Best Snowmobile Jackets For Men & Women in 2022

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Are you looking for a snowmobile jacket, but confused because of so many options?

Don’t worry, I’ll give you a few suggestions based on your needs, also, I’ll share info about a few snowmobile jackets that I and my wife use.

So, let’s go.

My Story & Recommendations

I have been using the Klim snowmobile jacket for the past few years, and I was quite happy with it. Looks cool, warm, and functional. But, last year, I decided to change it because it was old.

So, I started searching.

My number one choice was Klim Klimate Snowmobile Jacket and Klim Women’s Spark Jacket for my wife.

But, we decided not to buy them.

Now, things are different. Now, I’m a family man who got kids. So, I wanted to keep the expenses as low as possible. There is no doubt, Klim is the best brand when it comes to snowmobile clothing, but they’re expensive.

I also thought about purchasing Polaris Snowmobile Jacket.

But, in the end, we purchased Wantdo Men’s Mountain Waterproof Winter Jacket for men, and Wantdo Women’s Waterproof Winter Jacket for my wife, because they were cheap, less than $100, don’t judge me. I have to save money.

Since then, we have used Wantdo jackets quite a few times, and we are quite satisfied with them.

They’re warm, waterproof, and have multiple pockets. If you ask me about the comparison of Wantdo Jacket and Klim Jacket, we already know the answer, Klim is the best.

Now, my priorities have changed, so I’m trying to keep balance everything.

If you are an occasional snowmobiler, just like me, then these Wantdo jackets will work just fine. You don’t need to spend $250.

Even, my wife really liked her Wantdo Women’s Jacket, as she gets to choose from so many colors, and it does the job very well.

So, in my opinion, if you’re like me, who wants a decent jacket without spending a lot, go for Wantdo Men’s Winter Jacket, and ladies, you should go with Wantdo Women’s Winter Jacket.

However, if you ride a snowmobile frequently in more challenging weather, then you should invest in your jacket. You can go with Klim Klimate Jacket or Polaris Snowmobile Jacket. For women, I think the best option is the Klim Spark jacket.

Best Snowmobile Jackets for Men

509 R-200 Jacket

509 R-200 Jacket

This jacket comes with a 200g removable Thinsulate insulated liner. It is made of 300 D Cordura HP Polyester fabric. 

It has a 5tech shell with 10k/10k performance. The jacket has front intake vents and rear exhaust vents also. It also has chest pockets, inner pockets, and hand warmer pockets. 

  • Great warmth due to insulation.
  • The vents offer good air circulation.
  • This jacket provides resistance against bruises.
  • The jacket zipper is of less quality.
  • It is quite heavy to wear.

KLIM Klimate Winter Snowmobile Jacket

KLIM Klimate Winter Snowmobile Jacket

This jacket is made from a GORE TEX performance shell and 3M Thinsulate Insulation which is 260 g in the body, 220 g in the sleeves, and 100 g in the collar. It is made of 3M Scotchlite reflective material. 

The jacket has durable overlays on the shoulders and elbows. It enhances water drainage by its mesh hem. 

Other features include a trip front flap placket,  tether D ring, and a double-headed front zipper. It provides good ventilation by the full pit vents. 

The jacket comes with adjustable collars, cuffs, and a bottom hem with a powder skirt. 

  • Its biomotion recognition offers trail safety.
  • The jacket has added durable overlays.
  • It comes with improved insulation apart from the shell.
  • The jacket is quite expensive but worth the money.

Castle X Men’s Platform G6 Jacket

This jacket is made of a tough polyester/nylon shell with fixed Castle ColdShield quilted insulation of 200g in the body and 150g in the sleeve. It also has 3M Scotchlite Reflective materials and double-stitched seams for great visibility and durability.

This jacket uses a durable water-resistant fabric along with a PU-coated shell to avoid soggy rides. It has insulated fleece-lined collars and velcro adjustable fleece-lined cuffs. The double-stitched seams provide great durability. 

  • It offers a dry riding experience.
  • Underarm vents give breathability.
  • One of the warmest snowmobile jackets.
  • There are no cons to this jacket and it is one of the best snowmobile jackets for trail riding.

Fly Racing Aurora Snow Jacket

Fly Racing Aurora Snow Jacket

This jacket is made of microfleece fabric to give a soft feel. It has a hydroguard waterproof technology which is also windproof. It has a 450 D abrasion-resistant polyester shell. 

The jacket also has 120g of thermal insulation for added warmth. The hand warmer pockets, goggle pocket, and collar are lined with micro fleece and the collar has a beard flap. 

  • It provides warmth and comfort.
  • The jacket has a standard fit.
  • Its safety armpit vents with 2Cool air vent mesh keep snow out.
  • Insulation is non-removable.

Polaris Men’s TECH54 Switchback Jacket

Polaris Men's TECH54 Switchback Jacket

This warm snowmobile gear has a durable 300 denier poly shell which is tearing- and snag-resistant. The jacket is treated with superior DWR to shed snow and water from the outer shell.

The jacket features TECH54 bonded internal laminate with 10k/10k properties and a removable insulated liner with 150 g insulation in the body and 100 g in the arms. 

It has a shock-cord adjustable bottom hem to keep the snow out and also a removable/adjustable hood. It also has a high visibility 3M Scotchlite reflective trim.

  • Warm and comfy.
  • Has a great fit.
  • Can be used for both trail riding and mountain riding.
  • There are no cons to this jacket and it is one of the best snowmobile jackets for trail riding.

FXR Men’s Boost FX Jacket

FXR Men's Boost FX Jacket

The jacket has a durable, sublimated 450d polyester shell with HydrX Pro laminate. It comes with a moisture-wicking, quick dry mesh lining. 

The jacket has 90 g insulation in the outer body with perforations at the vent areas to maximize warmth and ventilation. Its FXR dry vent system makes the chest area and side body snowproof and water resistant.

  • The jacket gives warmth and comfort.
  • Great quality and durability.
  • Heavy.

Best Snowmobile Jackets for Women 

Here is a list of the 5 best women’s snowmobile jackets. 

Wantdo Women’s 3 in 1 Waterproof Ski Jacket

This jacket for women is made with anti-water, grease, and 75D*150D poly pongee fabric. It retains body warmth while keeping sweat out. 

It’s a versatile 3-in-1 jacket that can be worn either with all the layers together, just the waterproof layer to protect against rain, or only the insulating liner.

This jacket is also windproof and comes with a detachable hood with an adjustable drawstring, elastic cuffs, and a YKK zipper. It is made of a 5000 mm waterproof Teflon-coated exterior to prevent water from seeping inside. 

  • Protection against dirt.
  • It keeps you secure from cold gusts.
  • Easy to clean
  • Great storage due to the presence of many zip-secured pockets.
  • The material is not breathable enough to keep you from sweating when you are not riding or skiing.

KLIM Women’s Spark Winter/Snowmobile Jacket

KLIM Women's Spark Winter/Snowmobile Jacket

This is one of the best Klim snowmobile jackets for ladies. It is made of a Gore-Tex performance shell which is guaranteed to keep you dry and comfortable. 

This jacket has 3M Thinsulate insulation with body and sleeves having 260 g, collar with 100g.  It is made of 3M Scotchlite reflective material for great Biomotion recognition.

This feminine jacket has a mesh hem for water drainage. It comes with a triple front flap placket and a double-headed front zipper. The jacket has full pit vents for good ventilation. 

  • This jacket has plenty of pockets for storage.
  • Adjustable collars and cuffs give a customized fit.
  • Built especially for women.
  • There are no cons to this jacket and it is one of the best snowmobile jackets for trail riding.

FXR Women’s Pulse Jacket

FXR Women's Pulse Jacket

This jacket has three new features F.A.S.T. 3.0 increased buoyancy, HydrX Pro of 10,000mm/8,000g/m2 and M-Series Omni stretch with 300D shell fabric. It also comes with FXR dry vent system which is snowproof and moisture resistant. 

It has insulation of 250 g insulation and the jacket weighs 3.34 pounds. This makes it warm and cozy. 

  • Warm and snowproof
  • The vents systems offer breathability.
  • The jacket may be quite heavy to wear.

Polaris OEM Women’s Stylish Insulated Durable Diva Jacket Snowmobile DWR

This outer layer jacket for females is made of polyester. It has a built-in, zonal 3M insulation which is 180g in the body, and 100g in the sleeves and neck.

Its 300D soft shell durable fabric with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) keeps you warm and dry. It has articulated elbows to help reduce rider fatigue. 

Two external and two internal pockets are given for storage and hand warmth. This jacket also has a 3M Scotchlite reflective material for night visibility. It has adjustable pit venting features with two-way zippers for ventilation. 

  • DWR shell maximizes waterproofing.
  • It offers great warmth and comfort.
  • There are no cons to this jacket and it is one of the best snowmobile jackets for trail riding.

Castle X Women’s Phase Jacket

This women’s jacket has a durable polyester shell with Castle ColdShield and high loft insulation with 200g on the body and 150g in the sleeve. It is made of Ven-Tex 1.0 windproof, waterproof, breathable coated shell materials and has a DWR (durable water resistant) treated outer shell surface which repels moisture.

This jacket is made from 3M Scotchlite reflective materials and has double-stitched seams for maximum visibility and durability. It comes with velcro fleece-lined cuffs for a customized fit and also has an adjustable insulated removable hood!

  • Easy to use and clean.
  • It is warm and durable.
  • Great fit and comfort.
  • The jacket tends to run two sizes smaller. Consider getting one with two sizes up to get a perfect fit.

Things to Consider When Buying a Snowmobile Jacket


The first thing you must do is to look for the material with which the fabric is made of. Branded materials like GORE-TEX are the best for snowmobile jackets. Look for materials like fleece for warmth. 


The most important reason you wear a snowmobile jacket is to get warmth. This is dependent on the insulation of your snowmobile jacket. Choose one with insulation appropriate to the climate in which you might be snowmobiling. 

Look for any liners within the jacket. Removable liners have an edge over non-removable ones so that you can choose the amount of warmth you need. 


This feature is really important for a comfortable moisture-free ride. Nobody likes to get all wet and soggy during your snowmobiling right? 

Look for DWR-treated jackets if you are a frequent snowmobile rider in wet snow. You can also consider giving a DWR coating every time you clean your snowmobile jacket. 

Wind Resistance

Look for windproof materials in your snowmobile jacket to avoid gusts of ice from making you feel cold and uncomfortable. 

Ventilation and Breathability

Most snowmobile jackets come with air vents on the sides and armpit.  This prevents sweating in case of a higher temperature or while you are not moving. 

Fitting and Comfort 

Make sure to go for the right size of snowmobile jackets to get a perfect fit. The comfort that a jacket offers is dependent mainly on the size. So look for the size chart and decide accordingly. 

Ease of Cleaning 

It is very important to maintain your snowmobile jacket clean and tidy to maximize its efficacy. So look for features that make cleaning easy. 


Although it’s important to get a warm snowmobile jacket, wearing one with very high insulation than needed can make the gear heavy. Heavy snowmobiling gear can make you feel uneasy and might be annoying as you ride. So go for such lightweight snowmobile jackets with proper insulation in such a way that your body can handle its weight.

Pockets and Storage 

You might need to store a lot of little stuff during your snowmobiling and pockets come in handy for that purpose. Look for snowmobile jackets with many pockets. 

Pockets not only help storage but can also aid you in warming your hands whenever needed. Make sure you choose zip-secured pockets and that the zipper is of good quality. 

Ease of Use

However great the quality of your snowmobile jacket might be if it’s difficult to use then it’s a waste of money. Look for features like adjustable hoods, cuffs, and zippers so that you can handle your jacket easily and also get a customized fit. 

Final Words

Snowmobile jackets are essential for a good, comfortable ride. Hope this article has given you information on the 11 best snowmobile jackets available for you to choose from. 

By combining these jackets with the best snowmobile bibs or pants will ensure maximum confort and safety while riding.

Choose among the options based on your style of riding and your needs. Have a safe and comfortable snowmobiling ride!