Columbia Ice Maiden II Review: Pros & Cons in 2020

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Girls! September is here, so get up and put on your winter gear! The cold weather is perfect for going out and walking around, so put on your boots and get down to it.

Many girls have problems with boots because some may: take a long time to put on and take off; not be warm enough; get snow inside and get your feet soaking wet; have soles that usually make you slip on ice etc.

Worry no more, because the Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boots for Women can solve all of those problems, and what better way to prove it than to go grab your own pair online right now?

My Personal Opinion

Ladies! If you are struggling to choose what snow boot is best for you, I highly recommend you to buy the Columbia Ice Maiden II.

The leather and textile finish gives you a premium and durable look alongside multiple color options to choose from that will highly complement your style and aesthetic. The rubber sole protects you from the cold that can penetrate through the boot and provides you flexibility even with critical movements.

This snow boot is made with waterproof materials and 200 grams of insulation to keep you warm and dry during the worst weather conditions. The lacing system also assures to fit any type of users with its lace-up closure technology. Another thing is lightweight design that is perfect for winter’s worst days.

This is why this snow boot is a great product you must have. To see more, check out the customer reviews of the Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boots.

Columbia Ice Maiden II
MaterialWaterproof textile leather
TechnologyOmni-Grip™ suction technology
DesignWaterproof seam-sealed membrane bootie
Insulation200g insulation
Temperature Ratingup to -25F/-32C
Size5.5 to 12
Color5 color choices
Weight1.2 pounds
PerksTechlite™ lightweight midsole for long lasting comfort and cushioning
PriceSee Current Price

Review of Ice Maiden II Boots by Columbia

Features of Columbia Ice Maiden II

The Columbia Ice Maiden II is the perfect all-purpose winter boot for women all around. It will make you extremely comfortable, it will keep you warm, it will save you from getting wet, it has traction to go around different terrains, and it would go great with any of your outfits for winter. You can find all the features of Columbia Ice Maiden II down below.


Extreme Cold? That does not ring a bell to Columbia Ice Maiden II. The Columbia Ice Maiden II has many features that let you stay warm while you are out walking on heavy snow. It has a 200-gram insulation and a waterproof seam-sealed membrane bootie construction. It has a temperature rating of -25F/-32C.

Its interior is lined with microfleece and the cuff sports a faux-fur ruff that serves its purpose to hold in heat. With the right size you also get enough room to wear thick winter socks for a toasty and cozier feel.

Weather Protection

The Columbia Ice Maiden II will keep your feet protected from the winter weather. These boots are perfect for taking long winter walks, short hikes, or simply going out during this time of the year. You could go through a slushy trail and not have soaking socks at the end of it.

Although you still have to avoid walking on a path that goes higher than the height of the boot’s tongue gusset if you do not want to get the slightest bit wet. This goes for a lot of boots; in order to keep its waterproof construction, you must treat the leather regularly.

Comfort & Fit

The Columbia Ice Maiden II snow boot’s interior is a soft, synthetic microfleece. The fit depends if you get the boot in the right size, make sure to know yours because it will give narrow feet a bit of room, while medium-width feet will feel more secure, but not exactly tight.

With a fitted heel, lightweight midsole, superior cushioning, and high energy turn it will be high enough to avoid having your feet touch the extremely cold floor. If you are still having trouble with the size you got, you can lace it up to get the precise fit in order to get the most out of its comfortable features.


At first sight the Columbia Ice Maiden II might make you think that this snow boot is all for show or that it would not be able to hold up after hours of rugged use, but it is a top choice for Women’s Snow Boots for a reason.

The Columbia Ice Maiden II would be the perfect boots for an outing; you could walk up risky terrains with its Omni-Grip non-marking outsole that serves excellent traction making your short journey a whole lot easier. Icy roads and slippery rocks are no match for these rocking kicks. Thanks to its deep lugs, the Columbia Ice Maiden performed well in its traction test, making it better than average than most snow boots out there.

Ease of Use

Unlike most snow boots, putting on and taking off the Columbia Ice Maiden II is inconceivably easy due to its nylon laces and webbing lace holders which are better than your usual eyelets. You can pull the laces up tightly and make them loose with ease.  Pulling the laces tight from the top will give you a tighter grip but will stay loose lower down on top of your foot. Adjusting the laces for a precise fit takes a little bit of time on your first use so make sure to fix it before going out in a hurry.


If you think that the Columbia Ice Maiden II does not actually go with your favorite pair of snow pants, do not turn back now because the Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boots for Women comes in six different colors: Elk, Black; Shale, Dark Raspberry; Cordovan, Siberia; Black, Columbia Grey; Graphite, Plum Purple; and Oxford Tan, Ancient Fossil. These feminine boots are very versatile; you just have to choose a color that suits you best to strut in the colors you trust.


The Columbia Ice Maiden II is excellent for numerous outdoor winter activities. It is one of the best options for purchasing Women’s Snow Boots. For what it is worth, the Columbia Ice Maiden II offers more than you could ask for to keep yourself warm in such cold conditions. You can even use it after winter, want to be cozy and snug? Grab your pair and lounge around, get comfy, use it however you want to use it. The Columbia Ice Maiden is a must-have for any woman’s closet.

Final Words

Everyone knows how 2020 has put people in a conservative state, and to turn your outside journey into a fun and caring experience, let Columbia Ice Maiden II be the snow boots to guide you every step of the way. Save up, be stylish, and be safe! You bet your boots that this will absolutely be the best purchase you will ever make this 2020.

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