Rossignol Experience 80 CI Review: Pros & Cons in 2021

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Are you ready to layer up for skiing? The next thing you should be ready for is how to choose your skis!

You need to consider a lot of factors before zeroing on the most suitable one. These factors include ski size, shape, rigidity, bindings, etc. If you are looking for quality skis that stand on the top tier, then Rossignol Experience 80 CI is one of the best skis you can buy.

In this article, you will find a detailed review of Rossignol Experience 80 CI that will help you to decide whether these are something that you should buy this winter season.

My Personal Opinion

In my opinion, the Rossignol Experience 80 CI Skis is one of the best skis available in the market today. For a robust intermediate skier looking for an easy to ski and stable trip on the groomers, it is an excellent option.

This ski has Line Control Technology made from Carbon. LCT is a technology for world cup racing that is now open to the public. This technology has a central reinforcement tip-to-tail that increases ski-to-snow touch and enhances your control and ski responsiveness.

The main body of this ski is made up of wood with carbon and a flared tail profile that assures you the sturdiness when using it. It also features a limited 2-year warranty that is a good thing to have in a valuable product like this.

This is why this ski is one of the best out there so, make sure to check the customer reviews of the Rossignol Experience 80 CI Skis to see what other people have to say.

Rossignol Experience 80 CI
Core MaterialWood with Carbon
Tail ProfileFlared
DIN Range3-11
Skill RangeIntermediate to Advanced
Rocker TypeHybrid
Weight5.7 kg per pair
Warranty2 years
Buy FromPrice
AmazonCurrent Price
The HouseCurrent Price
Skis.comCurrent Price

Rossignol Experience 80 CI Review

Analysis of Rossignol Experience 80 CI Skis

The Rossignol’s Experience 80 CI is all-mountain skis that provide a perfect combination of performance and freedom. Given below are all the features that make Experience 80 CI one of the best skis in 2020.

All Terrain Ski Body

These skis are created to adapt to all terrains and extreme weather conditions, and it is possible thanks to the shape it features. The skis have a longer and more progressive tip, while the rear tail rises early, and are adjusted accordingly across each ski model. The skis also feature a 70% bend and 30% light tip rocker, giving it a dynamic shape.

This dynamic shape delivers a power-packed all-terrain performance and provides freedom to do the best in any given weather conditions.

HD Core Carbon Construction

Rossignol experience 80 CI ski review

The Experience 80s are manufactured in the new state-of-the-art facility located in France. It is constructed using the HD Carbon Core, a new carbon-infused all-mountain construction material that balances the power, improves stability, and ensures smooth energy transmission.

This core carbon construction also reduces the overall weight of the skis, making them lightweight and agile even in mixed snow conditions and changing terrains.

Line Control Technology (LCT)

Derived straight from the World Cup Race Department at Rossignol, the Line Control Technology is one of the biggest technological advancements added to the Experience Skis. This feature uses a strip of laminate, made of Carbon Stinger, to add extra stability to the Rossignol’s Experience 80 CI Skis.

The LCT strip begins at the tip and follows all the way to the tail maintaining the central position on the skis. The main purpose of this strip is to eliminate counter flexing to allow smooth and consistent turns, regardless of the speed and extreme cold snowy conditions. Thanks to LCT, the Experience 80 CIs are one of the most consistent and smooth-riding skis.

Progressive Side Cut

The progressive sidecut is a newly defined feature, which makes the ride much more smooth and enjoyable. This cut also helps in smooth bending and enables carving on any type of snowy surface and under any cold weather conditions. The skis also feature a rounding at the front and the back, offering extra support on bending and responsiveness.

Air Tip Vas

While skiing, all sensations from the snow start from the front tip. If the skis you are using are not stable enough, the constant shocks might prevent you from skiing comfortably and may even cause damage to your legs and thighs.

Rossignol came up with an Air Tip Vas to tackle this issue and add a shock-absorbing feature to its Experience Skis. This Air Tip Vas comes with an integrated visco shock absorber to eliminate bumps and helps in stabilizing and maintaining the balance of the ski. This ultimately helps in keeping the momentum and ensures maximum power transfer.

Xpress 11 Bindings

The Xpress 11 Bindings are one of the most exciting things coming with the Rossignol Experience 80 CI Skis. These bindings have revolutionized integrated systems and feature a monoblock design. Apart from this, they are made using composite materials which reduces the overall weight of 700g per system, making it one of the most lightweight bindings ever.

The Xpress system is a totally safe integrated system. Skiers can comfortably rely on this fully-abled and approved technology. All in all, Xpress 11 bindings are very comfortable to use, are lightweight, offer tool-free adjustment, and have a reinforced structure.

Final Words

The Experience 80 CI is currently the most popular skis in the market. These skis feature an innovative design and are filled with technological improvements that allow the skier to enjoy every bit of the moment on snow. The Xpress 11 Bindings are a quality addition as well and support the skis perfectly.

If you are looking for quality skis in 2021 that are smooth, easy to curve, and fast, then the Rossignol Experience 80 CI is one of the best skis you can buy. 

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