Askov Finlayson Parka Review: (For 2021 Winter)

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Investing in a premium parka that would protect you from the extreme cold this 2021 winter and at the same time stand against the test of time is such a big necessity for many. However, with several brands claiming to be the best parka in the market, a lot is left confused as to which deserves the hype and recognition.

Trying out every brand that does not potentially fit your standard is straight-up impractical. So, we got you covered. 

We tried a few of the brands that have consistently topped the most recommended list. Dominating among the list we have gathered in the Askov Finlayson Parka.

In this review, we will give you the most vivid points and answers to your queries.

The Brand

Before we get into the specific points as to why Askov Finlayson Parka might be your best buy for winter 2021, let’s get to know about this brand first.

In 2011, Minneapolis-based Askov Finlayson launched as a retail store. It soon developed to produce its products such as cold-weather essentials that are acclaimed to be suitable for active city life.

In 2018, Eric Dayton set out to build a new kind of winter coat incorporating the original influence of his brand “the North” referring to his homeland Minnesota. He geared up to make his parka that is warm, good-looking, and functional for city life and the outdoors.

With the best turn out of the product’s quality, his brand offers a “one winter guarantee,” including free shipping and free returns.

Moreover, the brand also claims to be the first ‘Climate-Positive’ Parka. The brand’s commitment revolves around giving grants to climate solutions by offsetting 110 percent of its carbon impact with donations to organizations fighting climate change. 

Furthermore, In terms of materials, Askov also makes eco-conscious choices. Their products are made from 100% recycled materials.

Surely, the parka does not only try to prove how it can help you fight inclement weather but it also tries to be a consistent advocate of nature.

About the Product

What makes a product different from its other rivals in the market is how its price matches its quality. It is a fact that quality is based on the materials utilized and the careful process of putting them all together.

With a price tag of $495, the brand promises that this parka is a good buy that will be with the customer for many winters to come. This is truly possible because Askov Finlayson Parka is made from Minnesota-based 3M’s proprietary Thinsulate material (a 100% recycled featherless insulation), a 100% recycled polyester shell, and a soft 100% Bluesign certified micro ripstop taffeta lining. With all these included, the entire parka is two-way water-resistant and also machine-washable.

In addition, although pretty common with other brands, this parka also got a scuba-fit hood, an insulated interior collar, and snapping lapels over its water-resistant zipper. 

The internal lining is soft, cozy, and compact. Zippers are also doing a great job especially for weathering the elements and trapping heat. I’d also give some round of applause to the snapping lapel closure for it does an excellent job stopping an icy wind from breaching your coat. 

However, the hood lacks adjustments. It feels so large that I can not cinch it tight. Also, even with the insulated collar, some buff may be necessary to completely seal out the chill.    

Overall, although fitness can be some sort of an issue, this thing keeps me cozy, warm, and comfortable even being in a place with a temperature of 20-degrees below. It lives up to its promise of keeping me warm on windy and frigid days.

I know not everyone loves pockets, but I do. Askov Finlayson Parka has five external pockets for pocket lovers like me that would be great storage for your little belongings. The hand pockets stacked behind the main buttoned front pockets are lined with a soft, cozy material that helps warm up cold fingers. For security, or for whatever function it serves you, it’s also provided with two internal stow-away pockets. 

The most liked feature of this parka and something distinct if you ask me is its Afield pocket with Present Mode technology. One of my favorites, for it, blocks all cell and WiFi signals to help wearers stay present. A great feature for me and for those who also struggle to get off their phone when out with someone or a group of people. Although not necessary, it’s undeniably a great innovation.

Although well situated and useful, its eight pockets are a little stocked for daily use. This is probably the main reason why the parka appears to be bulky than what most people typically prefer. 

Overall, I like how this brand knows how to put most of its effort into the functionality rather than the ornamentals. It’s a good buy especially when you want something looking timeless but still does the job rightfully. 

Final Thoughts

For its price, I am already satisfied with a reliable and functional parka, this is put to good use in winter 2021 and years to come. However, with its aesthetic and other mentioned issues above, I can say that this brand is still under the radar. It’s undeniably a great attempt that can still be improved in the future. 

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