Marmot Chelsea Coat Review: Tried & Tested Winter Coat

Are you looking for winter jackets to keep you warm this 2020? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With a plethora of options going around, some great deals, and lots of sales, it isn’t easy to pick up the best coat for yourself. 

Hence, here’s the Marmot Chelsea Coat review to help you with adequate information so you can make an informed purchase. Making a decision weighing out the pros and cons turns out to be the most beneficial in the long run, and we aim to help you do just that with this review. 

Marmot Chelsea Coat Review

If you are looking for a good coat to invest in, this beautiful coat is a top quality product. An audience favorite with the perfect fit and value for money, this coat rates too high on everyone’s wishlist! 

It is perfect for long walks on chilly nights and days. Moreover, the comfort level provided by this coat is sublime. The coat is designed to be long and to support the waterproof feature. Being breathable, this coat is also very insulated and provides heavy protection against winter storms. 

The Marmot Chelsea Coat is fashionable and follows the fur coat trend that recent jackets have, but don’t worry, if you are not into that and don’t need the extra protection, the fur hood is removable so that you can enjoy with or without the hood! This coat is not only good for city weather but also warm enough for the mountains. The longer parka that the coat has helps immensely in keeping warm.

Made out of soft polyester, it is insulated with 700-fill-power down, which works best in keeping you toasty and dry. In addition to this, the polyester also works towards giving this coat a soft and sleek premium look. The regular fit in this jacket might seem a little baggy for some, but overall, most people have enjoyed and highly admired the fit. 

The following are some of the particular features that will be covered in the review.


The Chelsea jacket is a Marmot product; hence, there is absolutely no doubt on this jacket’s performance and quality. The brand Marmot is popularly known as the maker of excellent performance outdoor apparel and has been trusted since 1974. 


Out of all the jackets present, this one is known to provide the most warmth. As it is insulated with a 700-fill-power down, it locks the heat inside, keeping you toasty warm and dry. It is reported to be a little off while fitting, but that does not come in the way of the heat and warmth this coat provides. 

The faux fur removable hood also adds additional warmth around the sensitive neck area. Furthermore, you can adjust the hood according to your liking and the weather conditions outside. 

Weather Resistance

Chelsea coat is designed with the traditional Marmot’s MemBrain waterproof fabric, which gives you a maximum weather resistance along with the extended knee cut. This feature allows you to stay safe outside in cold and frigid weather. 

The faux fur removable hood, in these cold conditions, is a lifesaver by providing warmth around your face. The coat also has the feature of adjustable cuffs, which offer an added benefit in keeping the cold out. These features do not come in the way of hindering comfort and breathability at all. 


Although the fit has been reported to be off, the overall sleekness and the look of this knee-length Chelsea jacket is not compromised. The faux fur also comes into play here as a cherry on top to add to the coat’s stylish feel. This coat is also made out of polyester, which helps in this coat’s overall smoothness. 

Final Words 

The Marmot Chelsea Coat is a fantastic jacket that provides adequate warmth and gets you through the stormy winter weather. It is also waterproof and added with multiple features. The Chelsea coat also has a membrane that is weather-resistant and allows you to breathe freely. 

Overall, this coat seems like a good investment which will provide value for money, but some people might find the fit a little off, so we suggest you try it on first or ensure that it is returnable before making the purchase, to ensure you get the best out of your deal.

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