Eskimo Apex Thermal Review: Flip-Over Ice Fishing Shack

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Every angler knows that having an ice fishing shelter can make the ice fishing experience more fun and less getting frostbites due to unbearable cold. Many serious anglers usually build permanent shelters using scrap wood, but don’t worry, you can choose from one of the many portable ice fishing shelters that are currently available in the market.

One such fantastic ice fishing shelter is the Eskimo’s Apex Thermal Shelter. To tell you how amazing it exactly is, we will do a complete review of Eskimo Apex Thermal Shelter in this article. 

My Personal Opinion

Based on my personal opinion, the Eskimo Apex Thermal Ice Fishing Shack is a great ice shack or shelter for camping when you are ice fishing.

The 600 denier fully-insulated fabric is 35% warmer than a comparable non-insulated shelter that makes it best suitable for long ice fishing trips to keep you warm. The IllumiDark gray interior material brightens the inside making it easier to see and fish.

The aluminum square tubing provides sturdiness to withstand strong winds. The full-length door and the zippered windows feature a hook and loop fastener tape along, with zippers on each side allowing full closure and blocking of sunlight.

The said features are the reason why this ice shelter is one of the best out in the market. So, make sure to check out the customer reviews of the Eskimo Apex Thermal Ice Fishing Shack to see for yourself how good it is.

Eskimo Apex Thermal Review 

Features of Eskimo Apex Thermal Shelter 

The Eskimo’s Apex Thermal Shelter is designed to provide total comfort and is equipped with features that could make your ice fishing trip memorable and warm. You can find all the features of the Apex Thermal Shelter detailed below. 

 Eskimo Apex Thermal Ice Fishing Shelter
Nylon, Polyester
Insulation600 denier fully-insulation
Sliding versa seating System
64 x 98 x 76.5 inches
118 pounds
25. 5 square feet
Full-length rear door
Zippered Window Covers
Tow Compatibility
PriceSee Current Price

Full Insulation Shelter

With 600 Denier IQ Insulated Quilted Fabric installed, the Apex Shelter is a fully insulated ice shelter. Although many anglers argue that an insulated ice shelter is no better than a non-insulated one, the Eskimo’s Apex marks the difference with 35% higher warmth.

You may include a sunflower along with your non-insulated shelter to make for the heat difference, but that won’t make up for the extra load you will have to carry. Therefore, having a fully insulated ice fishing shelter is always a better option, especially when you want to go on an ice fishing trip with not just men. 

Illumidark Gray Interior 

Light can be an essential factor for ice anglers. There are plenty of light fishing techniques that are commonly used to lure fishes towards the bait. Eskimo’s Apex Thermal Ice Fishing Shelter can not only brighten the interior but also has the option to block all light thanks to the polyurethane (PU) backing, creating a dark room perfect for sight fishing.

Aluminum Square Tubing Structure

The structure of the Eskimo Apex Thermal ice fishing shelter is highly durable and features two modes. The structure is made using aluminum square tubing that makes it lightweight. Along with durable tubing, the shelter also features double-walled hinge mounts that keep it up even during heavy winds.

The second mode is for bright sunny days. You can quickly flip it into the windbreak mode and enjoy your ice fishing camp in full swing. 

Zippered Window Covers 

The zippered window covers play a huge factor is light control. You can either choose to keep the windows open to allow the light to come in, or you could close them up to completely shut down the light coming in. You can find a hook and a loop fastener tape along with top-end zippers on each side.

Durable 64″ sledge and Sliding Versa Seat System

While most ice fishing shanties don’t have a pre-organized seating system, the Eskimo Apex Thermal comes with a highly durable 64-inch sledge that allows anglers to create a warm seating arrangement on ice. The sledge uses a high density and high gauge material that makes it highly durable and wear resistance.

Apart from the sledge, the Apex Thermal also features a very comfortable Sliding Versa seating system, which features two mounted Versa swivel seats. These seats cannot just swivel, but can also slide front-to-back and even lift to provide easy access for your gear in the sledge. This unique combination of sledge and seats makes it a comfortable choice.

Full-Length Rear Door

Another useful feature of this ice fishing shanty is its full-length rear door. Thanks to this door, getting in and out of the sledge through the rear is a quick and easy process. Having a full-length back door also means that you don’t have to worry about facing the tent front in a particular direction since either side is good enough to move in and out.

Other Features 

Apart from all the features mentioned above, there are plenty of other useful things that Eskimo’s Apex Thermal shelter offers. For instance, the cover is towable and can be easily attached to your ATV or snowmobile using a tow strap. Moreover, there are mesh storage packets also included to keep all your essential fishing gear handy. 

All in all, Eskimo’s Apex Thermal Ice Fishing Shelter is one of the best portable ice fishing shanties that you can find in 2020. It covers everything, from warmth to comfort, and even provides reasonable control over the light. Anyways, you can find the pros and cons of Eskimo’s Apex Thermal shelter below.

  • Complete thermal protection
  • 35% extra warmer
  • Perfect for sight fishing
  • Durable sledge
  • Comfy seating system
  • Rear door for easy access
  • Zippered window covers
  • Towable using a tow hitch
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • Aluminum tubing construction
  • Spacious enough for two people
  • A little pricey
  • Tow hitch not included
  • Smaller for two large people

Final Words 

The Eskimo Apex Thermal Ice Fishing shelter is genuinely a fantastic choice when it comes to warmth and comfort. With the durable sledge and Versa seating system, there is no other ice shanty out there more comfortable than this, and thanks to being complete thermal, no ice shanty warmer.

If you truly wish to enjoy the ice fishing experience, then Eskimo Apex Thermal shelter is one of the best options you have in 2020. But if you are among those who fancy fighting frostbites and cold snow pellets, then you don’t need a shanty at all. 

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