for faster use.

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