Marmot Montreal vs Montreaux: We Tested Both

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Choosing from two different brands is an easy job since you can compare the brand reputation, quality, performance, etc., and the one you like. 

But the difficulty arises when the two goods are from the same brand. This is when you cannot instantly decide which one is and consecutively have to rely on reviews on the internet. 

But that is when I come into the picture. So my darling, rest assured ‘cause this article aims to clear your doubts about these two parka jackets and help you reach a conclusion with them. So, let’s move ahead, and do the comparison of Marmot Montreal vs Montreaux.

Comparison Of Marmot Montreal and Motreaux  

All of us are tilted towards a certain feature that we look out for in the goods we are purchasing. For instance, some might be interested in the insulation properties of the coat while some might be biased toward the design putting every other specialty aside. So a tip for you, do look out for the feature that you favor the most. It will help you settle for one faster. 

Warmth & Comfort

The primary motive of a jacket is to provide warmth to the wearer. And you will be ‘surprised’ to know that both the jackets do an exceptional job at this one. Both of them provide comfort along with warmth and work greatly at whatever temperature you expose yourself to. The microfleece lining is soft and does not give you any type of rashes or itchiness. 

With 700 fill-down insulation, both jackets do not back off when it comes to keeping your body warm. Since the Montreal jacket is a deep-down jacket crafted especially for chilly winters, it should provide more insulation. But it provides the same level as a mid-thigh length jacket. What does this imply then?    

Also, to add to the comfort, both the Montreal and Montreaux jackets are very lightweight, unlike many other similar jackets in this price range like the Columbia Women’s Ember Down Jacket. To be precise, the Montreal jacket is slightly lighter than the Montreaux jacket.    


You are gonna be glad to know that these coats are made of waterproof material, thus making you immune to any and all types of weather as well! The material is completely non-porous but much more comfortable than a raincoat. 

But, the outer lining of the Montreal coat is quite thin which gives it a flimsy and shimmery kind of effect that doesn’t really go well with the coat. The Montreaux coat, on the other hand, has a super-soft lining inside and outside. 


Both jackets have a considerable type of feminine look. Not very feminine like the Canada Goose Rossclair Parka, the Nobis Astrid, or the Marmot Chelsea. I have also reviewed Marmot Chelsea, so feel free to read that article. But if you want a winner among the two, I’d name the Montreaux jacket. The Montreaux has a slightly narrower waist than the Montreal which is just straight A-lined. 

The Extra Features

We all love extra features so there’s no way I won’t include them for y’all! 

Both coats feature a fur hood that is removable. It means that you can use it according to your convenience. Plus the fur hood is not just for show, but is functional as well. Especially the Montreaux coat that has a larger fur hood. It blocks strong gushes of wind and sways away all dirt and dust. 

Testing hood of Marmot Montreaux and Montreal

With four pockets all over the coat, it becomes yet more functional and effective. Its pockets are also microfleece lined, which means you can warm your hands by simply putting them in. It replaces the need for gloves as well!  

Pockets and Warmth of Montreaux and Montreal

Now that you know all the features of these two jackets and have them compared, can you decide which one is better?    

Which One Is Better? 

This question is not mine to answer. Both are equally good in terms of whatever feature you may talk about and the main point is they cost the same, so it doesn’t really matter!

But what matters is what you think is the best for you. Both jackets are extremely versatile and, as I already said, open to every temperature and immune to every type of weather. At the end of the day, it is your choice. 

And if you think that they still lack certain features you would appreciate then check out Helly-Hansen Aden Puffy Parka Jacket, Columbia Suttle Down Jacket, and the North Face Women’s Arctic Parka. They too have similar features and actually are all-rounders too. 

If you ask me, I’ll go with Marmot Montreaux. Now, it’s your turn.   


Just like we reached the conclusion of this article, I hope that you too have reached the conclusion of your doubt. And if you are still confused, just like I expected, just take my hint and be biased.

So, what did you decide?  

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