Marmot Chelsea Down Coat Review: Tested by TSG

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Who does not want to own a classic parka in winter? You will definitely agree that wearing a parka is just enough. It is an all-rounder! 

But which one to buy? A very very common question. You can buy any parka you like, but if you want the best one, this review is for you. 

I have tested out the Marmot Chelsea Down Coat and the results I found out are definitely gonna urge you to buy this parka. So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s see the results of my testing in this review of Marmot Chelsea.

Marmot Chelsea Down Review

To sum up, everything I am gonna tell you ahead, they are amazing. These parkas work exactly like a good parka should work. They keep you warm, actually, very very warm. The 700-fill-power-down insulation is the reason why you are never going to get chilly when you step outside of your house during the snow. 

I have tested a Marmot Chelsea Down Coat myself and I have stopped complaining about the cold ever since! Coming from Colorado, I do not experience much spine-freezing cold temperatures but I still tested out this one parka. I think that it is apt for the Colorado weather if not anything else.

Beautiful design of Marmot Chelsea Down Coat

The Marmot Chelsea Down Parka provides you with an awesome level of warmth and comfiness. While I was testing this, I found that it’s much warmer than its close competitor The North Face Gotham Parka. Mainly because the Gotham Parka is a mid-thigh length parka but the Marmot Chelsea reaches your knees thus it covers a nice length. 

Also, if we talk about other great parkas of Marmot itself, the Marmot Chelsea is slightly warmer than the Marmot Montreaux which is not very different in terms of length. The magic mainly lies in the material of Marmot Chelsea.  

Made from Marmot’s two-layer MemBrain waterproof material, you need not worry about snowfall either! It works like a coat too, and mind you, without wetting those deep, fancy pockets. 

The hood, made of faux-fur ruff, is detachable so I generally do not wear it out. But you might need the hood if you are from Maine or Montana or other cold places as such. If I had to speak for myself, I didn’t catch a cold even after not wearing the hood because the entire body stays warm enough because of the 700-fill-power insulation. 

Marmot Chelsea is warm and comfortable

The faux fur in the hood will definitely keep you well-protected and safe in times of stormy weather because that is what it is made for. When it comes to precipitation on a large scale, the Marmot Chelsea Down Coat works enough to support you up to a certain point, but not more than the Patagonia W’s Tres 3-in-1 Parka.    

I would not forget to mention that the Marmot Chelsea Down Coat weighs absolutely less, unlike other parkas that are very heavy and difficult to carry in bad weather. So, when the weather goes south, you need not worry because you are wearing the Marmot Chelsea Down Coat!  

The parka is breathable and comfortable and keeps you warm as that is its main job. You can put on a few more layers underneath because it is quiet on the baggy wear side, but the overall comfort is not assured by this jacket. The microfleece lining works extremely well in every temperature at Denver, but I doubt if it is gonna work for Dakota or Minnesota.

It is not a puffer coat, so that’s a plus point for the women population who dislike puffer jackets. Even I think that puffer jackets hide the features of our bodies, while long coats like the Marmot Chelsea not only highlight it but also enhance it. The feminine curve of the jacket gives it a gorgeous cinch and makes you look gorgeous in turn. 

And that is the reason I love the design. One of the reasons to buy it right away is the cool and chic design of this parka. It does not provide an absolute fit like the Arcteryx Sensa Women’s Parka, but the cinchy fit is also very comfortable as I said earlier. The knee-length design makes the entire parka look insanely classy, especially if you have the Steel Onyx color like me.    

There are many similar-priced parkas like The North Face Arctic Parka and The North Face Gotham Parka. But I still find the design of The Marmot Chelsea Down Coat. Maybe it is the soft cuffs near the sleeves or the gorgeous fur styling on the hood.  

Soft cuff near the sleeves in Marmot Chelsea

My Verdict Based on Testing & Analysis

My verdict would be, to go for Marmot Chelsea Coat. That is what I would suggest because this parka is really good for any place you come from. Not the very cold ones though. I would still recommend brands like Canada Goose and Patagonia if your region faces heavy snowfall every day and you cannot avoid it whatever the temperature. 

As for me, I cannot find any better deal for parkas. If you come from Illinois or California, these parkas are for you! 


The Marmot Chelsea Down Coat is a perfect choice for places that encounter mid to average temperatures in winter. Not very cold, not very hot, but a subtle & pleasant winter where you go out for long drives at night, family dinners, concerts, etc… So trust me, you would not regret investing in this one.

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