Columbia Ice Maiden II Review: Tested & They’re Good

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That season is here! The season where we all want to take a stroll around on snowy roads and appreciate the beautiful weather. But we cannot do that wearing our pair of flip-flops or sneakers, can we? 

And what can be better than these Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boots? I can be your guarantor that these boots are here to solve all the problems that you face with snow. Whether it be wet soles, weak insulation or loose bindings, etc.… Columbia Ice Maidens are gonna fix it for you. 

So, what are we waiting for? 

Let’s read the Columbia Ice Maiden II review, and find out if they’re good or not.

Review Of Columbia Ice Maiden II 

Being a product of the legendary Columbia that swears on its products, we already know it is gonna be great. And trust me, it is. 

Made from waterproof textile leather, it has no chance to give way to wet soles or snow creeping in inside your boots. On top of that the leather is waterproof, thus it would not be harmed in any way possible even after long usage. But remember to treat the leather regularly so that it does not lose its waterproof abilities. And come on, Columbia products are made to last for a lifetime! 

It is also lightweight and has a waterproof seam-sealed membrane bootie. You might be thinking, “Lightweight boots are quite good for long wear, but what is this latter feature?” The latter feature is how Columbia ensures that those expensive soles remain dry throughout the trip. But you need to keep one thing in mind: continuous long-time usage might reduce the chances of their efficient working but that does not mean that these are not functional. 

It provides top-notch insulation abilities to ensure that your feet stay warm (the sole reason you are investing in these expensive boots), even in minus-degree temperatures. The interior of the boots has a lining of microfleece that flicks away wetness of any kind and keeps your feet warm. The exterior is dolled up with faux fur that not only gives the boots a classy and elite design but also holds in heat out of the shoes.      

When I say these are the perfect choices for trekking and hiking purposes, I mean it. And I have evidence to back this claim. Because these shoes have Omni-Grip non-marking outsoles they are gonna ensure that you do not slip and fall off from the hills. 

These Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boots are literally the best ones you are gonna get at this price. There is no better deal for me!     

Are The Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boots Really Good?

I already said this, but without beating around the bush, my answer is gonna be a clear-cut yes. I have great experience with these boots and if you take my opinion you are gonna be experiencing nothing less if you decide to own these.  

I tried these for a trekking trip with my friends around three years ago because I had heard a lot about them. When I got these I thought I got scammed because they were so light and snow boots are not normally light. What I mean is that I never owned a snow boot before that was so light! 

But once I had my feet inside the shoes and started walking, I knew that my $90+ did not go to waste. The inner lining of the microfleece was extremely soft along with the soles that felt like cushions. I was shocked at how good it felt to walk in those boots. I never felt for a second that I was climbing a hill. 

The entire experience was so good! In our next trek adventure, I saw two of my friends with the same boots as mine. 

Testing Columbia Ice Maiden II Boots

But yeah, as I already told you, do not wear these for a long time as water will seep in after a long time of use. 

As for the insulation, its main function, the Columbia Ice Maiden II stands tall in my eyes. I will tell you why. I also own the Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic Snow Boot which is at the same stall when it comes to insulation. But the Ice Maiden II insulation properties are still a lot better than Arctic Snow Boots even though the latter costs way more than the former. 

Also, the apple of my eye is the design of the Columbia Ice Maiden II. I know it is very similar to that of Sorel’s Arctic Snow Boots, but there is something about Ice Maiden that I love! I do not know if it is the lovely navy blue color I own or the faux-fur ruff that adorns it. It is still nowhere near Sperry Women’s Saltwater Alpine Snow Boots though, which is the peak of great design! 

But despite preferring Sperry Alpine Snow Boots for design, I choose Ice Maiden II over any other boot. You can call me biased, but I am in love with the Ice Maiden II snow boots. And trust me, you would be too! 

Where to Buy?


Since we are at the end of the article, I am sure all of you are on your way to check out those snow boots as you should! I am very happy that you loved them. And if you did not, read the article again, maybe you missed out on something.   

Happy shopping folks!  

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