Canada Goose Rossclair Parka Review | My Personal Experience

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Winter is knocking on the door! 

Are you ready to face it with charm?

And what’s the best way to be charming? 

Dressing up right!

And we cannot talk about dressing up and looking charming, without including Canada Goose’s most favorite line of products, the parka. Particularly, the Rossclair Parka. 

I tested it recently and I’m gonna share my personal experience with it, and how it compares to other parkas I tested for different needs. 

So that you can make the right decision!

Let’s dive right in.

Is The Canada Goose Rossclair Parka Really Good?

When we see Canada Goose on its label, we already know that it can’t be any less than a great quality parka. 

I have tested my share of parkas and found many good parkas, but this one was a different type of good. 

It was top-notch in terms of almost all the things it offered! 

how rossclair parka compares with other parkas in terms of quality and warmth

For starters, I come from Denver, Colorado which is not very cold but cold enough to dry out the sweat from your forehead. 

I can do with the Columbia Women’s Panorama Jacket, which I own, but this year I wanted to go the extra mile. Honestly speaking, I wanted to see how parkas work in this weather and the results were quite good. 

Since it is a mid-length parka it reaches a bit above the knees. Nonetheless, it is fully insulated and very warm. 

If you are wearing it to a party or a normal dinner date, then it would be enough to keep you warm. Do not think it’s because of the Denver weather. I was sweating all the time while wearing it so I had to take it off in between to catch some air. 

It definitely is gonna work magic in the cold air of Minnesota or Montana.

eddie bauer vs canada goose rossclair parka

But you are gonna need a length down parka like the Eddie Bauer Women’s Lodge Down Duffle Coat & the Canada Goose Women’s Mystique for being completely safe from cold. 

If we talk about the signature fur hood of the Rossclair Parka, the best thing about it is the detachable feature. It applies to all the people in Denver who own a Canada Goose Rossclair Parka because the entire body is so warm that you don’t really need the hood. 

But, the borders were intricately done with lots of furs so that cold winds gushed through suddenly, the furs were gonna cover your face. Now, aren’t you fully protected?   

Many of us worry about our figures not being visible after wearing parkas. I am one of the many so I desperately wanted the Rossclair parka to have that cinchy curve because I have seen people wearing it and looking stunning. 

So, when I tried it on for the first time the only thing I looked out for was the cinch. It wasn’t very curvy at first, but then I found the drawstring on the part near the waist and that’s how I got the beautiful cinched waist, all while wearing a mid-length parka.   

It may not have a natural cinch like that of the North Face Women’s Borealis or the Gobi Heat Terra Women’s Parka, but the drawstring is gonna be a game-turner for you. It will make the parka look just like a dress!    

Is The Rossclair Parka Worth It?    

When it comes to its worth, we need to consider the price and the that is pretty high. The quality of the parka is excellent but does not really justify the insanely high price. 

That is because you can find various parkas in the market that are of good quality as well but cost only around $200-$300. 

The North Face Women’s Gotham, Marmot Montreaux, Columbia Women’s Little Si Insulated Parka, and the North Face’s evergreen Arctic Parka are some of the good-quality parkas that are low in price. 

The quality of the Canada Goose is superior, but to purchase it for $1000+ is not rational. That is why, I’d pass on this one. 


Overall, the Canada Goose Rossclair Parka is great and the quality is superb but would you buy it for $1000+ is up to you to decide. If you want to have a long-term investment in a parka then this one is good as it will save you from purchasing a new one every few years.


Plus Canada Goose offers a lifetime warranty to its product thus it might not be a very bad or regretful choice whatsoever.

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