Moncler Flammette Review: Is It Worth The Price?

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We all get attracted to luxury goods at least once in our lives. Do you know why? Because those goods are made to attract us!

But, the question is, why should we buy those luxury items we are so attracted to? 

Particularly speaking, what is so special about the Moncler Flammette Down Jacket? Is it really worth buying? These are the questions you will find the answers to in this review of Moncler Flammette. So, scroll down and find for yourself!

Is The Moncler Flammette Down Jacket Good?

If I tell you without beating around the bush, the Moncler Flammette is indeed a very good jacket in terms of many areas. Be it style, quality, durability, design, etc.… Let me tell you why and how.

I have tested out this Moncler Flammette before you go ahead and buy it and found it very warm and cozy. And that is exactly what I expected, as it costs $2000+. A typical luxury product, isn’t it? 

Being made out of nylon technique, the coat has provided you with all the basic amenities that a winter coat should provide. It has pretty good insulation features compared to other coats of similar range like the Canada Goose Shelburne Parka. The fact that I live in Denver and the Moncler Flammette jacket made me sweat at 42*F should be enough proof.   

We are not daring to question the quality of this luxury Moncler coat, are we? Because when we buy any type of clothing, the first thing we check to be sure of its quality of the material it is made of. And the very next thing is the price. Moncler Flammette has both. 

Made out of nylon technology has given this jacket an edge over the other jackets in terms of many things. Water repellent for heavy snowfall days, an extremely lightweight feel on your body, and a softer-than-cotton texture. I can personally vouch for the lightweight feature because I tested it out, and trust me it does not feel anything less than a feather. 

Secondly, the Moncler Flammette is very expensive and it is a common notion that anything expensive is even better than cheaper gold. But I would like to refute that since the Moncler Chamoille Long Down Jacket, which is way more expensive than the Moncler Flammette, was not very up to the mark for me. 

I can definitely say that the Moncler Flammette is not all about the money because the quality is equally great. The design is also very gorgeous and efficient at the same time. It has a pull-out hood that allows you to remove it if it is not very cold. And, the design is also much better than the Canada Goose Shelburne Parka.  

Design of Moncler Flammette and Canada Goose Shelburne

This feature came in handy for me in Colorado. The down jacket’s overall look is extremely pretty and, trust me on this, if you style it with a long gown for a party, you are gonna look drop-dead amazing!    

But there are certain jackets at around the same price whose designs are better than the Moncler Flammette. These are the Canada Goose Lorette Down Parka, Mackage Shiloh Jacket, and the Canada Goose Alliston Down Coat.  

But, the main question is, is it worth it? 

Is The Moncler Flammette Worth Buying?

Answering you very straightforwardly, in my opinion, it is not worth it. It has very good features, the quality is also good, and the design is well articulated. But all in all, it is not worth investing $2000+ for. 

You will get similar coats with similar designs at a very low rate from other good quality well-known brands as well. The Mackage Freya Down Jacket costs a lot less than the Moncler Flammette but provides the same features as the latter. The SAM. Women’s Soho Belted Down Puffer Jacket has a different design, but when it comes to features, it has a lot to offer. 

Also, the Parajumpers Interstellar Hooded Down Jacket is a counterpart of the Moncler Flammette from Parajumpers, which costs very little and is gonna make you look like a queen walking on a red carpet wherever you go. This is my personal recommendation, as this one is a show-stopper!

I have also tested the Marmot Chelsea previously, and if I had to compare both, without considering the price, I’d choose Marmot Chelsea without a doubt because of the insane level of warmth and insulation it gave me. I got one for myself after testing it out. It was so good. 

Thus, think twice before investing your hard-earned money on this one. 


We come to an end with this article and I hope that y’all have also come to an end with the discussion you were playing with in your mind.  

So are you purchasing it or not? 

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