Marmot Montreal vs. Montreaux: Comparison of Marmot Coats

We often find ourselves sitting in the middle of the fence while we are comparing two things to find a better alternative. Choosing one item, in comparison to the other blindly, without knowing the facts, pros, and cons, etc. can be extremely difficult.

That is why we are here to help you out in getting some clarity in a comparison of Marmot Montreal and Montreaux. In this review, you will find yourself knowing all the features, pros, and cons which will enable you to make an educated decision. It will be extremely easy for you to pick one coat!

Marmot Montreal Coat

This coat is an extreme down jacket which is specifically made to provide deep and toasty warm in the winter. The Montreal Coat is equipped in providing ample protection with as it is tough and water-resistant. The fabric is of a new high-quality which only adds on as a positive to this coat.

The coat is made out of polyester mostly and is filled with 700-fill power down with defender. The center back length of the coat is thirty-three inches and the weight is around 969.6 grams. Moreover, the jacket also has some faux fur which only helps in giving you additional warmth. The hood of this coat made out of synthetic fur ruff is also removable, so you can adjust it as per your look and convenience.

In addition, the pockets of this coat are microfleece-lined which aid immensely in keeping your hands warm. The plush fleece-lined on the torso does has the same effect in providing warmth. One of the best parts is that the two-way zipper that this coat has, prevents bunching of the jacket, which some people get extremely annoyed by. You won’t have to worry about that in this coat, it’s got you covered!

  • Retains warmth
  • Removable hood
  • Premium quality
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Comparably small fit

Marmot Montreaux Coat

This awesome coat is designed to keep up with the time of the day, which means it is appropriate for both day and night. The insulation and interior of the coat are made to provide warmth and keep you toasty and dry inside. Just like Montreal, this coat has a two-way zipper which keeps the jacket from bunching up and causing trouble. This coat is also equipped with a removable faux fur neck lining to aid in use as per the need and demand of the weather.

It has an interior drop pocket, zipper pocket, microfleece-lined zip handwarmer pocket, and also microfleece internal cuffs. This overall benefit makes this coat a package deal! Available in plenty of colors, the coat is made out of 100% polyester and has a 700-fill power down with down defender insulation. It is a little on the heavy side weighing just about 1023.1 grams with the center back length being thirty-nine inches. It is known to be durable and comfortable – what more can we ask for?

  • Keeps additional warmth
  • Weather-resistant
  • Multiple pockets
  • 24/7 use
  • Size might be an issue
  • Could be heavy for some

Similarities in Marmot Montreal and Montreaux Coat

You will definitely find these coats more similar than different. As they are both made by Marmot, they can surely be trusted. Marmot is an extremely reliable and renowned brand. They have good customer service which holds up well. This is the basic necessity of the consumer, which has been looked after well.

Since the Montreal and Montreaux are made by Marmot, there is no question about the performance and quality of these two coats, both are known to be extremely premium. The coats are made out of polyester mainly but also have a covering of faux fur near the neckline. Their interiors are also the same – the upper half of the jackets are lined with fleece which is done to keep you warm inside. Overall, these coats provide ample warmth and have excellent water resistance to keep you dry as well. These are supremely perfect for those chilly days and snowy weather.

Differences in Marmot Montreal and Montreaux Coat

Montreal vs. Montreaux can be a tough decision to make. If examined, you can almost conclude that both of these are pretty much the same. While looking closely for differences, we can see that the main difference between these two coats is the length. The Montreaux coat is about six inches longer than the Montreal one.

Although these coats are literally designed the same, there is a price difference between the two which is not really significant enough to make a difference. If noted officially, the Montreaux is only $15 more expensive than the Montreal. If you are looking for something more unofficial, the jackets can be found in different variety and heavy discounts. In some stores or online platforms, you can even get these coats for a flat $200.

If warmth is what you are looking for, Montreaux is your answer. It has a knee-length parka which helps immensely in adding warmth and protection to the jacket. Here, you also would not have to worry about the parka restricting your moves due to the presence of the two-way zipper which would let you adjust the jacket to your heart’s content. If the area you live in, is not particularly cold, Montreal is made for you! With its shorter height and easy mobility, it has your back when it’s a little cold or a lot cold!

Final Words

In the end, both of these coats are extremely fine quality and durable. Moreover, the features they have are unmatched. Although one might have better quality, the other makes up for it with the price and vice versa, so all in all, it comes down to what you prefer, given all choices. To conclude, the coats are marvelous and surely value for money but it depends on what you like, prefer and put first, ahead of the other. We really hope this review gave you some sort of clarity and help you pick one that suits you the most.

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