Best Ice Hockey Gloves in 2020: Tried & Tested

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Ice Hockey is a potentially dangerous game, in which two teams of skaters try to control a vulcanized rubber pluck with long sticks and try to push it into the oppositions net to score points. It is a fast paced game and quick hand movements while skating is a huge advantage.

Therefore, it is important that the ice hockey players have warm and comfortable hands, which is possible if they have comfortable ice hockey gloves. In this article, we will be listing down some of the best ice hockey gloves that ice hockey players can use to improve their stick-holding, passing, and shooting skills.

My Personal Recommendation

If I have to choose the best ice hockey gloves in the market, I’d definitely go for the Franklin Sports NHL Hockey Gloves.

One of the most important things to look for in a pair of ice hockey gloves is the protection it can provide while playing. The NHL hockey gloves feature its full-coverage, high-density, Shok-Sorb padding that protects your hands and wrists against the fierce impacts from the sticks and pucks during the game to prevent injuries.

The palm area has a soft synthetic leather material to give you a better grip on your stick and to withstand regular wear and tear. Likewise, the finger area has nice breathable knit gussets to keep you comfortable.

The anatomical design of these gloves gives you maximum mobility and flexibility while also delivering a closer fit and a more solid feel to let you perform your best.

Best Ice Hockey Gloves in 2020

Given below is a list of the best hockey gloves that you can buy in 2020 with a detailed review.

Bauer Supreme 2S Ice Hockey Gloves

The Supreme 2S by Bauer are highly durable and top quality hockey gloves. These gloves are specifically designed to provide comfort, mobility, and high grade protection to the ice hockey players. With these gloves on, players can move their wrists more freely, allowing them to have better control over the hockey stick.

The gloves come with plenty of features. It has an anatomical design that is close to the hands and offers more space around the cuffs. This allows the players to have more freedom and flexibility at their wrists. Moreover, the backhand and fingers include dual density foam and poly inserts that reduce impact from blocked shots and slashes.

Bauer’s Supreme 2S is made using pro nylon mesh and cable mesh shell that makes the entire set very lightweight and durable. The fingers too are constructed in a three piece design for increased mobility, while the thumb uses a two-piece flex lock technology that protects your thumb and prevents it from moving backward.

At the top, Supreme 2S features an AMP cuff that allows the players maximum stick control by increasing their range of motion. These active motion cuffs move and extend with the hand allowing the players increased freedom and the right feel of stickhandling, passing, and shooting.

All the features of Supreme 2S are given below.

  • Anatomical design
  • Lightweight and durable construction due to pro nylon mesh
  • Increased protection with dual density foam
  • Two-piece flex lock system for thumb to prevent backward movement and increase mobility
  • Maximum stick control thanks to AMP cuffs
  • Moisture wicking nature due to Thermo Max+ liner
  • AX Suede Quattro palm for the right stick feel

CCM Tacks 4R Lite Pro Hockey Gloves

The CCM’s Tacks 4R Lite are one of the most protective hockey gloves in the market. It’s classic 4-roll design is very eye-catching, attractive, and really professional. It also has plenty of advanced features that not only reduces the impact on your hands, but also increases the comfort and overall health of the hands.

The Tacks 4R are constructed using pro-selected polyester for maximum fit, and at the top there is an open segmented cuff with PE inserts that increases impact protection and allows free wrist movement. The backhand and fingers too come with dual-density foam with PE inserts that offer high grade protection from common slashes that occur on the field.

The thumb and palm are the more feature focused regions for Tacks 4R. The thumb features a flexible movement that increases thumb mobility, stick grip, and prevents it from moving backward, protecting it from hyperextension.

The gloves come with an all-beige pro palm construction that also includes reinforcement materials that increases durability and protects it from early wear and tear. The palm design allows the players to get the right stick feel and control, and there is also a polygiene treated layer included that prevents any microbial infections, keeping it fresh all the time.

Given below are all the features offered by CCM’s Tacks 4R Lite pro hockey gloves.

  • Pro-selected polyester offers maximum fit
  • Open segmented cuffs with PE inserts
  • Dual density foam for improved impact protection
  • Flexible thumb that prevents backward movement
  • All-beige pro palm for the right feel
  • Polygiene treated liner to prevent microbial infections
  • Includes reinforcement material to protect from early wear and tear

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Gloves

Bauer revolutionized its hockey glove products with the Vapor 2X. The gloves are extremely lightweight, weighing only about 255 grams, but offers standard protection like any other. Apart from being very light, Vapor 2X are extremely comfortable and flexible, allowing the players to play with no restraints.

The Vaopr 2X features all new foam named ShockLite at the backhand that provides exceptional protection from common slashes and blocked shots. Moreover, the fingers too feature triple density foam with HyperLite HD foam which doesn’t absorb water and doesn’t add weight.

The best part is that there is not one plastic insert included that makes this gloves astonishingly light. Thanks to the ultra-sensitive Connekt+ palm, it’s highly durable and provides incredible stick control and feel. The gloves also feature flex cuffs that provide increased mobility and allows the players to move their hands just the way they want.

It also includes Bauer’s Thermo core liner that improves softness and comfort while absorbing the moisture, odour, and managing sweat. Bauer’s Vapor 2X are truly an amazing choice for enthusiastic ice hockey players. These gloves are highly durable, come with a classic design, and are available in over ten colours.

Given below are all the features of Bauer Vapor 2X pro hockey gloves.

  • ShockLite foam provides pro level protection
  • HyperLite foam is lightweight and improves mobility
  • Uniquely attached flex cuff for better range of motion
  • Thermo core manages moisture, sweat, and odour

Pure Hockey PH1 Youth Hockey Gloves

Pure Hockey PH1 is one of the coolest hockey gloves currently available in the market. It may not be a pro level creation, but it is the best hockey gloves for young generation willing to participate in hockey. These gloves are best for entry-level players looking to develop their basic stick handling, passing, and shooting skills.

Not being a pro doesn’t mean that it has no features to talk about. In fact, the perfect features needed for a young player to learn hockey are all present in Pure Hockey PH1. It contains multi-density foam that is very lightweight and provides good impact protection.

It also features an open cuff design that provides freedom of movement around the wrist and increases the range of motion. The palm is one of the highlighted areas. It has a Nash palm that gives the young players great stick feel, allowing them to learn what exactly is needed to safely move the stick around.

Given below are all the features of Pure Hockey PH1 Youth hockey gloves.

  • Multi-density foam provides extra protection
  • Very durable hockey gloves
  • Open cuff for increased mobility and freedom of movement
  • Nash palm provides great feel
  • Perfect for entry-level players

Warrior Covert QRE10 Senior Hockey Gloves

Warrior’s Covert QRE10 is the latest model in the Covert hockey gloves series, and without a doubt, the coolest ones yet. It has plenty of features to boast, and is advertised as one of the most durable and lightweight senior hockey gloves in the market.

The Covert QRE10 is designed using Convert Taper fit that takes natural shape of your wrist, fingers and hand, providing great mobility and protection. It also features an AXYFLEX thumb that contains stretchy mesh material between the cuffs and glove body. Thanks to this, the thumb receives a top level protection and maximum mobility.

The thumb also contains an extra “break” feature that increases mobility and greatly reduces stiffness, while giving the right feel and stick control. The AXYFLEX is also equipped with its V2 cuffs that contain hard plastic guard affixed to the dual-density foam. Apart from this, the wrist area also contains a plastic insert that takes safety to the next level.

The QRE10 boasts its durability because of its palm construction, which features a SmartPalm+ combined with Clarino Har. Both of these materials work towards providing the right feel and control, while providing maximum protection and mobility.

The backhand too features exclusive EXO+ foam, which is an advanced foam tech that is extremely lightweight and provides maximum foam protection. The backhand also contains plastic inserts that adds protection points and greatly minimizes the impact from the normally occurring slash and whacks.

Given below are all the features of Warrior’s Covert QRE10 Senior hockey gloves.

  • Designed with Convert Taper Fit
  • AXYFLEX thumb with extra “break” feature
  • AXYFLEX V2 Cuff with hard plastic guard affixed to dual-density foam
  • Backhand contains exclusive EXO+ Foam
  • Plastic inserts included at the wrist area
  • SmartPalm+ combined with Clarino Har for the right feel and control
  • WarTech FNC liner with Polygiene for sweat, moisture, and odour

How to Choose Hockey Gloves?

To play hockey, gloves are one of the most important equipment you will need. Hockey gloves not only protect you from the normal stick and puck attacks, but also protect your hands when you fall on ice. Therefore, choosing the right hockey gloves is an important task and should not be taken lightly.

There are plenty of factors you need to consider while buying, such as size, fit, protection, mobility, and the durability. All of these factors are briefly explained below.


One of the first things you need to check is the size. Normal senior hockey gloves start at 13”, 14” and 15”, anything smaller than that is considered to be for youth and junior level players. The perfect way to measure your hockey glove size is to measure length from your finger tips to the inside curve of your elbow.

In any case, brands tend to have various size standards, so it’s best recommended to also try one size above and below to get an overall feel.


Once you have a fairly good idea about your hand size, you should select the type of fit you want. The most common designs are anatomical fit, tapered fit, and classic fit. The anatomical fit is the tightest, while the tapered fit may be a bit snug on the sides. The classic fit is the widest fit and is also a traditionally used hockey glove design.

The best way to decide is to try them all and see what type of fit appeals to your hands the most.


Good hockey gloves have increased layers of protection, and better hockey gloves also contain plastic shields over those layers. Cheap or medium quality hockey gloves may have only a single or double layer of protection, which may or may not include plastic shields.

Better quality gloves also contain extra padding for protection on the sides, backhand, and even on the wrists. This may not be the case with every hockey gloves out there. However, all hockey gloves come with restricted thumb movement that prevents it from getting dislocated.

If you are looking at hockey gloves that have the same mobility at the thumb as other fingers, then it may not be ice hockey gloves, but more of street hockey.


Hockey gloves should also offer hand mobility. There is no point of getting all that protection, if you can’t even get into the action. To be able to control the stick freely, and to pass and shoot the puck in the right direction, you will need to move your hands the way you want.

High end gloves have a good blend of mobility and protection, while the low end or medium end gloves offer one or the other. To check how mobile your hands feel, the most recommended way is to try out passing, stick handling, and maybe take a few shots if possible.


Hockey gloves are easily prone to wear and tear, especially at the areas around the palm. High-end hockey gloves may contain some protection features around these tear-sensitive areas, but usually there isn’t much to cover. So, make sure that the gloves are durable and can live up to your sporty expectations.

Final Words

The main aim of hockey gloves is to protect your hands from abrasions, bruises, ice, and impacts, while allowing you to play the game just as you want. The gloves should be able to provide the comfort and mobility needed for a hockey player to perform on field, while protecting it from anything that’s coming.

All the hockey gloves mentioned in this article are top notch and are the best hockey gloves you can find in 2020. These gloves provide the best blend of protection and mobility that is needed for any hockey player to perform.

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