5 Best Snowmobile Tow Straps: Tested By TSG

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We recently tested several snowmobile tow straps. We are sharing the reviews for the best 5 straps we found so far. 

Based on our testing in real and practical situations, we are recommending 5 different tow ropes that are great choices for towing your snowmobile.

Changes We Made in the Article: On November 3rd, 2023, we added a new tow strap in our review, and removed the one which was no longer the part of our top picks. 

Our Team’s Top Picks

Best Heavy Duty Tow Strap

Extreme Max 5001.5028 Snowmobile Strap

The Extreme Max 5001.5028 Snowmobile Strap is one of the best heavy duty tow strap that you can find in the market.

Extreme Max is one of the most trusted brands in snowmobile industry. They have many years of experience making these kind of straps, especially for snowmobiling.

While testing these tow straps, we saw a clear difference in their manufacturing quality as compared to other two straps. The material is high quality and can handle very high loads.

extreme max snowmobile trap review

This strap is very easy to use. We were able to attach it to the snowmobile in just 30 seconds, which is the fastest among all the tow straps we tested.

We found one downside to this tow strap, though.

The material is not very reflective in the evening and low light conditions, making it difficult to spot in the dark.

However, considering all the qualities, we found this tow strap an overall best choice for most snowmobilers, and we highly recommend it.


  • Easy to attach to a snowmobile.
  • Heavy duty snowmobile tow strap with a high load bearing capacity.
  • Optimum length to tow a dead snowmobile.
  • Strong enough to tow a stuck snowmobile out of deep snow.


  • Price is slightly more than the other tow straps in the market.
  • Strap material is not very reflective in the dark

Best Extra Long Tow Strap

PAMSAE Snowmobile Tow Strap

The PAMSAE Snowmobile Tow Strap is the longest tow strap that we tested so far, and it is also my personal favorite. 

We really liked the fact that this two strap is safer to use than other straps. During our tests, we found that the length is long enough for both the vehicles to be at safe distance from each other (the one towing and the other being towed out of the snow).

pamase snowmobile tow strap review

The extra length also prevented a common problem that we faced with other tow straps. 

As our front sled didn’t have a snow flap, so in the case of other tow straps, our snowmobile was throwing a lot of snow and debris on the rider who was steering the second snowmobile. 

As this tow strap was extra long, so the second rider was protected because of the distance. 

Apart from that, we were satisfied with the quality and material of the strap. The hooks and design is specially designed for snowmobiles, so everything else was also fine. 


  • Extra long tow strap keeps a safe distance between the vehicles.
  • Specially designed tow straps for towing a snowmobile.
  • Snowmobile compatible.
  • Good value for money.


  • Tow strap will be difficult to see in the low light conditions or after the sunset.

Best Affordable Tow Strap

Moonoom Snowmobile Tow Rope

The Moonoom Snowmobile Tow Rope is a budget-friendly tow rope that can be used for towing a sled, ATV, and other vehicles. 

We tested the ‘Green’ color tow strap, and because of the reflective color, it was clearly visible in the snow. 

After the sunset, it was clearly visible in the low light conditions.

moonoom snowmobile tow strap review

Not only that, because of the 400 Kg load bearing strength, and the affordable price, it is a true contender of being our favorite snowmobile tow strap. 

However, the affordable price also comes with a downside. 

The width of the tow strap was less as compared to other tow straps, and that made us doubt the strength of this tow strap. 

But, it still passed all our tests, and so, we were confident to include it in our list of best tow ropes for snowmobiles. 


  • A budget friendly tow rope that will cost less than $15.
  • Because of reflective material, it’ll be visible even after sunset.
  • 400 Kg load capacity is enough to tow a sled.
  • Easy to attach to a snowmobile.


  • Width is less as compared to other tow straps we tested.

Easy to Use Tow Rope 

Botepon Snowmobile Tow Strap

The Botepon Tow Strap is one of the most easy-to-use tow strap we tested for towing a sled. 

We found that attaching this tow strap to a snowmobile was very easy as compared to other tow straps. The hooks were well designed and the overall quality was good.

The breaking strength of this tow strap is also higher than the other tow straps. 

To test the claims of the company, we tried to pull out a snowmobile that was stuck in the deep snow. To make this task a little more difficult, we added some extra weight on the snowmobile that was being towed, and this strap was able to hold it. 

botepon snowmobile tow strap review

The strap width is 1.5 inches which is more than the other tow straps that have 1 inches of width. This also gave us the confidence to test it by putting some extra weight on the sled. 

Another thing that we noticed is that, it comes in a nice packaging and box. It was looking so good that you can even gift it to your friend or family member! 


  • Tow strap is wider than other tow straps in the market.
  • Easy to use tow strap that can be easily attached to the spindles of the snowmobile.
  • High quality hooks.
  • Comes with great packaging.


  • Slightly expensive than other straps.

Best Value for Money

Whumsdog Snowmobile Tow Strap

The Whumsdog Snowmobile Tow Strap is another affordable tow strap that is designed for towing a sled, and ATV. 

It’ll cost you less than $15, but still the company is able to provide you a lot of good features that are comparable to some expensive tow straps in the market. 

One thing we personally liked in this strap is that it’s made with the reflective material, and it’s not fluorescent. It will glow at night by reflecting the light. 

When we first saw it, we were not expecting it to be visible at night, but it is.

It was clearly visible after sunset, and even during the night, as claimed by the company.

whumsdog snowmobile tow strap review

The company claims that the hooks were of heavy duty, but they were fine. We didn’t find them anything different than the other straps we tested and saw in the past few years. 

However, for a price of $15, getting a 12 foot long snowmobile tow rope that glows in the night is a good deal and a true value for money. 


  • Good value for money at an affordable price.
  • Reflects at night which makes it safe and practical.
  • 400 Kg carrying capacity to easily tow a sled.
  • Specially designed strap for snowmobiles.


  • Hooks are made of decent quality just like all the other tow straps in the market, nothing extraordinary.

How We Tested the Tow Straps 

We tested these snowmobile tow straps in real and practical situations like snowmobile being stuck in snow during evening and night.

We established minimum qualities that a tow strap must have to qualify for our best straps list.

Our first quality was length. We found that a tow strap should have minimum length of 10 ft to be practically useful for snowmobiles.

Another important factor was load bearing capacity. The strap should be able to bear the load under most common situations of snowmobiles getting stuck in deep snow. 

We found that a tow rope should have at least 400 Kg load bearing strength, anything less than that can break during the process of pulling out a vehicle, which can be very dangerous.

The ease of use and attachment to the vehicles is very important as well. The tow strap should be compatible for the snowmobiles. Several tow ropes are available in the market, but not all are compatible to be used for snowmobiles. 

To tow a snowmobile, the tow straps should have at least 2 hooks so that it can easily attach to each spindle of the snowmobile that is being towed. 

To test for real life situations, we tested after sunset and found that the tow strap should be reflective enough to be visible in low light conditions.

We tested multiple straps but we had to reject many of them because they didn’t pass all of our tests.

We included only those straps in our list which met all the requirements discussed above.

How to Choose Snowmobile Tow Strap

Load Bearing Capacity

Higher the better, but it should have at least 400 Kg. 

We also tried to test a tow strap with a load bearing capacity of 200 KG. When we tried to tow a sled that was stuck in the deep snow, it broke, and proved the point that your tow rope should have a good load bearing capacity. 

Reflective Material

It would be better if you purchase a tow strap that is made with the reflective material, so that you can easily see it during the low light conditions after the sunset, or even in the night. 

Some tow straps are made with the fluorescent material, and that is also fine. As long as they are visible in the night, you’re good to go. 

Length & Width

Most tow straps have width ranging from 1 to 1.5 inches.

Anything above 1 inch is fine as long as your strap is strong enough to hold and carry a dead snowmobile out of deep snow. 

But, a long length tow strap will be helpful because it’ll give the rider who is steering the second snowmobile that is being towed the time to change the direction of the snowmobile easily.

Another benefit of extra length is that, if the front snowmobile does not have a snow flap, it’ll throw a lot of snow and debris on the face of the rider who is steering the second snowmobile which is not fun. 

So, if the tow strap is long, the distance itself may protect the second rider.  


Snowmobile tow straps are the emergency accessories that you have to invest in, since you never know when you may need them.

That said, you must choose the strap based on your needs and the situations you are most likely to face while snowmobiling. 

The straps in our list should cover most usecases.

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