We Tested Muck Boot Arctic Pro Boots | Here’s What We Found

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Are your regular boots good enough for your hiking and camping expeditions? 

Of course not, because they are not built for those purposes, the Muck Boot Arctic Pro Boots are. 

In this article, we will review Muck Boots Arctic Pro Boots and will tell you every detail surrounding them along with why you should or shouldn’t buy them so follow along. 

My Tests and Analysis of Muck Boot Arctic Pro Snow Boots

I have tested these boots before you go ahead to buy them so that you do not regret your purchase, and trust me, you won’t. 

The Muck Boots Company Arctic Pro Boots has to be one of the best options for boots when it comes to hiking, hunting or camping purposes. 

The boots have a very heavy stitching of Flex-Foam neoprene lining that holds in the cold air outside the shoes and prevents it from entering the inner warm environment. They also have a microfleece lining to trap the warm air inside, leaving no room for cold air. 

We tested muck boot arctic pro snow boots

You would be glad to know that while testing these boots I was walking through a slushy field of ice, and I felt nothing inside the boots. There was not even a drop of water that entered the boots. If I couldn’t hear the slush of ice under my feet, I would have never guessed that there was ice beneath my feet. The thermal foam under the footbed also kept my feet warm while walking on ice. This feature was also quite good in the Columbia Bugaboot III.   

Also, the unfathomable traction of these boots was mind-blowing! No matter how hard you run on melted icy roads or on heaps of ice, these won’t slip or stutter. It cannot get any better. And in all honesty, I admit, the traction of Hot Shot Duck Commander X Huntsman was by far the best, till the Muck Boot Arctic Pro Snow Boots came to compete with it. I am genuinely impressed.  

The fleece lining on the insides provides insane insulation. My entire body felt icy cold compared to how Muck Boots Arctic Pro treated my feet. I tested these boots while hiking with my friends in Duluth and they worked magic on the trail. The only problem you face is when you walk on a wet path with these boots on. Water would not seep in, the waterproof rubber lining is very strong for that, but the warmness would go away. 

And if we talk about fit and comfort, Arctic Pro has that too. To be precise, the comfort is top-notch. The innersole is extremely cushioned, paired with the microfleece lining that adds to the softness. The boots just happen to mold themselves into your feet’s size, and bam they’re perfect! I’d definitely add these boots to my list of perfect-fit boots along with Rocky Men’s Sport Utility Pro Hunting Boot and Carhartt Waterproof Insulated PAC Composite Toe Boot.      

Everything that these boots provide is optimum level good and there is no scope for criticism. These are gonna make your hiking or camping experience smooth like butter. But are they worth the money?

Are The Muck Boot Arctic Pro Snow Boots Worth It?

To present it to you in simple words, yes.

These are definitely worth the $200+ you are gonna pay for because these are extremely good quality shoes and, trust me when I say, there is literally no other model from any brand that provides products this good at such a low price. 

are muck boot arctic pro boots worth it

I am even thinking of purchasing a pair for myself because these are gonna save me lots of chaos to be very honest. I agree the price is not what everyone can afford, even though the Muck Boots Arctic Pro Snow Boots are great, you can opt for other snow boots like the Irish Setter Pinnacle, Kamik Men’s Canuck, Baffin Trapper, Rocky Core Comfort, etc. too. These do not cost a lot and work pretty well too.    


Here we come to the end of this Muck Boots Arctic Pro Snow Boots review, but you have yet to purchase them. So if you kept it on hold all this time just because you needed assurance, let this article be an assurance and go ahead and buy those boots. 

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