Best Beanies with Hole for Ponytail: New Winter Fashion

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Fashion meets comfort whenever you wear acrylic blend Ponytail Beanie Hat. The beanie adds a pop to any outfit and keeps your whole head warm without your bun or hair in the way. The material is soft and thick enough to cover your ears from the cold wind too.

Does your love for ponytails stop you from wearing knit hats? Let us now know more about the ponytail-friendly hat knitting pattern! These hats feature small opening that lets you thread your hair through, whether it is a messy bun, ponytail, or even dreadlocks. Now, let us now find out more about the winter hat with a ponytail hole.

My Personal Recommendation

If you’re looking for a beanie with a ponytail hole to keep your hair out of the way while looking fab this cold season, Funky Junque Ponytail Messy Bun Beanie Tail is perfect for you.

 This cozy and cute “BeanieTail” protects your head from the cold weather ideal for all your outdoor activities.

The beanie is made with 100% acrylic with a durable and stretchy elastic band to adjust to any head size and hair thickness without being too lose or too tight that will last for many seasons.

It gives your hair a great look even on bad hair days. Wear your hair in ponytails, braids, buns, and other hairdo and show it off with this beanie.

Take a look at the customer reviews on the Funky Junque Ponytail Messy Bun Beanie Tail and see how women adore it.

Best Beanies with Hole for Ponytail

Rosoz Ponytail Beanie for Women

Gone are the days when you had to trade-off comfort over functionality in freezing winters.

Rosoz women’s beanie is a fantastic option for ladies, particularly with long, thick ponytails who want to beat the cold with style.

Made with 100% Acrylic fabric, this beanie is exceptionally airy and perfect for women with sensitive skin and aversions to animal fiber.

These caps are versatile and amazingly soft, with a ribbed cable knit and a flexible elastic band for accommodating your ponytail.

So, whether you have curly or wavy hair or a thick bulky ponytail, this beanie will ensure that your head is warm and comfortable while preserving your hairstyle.

The stretchy elastic rubber band closure which accompanies the beanie permits you to adjust your hair to any manner without any difficulty.

The cable knit further stretches the beanie allowing you to wear your hair up while also providing you a snug fit on the head.

So irrespective of whether you are just going out winter shopping with your girlfriends or indulging in some thrilling sports like snowboarding or skiing, this beanie will surely keep you cozy and protected

You can also wash this cap in a washing machine without any risk of fraying or spoiling it.

Available in 10+ attractive colors, this beanie is ideal for ladies looking to upgrade their fashion game without compromising on comfort and warmth.

C.C BeanieTail Soft Stretch Cable Knit Beanie Hat

One of the most popular brands for winter gears- the C.C BeanieTail is indeed one of the best ponytail beanies for women in 2020.

With a 100% stretchable Acrylic fiber construction, this winter cap is remarkably comfortable and will keep you warm and cozy for the longest time.

So even if you are taking a leisurely evening walk in your backyard or riding your snowmobile on a perfect wintery afternoon, this beanie has got you covered!

Featuring a flexible rubber band and patterned cable knit, the beanie allows you to adjust your ponytail even after you have worn the cap. You can loosen or tighten the band as per your needs without disturbing your hair.

This function enables you to pull off all the different kinds of hairstyles (like low messy buns and high tight ponytails) without compromising the protection offered.

Moreover, it’s well-ventilated, lightweight, and extremely elastic with no frayed threads or loose ends to tackle, thus ensuring durability and performance.

The beanie measures 57 cm, 22-3/8″, Size 7-1/8, and is available in an array of beautiful colors with an exclusive ‘C.C’ label on suede for authenticity and originality.

In a nutshell, the superior material construction, along with its appropriate design planning, guarantees utmost ease for women while allowing them to look their best even in the middle of a storm.

Funky Junque Ponytail BeanieTail Cap

Funky Junque beanie is another fantastic option for women who like to show-off their long thick hair (whether in ponytails, braids, or messy buns) while staying warm and comfortable throughout the time.

With 100% Arcylic material construction, this beanie keeps you nice and cozy by blocking the freezing air from coming in contact with your head.

The winter cap also features an elastic band closure with a spacious ponytail opening, enabling you to stretch or adjust the beanie as per your requirement.

So irrespective of whether it’s just you or a friend who wants to wear it- this cap will easily adjust to all the different head sizes without any difficulty.

Furthermore, its one size fit design makes it a fantastic multi-purpose option for all the different kinds of activities/errands you plan to undertake while wearing it.

This beanie is also available in numerous dual colors and patterns like ‘Buffalo Check Prints’ and ‘Leopard Prints’ etc., allowing you to mix-match your winter clothes with your cap and magnify your style quotient.

Additionally, it’s convenient, warm, and exceptionally durable, enabling you to use it for the longest time without any fear of ripping or fraying it.

In essence, this beanie is perfect for the modern woman who masters even her bad hair days by merely throwing them in a ponytail or a messy bun while readying themselves for the wintry day ahead.

Alepo Womens High Messy Bun Beanie Hat

Alepo Women’s beanie hat is mainly designed for ladies looking for excellent craftsmanship and reliable performance during the coldest period of the year.

Made with 100% high-quality Acrylic fiber, this beanie is thick enough to keep your whole head warm throughout the day.

It is comparably more durable and heavier than your regular Acrylic, thus providing you with extra insulation along with long-lasting stretchability and execution.

Like all the ones mentioned above, this winter cap comes with an elastic closure band, which is extremely flexible, allowing you to tie your hair in high ponytails or messy buns as per your mood and need.

The stretchable ponytail opening at the top of the beanie enables you to seamlessly fit your hairdo through the cap without messing it up.

Furthermore, the ‘one size fits design’ warrants that irrespective of the size of the head or the type of hairstyle, this beanie will accommodate everything without difficulty.

Available in the size of 8.27″ x 8.27″, this cap comes in a variety of colors, making it a perfect gifting choice for your girlfriends and sisters.

To sum it up, Alepo brand has been designing winter accessories for men, women, and kids for a fair amount of time, and this beanie is a perfect example of how they pay close attention to meet all the demands of their targeted customers.

FURTALK Women Hat Knit Skull Beanie Winter

How can we talk about stylish ponytail caps for ladies and not mention the Furtalk Women Winter Beanie!

This hat showcases an eye-catching twisted knit pattern, which is a fantastic choice for women looking for a unique cap that will keep them warm and snug.

Manufactured by using a special technical process, this beanie is made of eco-friendly Acrylic material, which is incredibly soft, giving you a cashmere touch feeling.

Moreover, it is further manufactured using only healthy raw materials, which are AZO colorant-free, meaning that they are not only warm but also 100% safe, protecting you from various health risks.

Additionally, the thick material construction makes this cap perfect for all winter outdoor activities, including adventurous sports like snowmobiling, skiing, trekking, etc.

This winter cap also features a ‘Stretch fit’ and a ‘Flex fit’ style, which means that it is suitable for all the different sizes of heads and face shapes.

Most importantly, it comes with a stretch ponytail opening that can easily accommodate any hairstyle, ranging from thick ponytails to messy buns, without spoiling the hair.

And available in a variety of arresting colors, this beanie by Furtalk allows you to have fun with your wardrobe while ensuring that you get the maximum protection from the frigid cold outside.

Normal Beanie vs. Beanie with Ponytail Hole

The regular beanie can usually be worn in the winter season to prevent the cold wind, while, on the other hand, a hat with a ponytail hole is so versatile that it can be worn anytime. You can wear this in the winter while doing sports or simply as an accessory to walk around the city or the countryside.

Normal beanie usually comes straight on the back while a beanie hat with a ponytail hole comes with a dropped shape on the back with a modern oversized look. The ponytail opening hole is suitable for both western outfits and daily outfits.

Normal caps can be usually worn on one side, while on the other hand winter ponytail hats can be found with a reversible model that can be rotated to take them in two colors.

Normal beanies are available with real fur on it. These do not fade, shrink and their cleaning does not represent any problem. While on the other hand, the beanies come plain and this can be shrunk after a certain period of time. Beanies come with a range of colors, textures, and fabrics that you have never imagined. Beanies will surely be one of the favorites aggregates for any season.

Why Ponytail Hole is required in Beanies?

Funky Junque Women's Beanie Ponytail Messy Bun BeanieTail Multi Color Ribbed Hat Cap

Winter hat with the hole for ponytail is a great way to help you beat the cold during winter. But this is always said to be messy for a lot of women, though not for all. Every time you catch a game of ice hockey wearing a beanie or go for ice skating with your loved ones, you always come back trying to redo your hairstyle.

Gone are the days of letting your hair down from the beanie; it is not fashionable or stylish anymore. Ponytail beanie comes with a sense of style, a sense of self-comfort, and a sense of fashion. You can go out in winter four to five hours by rocking in your favorite ponytail without worrying about the hair damage.

The ponytail beanies are made soft, stretchable knitted fabrics, and they are also warm when worn. They are also perfect for any ponytail do’s one can think of. It is very stylish and comfortable, and what more does a woman require other than these two?

How to Choose a Beanie with Ponytail Holes?

beanie with ponytail hole


The color of the beanie with a hole can mostly be a manner of personal preference and style. A black beanie seems to be a fashion statement made throughout the country by everyone. But if you are going to use your watch cap for hunting purposes, black is not the color for you. If it is deer hunting, most of the states need orange headwear; hence orange color beanie is going to be your best bet.


While most of the people wear beanie hats for fashion purposes only, this type of headwear can also be an essential tool for many kinds of cold weather outdoor activities. But the beanie category covers most of the different styles, with the best uses. The old knit-style hat is still a favorite of many, and this is also great for most of the outdoor recreational purposes.

Although tight-fitting beanies are also suitable for recreational uses, a few wearers don’t like the tight fit as it seems to squeeze the head. In the end, the style you choose is always a matter of personal preference.


Historically made of wool, the beanie is now made with a variety of materials. The beanies are often fleece or some type of cotton or polyester mix. Cotton is usually warm, but this tends to stay wet when it gets that way. Mixed with polyester, though, it dries a little quicker. Fleece is warm and dries quickly from just the heat of your head.

Beanie caps designed to be worn under another type of headwear are typically made of some kind of moisture-wicking material that carries sweat and perspiration away from your head to keep it dry and warm.

Final Words

That comes to the end of best beanies with holes for the ponytail that you can find on the market in 2019. As you can see from the list, there are beanie hats of different materials and styles. A few are visor while some have pom-pom to decorate the hat. While you purchase beanie, think about what you need in a beanie hat. Also, consider when and where you are going to wear this beanie too. As long as you think about these features, including the material, color, etc. you will surely be able to make the most informed choice.

I hope with the above list; you can find the beanie hat of your choice. With your careful consideration, you will be able to find the beanie, which is not only suitable for your style but is also very functional that also makes sure to keep your head warm and comfortable on a cold winter day.

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