EVOL Snowboards Review

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Winter season is coming again, and almost everyone gets excited because it’s time to play with the snow!

Even when the pandemic is happening, no one can stop you from having fun in the winter, right?

And I bet you are looking for good snowboards to use, well, you have found the right guide!

This article will tackle the EVOL Snowboards, and they are very popular with snowboarders. Whether you are a beginner or a professional snowboarder, the EVOL snowboards will be by your side to help you make memories and enjoy the moment. 

You might be wondering about its history and how good it is: we will tell you about that later!

Let’s slide our way and start!

History of EVOL Snowboards

Do you think EVOL made only snowboards which made them grow their company so much?

If your answer is yes, you’re at the wrong post, my friend!

EVOL Snowboards are not that old in existence. In fact, EVOL did not make the snowboards alone when the company has started. 

They made skateboards, too!

These boards were popularly used by skate and snowboarders, which led to the company’s development becoming a larger deal.

As popular and relevant EVOL boards are today, both skateboarding and snowboarding products are also effective in helping players become better with their performance every day that passes. It is not that long since EVOL began to grow because it was born in the ’90s as a skateboard and a snowboard line that exists until today.

Even when they started up with two types of products only, they developed new lines through the years, and now they have added new categories!

New boots, skates, bindings, outerwear, and soft goods are running in their line these days while cherishing the roots of their culture, becoming a legitimate and trusted brand for outdoor board activities.

EVOL has grown so much from having two lines to getting multiple product lines today, and they even collaborate with artists that design their boards and riders who use their products.

Are EVOL Snowboards Good?

Many snowboard brands are rising in the market, and you cannot just decide which one is good or not.

Even when EVOL was released in the ’90s, its product quality never deteriorates because it gets better every new production. 

For the price and reasonability that it is worth, the EVOL Snowboards are good enough for beginners to use and train. Professional snowboarders may take this brand as an option as their main snowboard, but that does not mean the quality will disappoint users. 

You need to know your foot length basically and how much space you can occupy on the board. You should choose one not too short nor long for you because worse comes to worst, you will injure yourself if the board length is not appropriate for what you need.

EVOL Snowboards have the quality, design, and structure that snowboarders need for their snowboarding sessions, and they can be great buddies for the winter season.

Different EVOL Snowboards in 2021

EVOL Logo Snowboard

The Logo Snowboard has a classic one-color board design with a hot board curve that makes this board a party banger. It has the EVOL logo printed on top of the board, and it makes it pop out while riding the snowboard!

When you’re sliding down the slope, this snowboard can still offer you a stability to ensure it won’t flip while you’re balancing your way out of the declining snow.

It has a directional twin shape with a park-type terrain, and beginners to intermediate level users can use this snowboard to train and improve their boarding skills.

It comes with a TPU top sheet, Poplar core, extruded base, and ABS Sidewalls which builds the whole board as sturdy and functional as possible.

Bring some love to this snowboard, and it won’t ever leave the hill without exhausting you from having an enjoyable experience.

EVOL Flag Snowboard

Another board to add to your list is EVOL’s Flag Snowboard!

From the name itself, this snowboard comes with a flag-inspired design that can appeal to users to buy this for the wintertime. Two colors are used for the compliment, both red and blue, to make the board more patriotic while being a good detail at the same time.

This snowboard has a twin shape with a rocker camber. Unlike the Logo Snowboard, the Flag Snowboard fits all-mountain terrain types, so you need not worry about going on leisurely and rugged mountains for your snowboarding experience.

Beginners who are just starting to learn snowboarding and intermediate snowboarders are suited with this snowboard. Just make sure to choose the appropriate size to ensure your snowboarding adventure is unforgettable!

EVOL Classic Snowboard – Kids

Do you think only adults can have fun while snowboarding?

Well, kids deserve to enjoy themselves, too!

Luckily, EVOL has published snowboards for kids, and it is the Classic Snowboard. 

This snowboard is almost the same as the others mentioned, but the main thing that differentiates this from others is the size.

Of course, kids will use this snowboard, so EVOL will customize the board size to cater according to the kids’ feet sizes. Compared to adult snowboards, this kid snowboard comes in four different sizes, giving kids a wider range of choices to use for their winter getaway!

This snowboard has a directional twin shape with a flat camber, and it fits park, freestyle, and mountain terrain types. 

It has a soft/medium flex, and it fits entry-level and intermediate snowboard users.

This Classic Snowboard design has three colors used on the board: white, black, and red.

The design is made simple yet sophisticated, letting kids not becoming distracted from their snowboard experience.

Final Words

EVOL Snowboards must be at the top of your list when looking for reasonable snowboards to use every wintertime. Not only are they affordable, but they offer good stability and durability while in use, helping you become a better snowboarder day by day.

You can let your kids play with the snowboard; make sure to choose the appropriate size for usage to avoid any risks of injuries.

Take some time to skim through and learn more about EVOL. Their snowboards are not the only product that might have gotten your attention, but many product lines are being sold in the market, too!

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