10 Best Snowmobile Jackets to Keep You Warm in 2023

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    Winter is here, and with it comes the need to stay warm and dry while out on the snowmobile. Luckily, there are plenty of great options available in 2023 when it comes to snowmobile jackets. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight shell or something that can stand up to extremely cold temperatures, we’ve got you covered!

    In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best snowmobile jackets currently available on the market. We’ll break down their features so you can find one that suits your needs perfectly! So grab your gear and let’s get started!

    best overall – men’s

    Castle X Platform Jacket

    best overall – women’s

    Castle X Phase Jacket

    Best value for money – men’s

    MOERDENG snow jacket

    best value for money – women’s

    MOERDENG women’s snow jacket

    warmest jacket – men’s

    KLIM Klimate Jacket

    warmest jacket – women’s

    KLIM Spark jacket

    most comfortable

    509 R-200 Insulated Jacket

    Our personal favorite

    FXR Octane Jacket

    Best Snowmobile Jackets for 2023

    MOERDENG Winter Snow Coat

    Known as one of the best men’s windbreakers, this gorgeous piece made of 100% polyester is meant to keep you warm and dry even under the harshest of conditions. Available for women too, these are stylish jackets that are designed to stay dry even in rainy and misty conditions. It used a professional water-repellent coating for additional dryness.

    The fluff lining, fleece, and extremely durable fabric are effective in all your snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling adventures. It has impressive features of heat retention and quick-dry to provide maximum warmth on the coldest days. To keep away the chilly winter winds the jacket comes with an inner wear-resistant shell that is extremely soft on you. 

    If you want to keep the warmth locked without any part of your body exposed, for that you have adjustable cuff seals that keep in the warmth. 


    • Hear retention feature.
    • Standard relaxed fit.
    • Durable and quick-dry material.
    • Comfortable. 
    • Removable hood and adjustable cuffs.


    • Hand Wash safe.

    KLIM Rift Snowmobile Jacket

    Riding down the snowy mountain slopes on your snowboards or skis can be fun until you hit a bump and land yourself in a ditch or a lake. That’s dangerous not only for the injuries you may suffer but if you don’t have a proper jacket you may start drowning in no time. And this is especially possible with all your bumpy jackets adding to your body weight and increasing your struggle to stay afloat.

    The Klim rift jackets are one of those innovative pieces that may solve this problem. How? Because of its new and improved float assist technology by GORE-TEX. A first of it’s kind, it doesn’t even require the floatation Bibs to work with it. 

    They use the Ascent Float System integrated into mapped channels to give you floating benefits without compromising on mobility or comfort. It doesn’t absorb or soak water and thus helps keep you warm and dry under all conditions. It provides insulation within a breathable and flexible material designed for unhindered easy movement.


    • Floatation assisted.
    • Insulation. 
    • Breathable fabric and thus comfortable. 
    • Can work without floatation Bibs.


    • Maybe a bit expensive. 

    Wantdo Winter Jacket

    Designed especially for women this ski jacket is known for keeping water droplets from coming in contact with any part of your body all thanks to the waterproof index of 10,000 mm and PU membrane. What I like about this is its multiple pockets if various sizes are conveniently placed. With carrying all the knick-knacks important to snow adventurers becomes easier and simpler.

    Wintry winds have a tendency to chill you to the bones. That can be prevented by this windproof jacket that protects you from even the harshest of gusts of wind. With its removable hood, windproof cuffs, and the ever-comfortable windproof internal snow skirt you remain warm and cozy throughout!

    It also comes with a fleece lining that paired with 240 gm of high-quality filing and 240 gm of durable fiber gives another layer of protection against the chills.


    • It is rainproof.
    • Has spacious pockets.
    • Mechanical elastic fabric is durable.
    • Can be custom fit.


    • Hand Wash is recommended. 

    Fly Racing Aurora Snow Jacket

    This is one of the best weatherproof jackets that can serve as a great addition to your snowmobiling or snow adventure gear. Resistant To easy abrasion and made of a durable polyester shell, this stylish piece goes well with Aurora Bibs. The Hydraguard used in the jacket is waterproof and windproof and thus you can wear it on your roughest snow adventures.

    To keep you warm, this jacket uses 130 gm of thermal insulation. This prevents the winter chills from penetrating into your skin and thus keeps you warm in all scenarios. It also has a microfleece-lined collar and a couple of air vents mesh placed strategically under the arms to keep the material breathable enough.

    It also has some well-placed pockets that can be hand warmers, a specialized pocket for safekeeping your goggles, and a beard flap YKK main zipper.


    • Abrasion-resistant.
    • Insulated.
    • Multiple pockets.
    • Weatherproof.
    • Reflective for visibility in dark.


    • Not perfect for warmer days.

    KLIM Klimate Snowmobile Jacket

    The thing that appealed to me about this jacket is its impeccable construction resulting in hardiness and durability. It uses a GORE-TEX shell and 3M Thinsulate insulation. That means you will not only be dry from the snow outside but you will be warm enough.

    Another good thing about it is its full pit ventilation and mesh hems that help drain out excess water and thus prevent water drops from accumulating anywhere near your skin. Riding the snow trails on cold days these jackets are a boon that comes with conveniences like the adjustable collar and partial brushed tricot liner. For better grip in cold, you have adjustable cuffs with a thumb hole gaiter that helps keep your hands warmer.

    To keep you safe on the trail it uses 3M Scotchlite reflective material that is visible in darkness and biomotion recognition that ensures you don’t bump at things every time.


    • Overlays at elbows and shoulders maintain durability. 
    • Trail-safe features exhibited.
    • Storage friendly.
    • Pretty comfortable with the powder skirt.


    • Maybe a bit expensive for some.

    Arctix Tundra Jacket

    Many Snowmobile Jackets in spite of being useful and effective in the coldest of weather, ultimately fail because of their bulkiness. But Arctix Tundra is especially known to least in the bulk department but one of the best warmth providers otherwise. It uses 120 gm of Therma tech insulation that keeps you comfy ij the harsh chills.

    The jackets have critical areas sealed and this ensures there is no accidental leaking of water or snow. The adjustable cuffs give you the required locking away from the cold and keep the heat in. For added convenience, you have the reflective webbing that works as a useful visibility aid when out in the dark.

    The fit of the jacket is taken care of by the adjustable hood and the drawcord at the waist. To this awesome fit, you have added comfort if the microfleece-lined inner material. It is soft and plush against your skin.


    • Lightweight.
    • Insulated. 
    • Adjustable fits.
    • Multiple pockets.


    • Some pockets may be without zippers.

    509 R-200 Insulated Jacket

    The issue with many snowmobile Jackets is that they tend to get quite hot and you feel constricted in a bit higher temperatures. Now you cannot go without them because it’s not that hot, so you need to have something that can work for chilly as well as lighter temperatures too. 509 R 200 is one of those.

    It has a removable 200G Thinsulate Insulated liner. This you can keep aside anytime you feel the temperature is not that low and you won’t freeze to death. You also have the 5TECH shell that gives 10k/10k performance along with the 5 TECH stretch material on the shoulder panels that keeps the jacket flexible and you open to the versatility of movement.

    It is resistant to easy wear and tears its material is maintained by 600D reinforced forearm panels.


    • Great for rough trails.
    • Durable.
    • Removable liner.
    • Contrasting reflective for visibility. 


    • Are careful about the zippers and stitching.

    Castle X Platform Jacket

    This platform G6 jacket is one of my favorites, especially for its tough polyester or nylon shell. This is coupled with castle cold shield quilted insulation. These two layers of protection are enough to keep you warm but comfy as well.

    Also, the durability of materials is maintained by double sealing and impeccable stitching. You can have all the rough and tough rides down the snow slopes and your jacket is there to keep you safe and sound. 3 M Scotchlite reflective adds to the safety feature of the jacket as it increases visibility in the dark.

    Also, the PU-coated shell keeps you dry in case of snowfall and prevents any water soaking. To get a custom fit you have the velcro fleece lined cuffs and underarm vents for breathability. 


    • Durable. 
    • Double layered.
    • Reflective.
    • Breathable. 


    • You must get your perfect size.

    FXR Octane Jacket

    Known for its amazing nylon HydrX shell, the Octane jacket sports an impeccable 250gm combined F.A.S.T/ Thermal Flex insulation. The new and improved F.A.S.T comes with 3.0 buoyancy thus giving it a light floatation assist also. Taken together these features not keep the jacket long-lasting, but also provides ample warmth.

    What I like about it is its FXR dry vent system. As per this system, the jacket is made snowproof, moisture-proof chest and side body vent system. And the lining is also mesh/fleece. This ensures good breathability so that you don’t end up feeling suffocated and a certain level of comfort as well.

    To keep out the winter chills, the jacket features YKK zippers throughout and the cold stop front placket with a magnetic snap closure. Apart from that the adjustable cuffs, wind skirt, collar, and bottom hem make sure that you can wear the jacket as you wish without having to deal with trailing clothes. And the 3M Scotchlite reflective keeps your visibility in the dark.


    • Durable.
    • Moisture resistant.
    • Breathable enough.
    • Adjustable features.


    • Choose your fit carefully for the best features experience. 

    Castle X Powder Jacket

    Constructed especially for women who are snow adventure enthusiasts, these jackets use soft yet durable materials. From the outside and inside you’ll find it soft and cozy to the touch, but in reality, it uses a polyester nylon shell with 3M Thinsulate Insulation, 200gm in the body, and 150 gm for the sleeves. So in addition to softness, you’ll also be warm enough to battle the chills on the snow mountains.

    Waterproofing to the jacket is done with Ven Tec 2.0 shell materials. They make the jacket waterproof, windproof, and yet breathable enough to not make you sweat. For better waterproofing, you also have your jackets coated with Durable Water Resistant that outright repels moisture.

    You may be out in the rain and snow, it won’t matter, your jacket is the ultimate protector. The breathability is tacked on the Ventec 2-way core vents. These come with snow blocker mesh that keeps the snow put and simultaneously lets air pass. 

    Micro fleece lined insulated collar adds to comfort and warmth. And also the numerous inside and outside pockets are a great convenience for girls looking to carry some personal necessities out on the trails. Your fit can be maintained with internal hand gaiters and velcro hip and fleece-lined cuffs.


    • Use a reflective for darkness visibility. 
    • Detachable hood to let you wear how you want.
    • Shock cord adjustable.
    • Waterproof but breathable.


    • You must get the right fit to experience the bests of all features.

    Things to Consider When Buying a Snowmobile Jacket


    The first thing you must do is to look for the material with which the fabric is made of. Branded materials like GORE-TEX are the best for snowmobile jackets. Look for materials like fleece for warmth. 


    The most important reason you wear a snowmobile jacket is to get warmth. This is dependent on the insulation of your snowmobile jacket. Choose one with insulation appropriate to the climate in which you might be snowmobiling. 

    Look for any liners within the jacket. Removable liners have an edge over non-removable ones so that you can choose the amount of warmth you need. 


    This feature is really important for a comfortable moisture-free ride. Nobody likes to get all wet and soggy during your snowmobiling right? 

    Look for DWR-treated jackets if you are a frequent snowmobile rider in wet snow. You can also consider giving a DWR coating every time you clean your snowmobile jacket. 

    Wind Resistance

    Look for windproof materials in your snowmobile jacket to avoid gusts of ice from making you feel cold and uncomfortable. 

    Ventilation and Breathability

    Most snowmobile jackets come with air vents on the sides and armpit.  This prevents sweating in case of a higher temperature or while you are not moving. 

    Fitting and Comfort 

    Make sure to go for the right size of snowmobile jacket to get a perfect fit. The comfort that a jacket offers is dependent mainly on the size. So look for the size chart and decide accordingly. 

    Ease of Cleaning 

    It is very important to maintain your snowmobile jacket clean and tidy to maximize its efficacy. So look for features that make cleaning easy. 


    Although it’s important to get a warm snowmobile jacket, wearing one with very high insulation than needed can make the gear heavy. Heavy snowmobiling gear can make you feel uneasy and might be annoying as you ride. So go for such lightweight snowmobile jackets with proper insulation in such a way that your body can handle its weight.

    Pockets and Storage 

    You might need to store a lot of little stuff during your snowmobiling and pockets come in handy for that purpose. Look for snowmobile jackets with many pockets. 

    Pockets not only help storage but can also aid you in warming your hands whenever needed. Make sure you choose zip-secured pockets and that the zipper is of good quality. 

    Ease of Use

    However great the quality of your snowmobile jacket might be if it’s difficult to use then it’s a waste of money. Look for features like adjustable hoods, cuffs, and zippers so that you can handle your jacket easily and also get a customized fit. 

    Final Words

    To sum up, snowmobiling can be an exciting and fun experience but it’s important to stay safe in the cold winter months.

    The best way to do that is by investing in a quality snowmobile jacket. We have provided you with some of the most popular options on the market for 2023 so you can make sure your next ride will be warm and comfortable.

    Whether you need something lightweight or waterproof, there are plenty of great choices out there for everyone’s needs!

    Remember to always check customer reviews before making any purchases, as this will help ensure that your new jacket truly meets all of your requirements. With these tips in mind, we hope you find the perfect snowmobile jacket soon!

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