Askov Finlayson’s Parka Review: I Tested It In Minnesota

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With winter knocking on our doorsteps we all have the dire need to buy winter-wears for ourselves. At such a point the only thing you need is a good review of whatever you are going to buy!  

And it would be better if you left the review of Askov Finlayson’s Parka to me. In this article, I am going to provide you with my most honest review regarding the Parkas because I myself have some amount of experience derived from them. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!

About Askov Finlayson

Testing of Askov Finlayson's Parka

We all have heard about Askov Finlayson at some point in our lives. If not as an apparel brand, as a brand that is climate-positive. If you did not know, Askov Finlayson claims to be a climate-positive business and takes responsibility for their carbon footprints. 

Based in Minneapolis, it was launched as a retail store in 2011. It soon developed to produce its products such as cold-weather clothes. Eric Dayton in 2018 engaged himself in building a new kind of winter coat, incorporating the original influence of his brand, “the North” referring to Minnesota, from where belongs. The parka was sought to be made good-looking, as well as warm and functional for every purpose.

The product received applause from everywhere because honestly speaking, I love the design too! I mean, just look at it. Have you ever seen a parka look this gorgeous!? Not blowing on its trumpet because I am a reviewer, but as the audience, I love the Askov Finlayson parka!

Askov Finlayson's Products are climate friendly

If we talk about the global issues that the brand supports, it’s a lot. Starting from taking care of the carbon footprints, they also make donations to organizations concerned with climate change. We cannot count on the fact that their products are made out of 100% recycled materials. Thus if you are from their brand, you are also contributing indirectly to climate causes. 

It is headquartered in Minnesota, US. 

Askov Finlayson Parka Review

Now we come to the section y’all were waiting for. The winter parka review! I know what you all are here for, and I am gonna give you that. The Askov Finlayson Winter Parka is the best parka I ever come across.  

Hailing from Minnesota, where the blood inside your veins freezes if you do not wear proper warm clothes, I have been trying various types of clothing from different brands for a long time. You might think that I am exaggerating, but nothing fulfilled my satisfaction and my blood was still freezing inside my veins whenever I used to go out to buy bread and milk for breakfast. Imagine the pain!     

This was the case until I came across Askov Finlayson Winter Parka last year. I noticed that it was available at a discount on Public Lands. But, I was not familiar with Public Lands, so I did some research, and found that it is owned by Dick Sporting Goods. So, I made a purchase.

It was life-changing (still not exaggerating). I could go out for walks comfortably. I was able to say yes to the dinner plans my friends made, which I kept avoiding for years just because I had nothing to combat the cold. 

We found Askov Finlayson's Parka warm and comfortable

Yes, I had to give up on a lot of things to save up the money for buying the jacket. But is it all worth it? Yes! A hundred times worth it. The design, which is the best in terms of all the parkas I have ever owned, is the A-Class quality, its lightweight material that adds to its functionality. I would not have found a better deal, I am 100% sure! 

Seeing how comfortable and functional it had been for me, my sister too ordered an Askov Finlayson Women’s Winter Parka. Do I also need to add that she loved it too? Both of us have never been so outgoing during the snow!  

However, my sister was confused between Askov Finlayson’s Parka, Helly Hansen Aden Puffy Parka, and Marmot Montreaux Puffer Coat. All three are warm, comfortable, and look really good, that’s why it made the decision difficult. But, as she wanted to test Askov Finlayson, so she went with their parka.

Where do all those excellent features come from!? Well, my friend it is made out of 3M Thinsulate material that always keeps the insulation properties at their toes. You will never feel the chills of cold air because of the innovative layering of the parka. Also, no cold air will get a chance to seep inside your parka to ‘boo!’ you out of nowhere. 

When I say this one is for the winter, I mean it! 

And when we talk about functionality, this parka does not back off without a rebuttal. It has seven pockets all over the body; it is made from recycled polyester which means it saves you from snowfall as well; to ensure that the head, ears, and neck are not forgotten the scuba fit hoodie exists; it makes you sweat in minus degree temperatures. What else do you need!? 

To add to all this, me and my sister bought these parkas from the official website of the brand. And guess what, we got it without any shipping costs. Overall the Askov Finlayson Parka is an awesome product in every aspect. I would definitely urge you to start saving up because this is gonna be a great investment, I promise!              

After all this, only one thing can be a successful hindrance between you and this parka and that is the price of this product. I agree that you find $400 way too expensive because dang, it is expensive! Did I tell you how I had to give up on repairing my golf set and purchasing a camping boot that I had my eyes on for ages!? 

So, if you cannot afford a parka worth $400, you can resort to some cheaper alternatives available in the market. If not the Askov Finlayson Parka, there is the Columbia Horizons Pine Interchange Jacket that costs literally half of the former but works just well. It is not a parka necessarily, but as a jacket, it is quite functional and durable too. You are not questioning the durability when it is a Columbia product, are you?  

Comparison of Askov Finlyson Parka and The North Face Parka

There is also the North Face Bedford Down Parka. I am sure you guys got excited seeing the North Face, right? While the price margin is not very large, it is still gonna cost you a few dollars less than Askov Finlayson. But, when it comes to quality, warmth, and comfort, it’s not less than Askov Finlayson’s.

Askov Finlayson’s Parka is available at a good discount, and you can find it at the Lowest Price on Public Lands. If you don’t know, Dick Sporting Goods own Public Lands, so feel free to make a purchase, this is a 100% tried & trusted company.


Here we reach the end of this Askov Finlayson review. I am sure most of you are already on your way to their website. And those who are not, what are you doing buddy!? Go, Godspeed! 

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