16 Best Ice Fishing Boots in 2023: Warm and Waterproof

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Ice fishing is an enjoyable activity for many anglers, but it can be dangerous if you don’t have the right gear. One of the most important pieces of equipment to invest in is a good pair of ice fishing boots.

Ice fishing boots are designed specifically to keep your feet warm and dry while out on the frozen lake. They also provide traction so that you don’t slip and fall into icy waters.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ice fishing boots available in 2023. We will go over their features, benefits, and prices so that you can choose a pair that fits your needs and budget perfectly!

best overall

Kamik Icebreaker Winter Boots

best for women

BOGS Whitout Fleck Snow Boot

Best value for money

ALEADER Waterproof Winter Boots

best premium boots

Muck Boots Wellington

most comfortable

Baffin Titan boots

most comfortable – women

SOREL Caribou Winter Boot

Warmest Boot on the planet

Korkers Polar Vortex winter boots

Best Ice Fishing Boots in 2023

Kamik Icebreaker Winter Boots

Going ice fishing you just cannot afford any random winter boot to combat the slushy, icy puddles or the hardened snow floors. You’ll Require something durable enough to splash through all of the heat. The Kamins icebreaker serves you one of the best knee-high Boots made primarily of rubber.

With these, you cannot go wrong, because they are lightweight and almost 100% waterproof. Don’t take much stress and just Step into that chilly puddle to reach the best ice fishing locations, your Boots can manage. It features the RubberHe that offers an amazing grip on wet grounds.

Not only on the outside but even on the inside it is made from materials that are not only warm but offer you the much-required comfort and ease of movability as and when required. It is strong, dependable, and reliable even in the harshest grind conditions. 


  • Non-bulky.
  • Waterproof.
  • Gives warmth.
  • Zylexx removable insulation liner.


  • Check for durability. 

Kamik Greenbay Cold Weather Boots

Being an amazing winter boot, especially for the cherishing season, this also features RubberHe as used insoles. The beauty of this lies in the fact that these soles are great on slushy and icy grounds and help you navigate well in thick snow, which is a great help when going ice fishing at its peak time. The sole is also waterproof in nature, keeping your feet dry throughout.

It also has its extreme temperature rating scaled at minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That means even in temperatures as low as 40F, these Boots will be there to protect your feet from the outside chills trying to freeze your feet. Additional warmth is actually provided by the 8mm thermal guard liner.

The best part is this liner may be removed if you feel limited or hot. The durability of the boots is maintained by the 609 Denier nylon that keeps the boot in shape and away from easy breakage. It is designed to give traction and prevent slippage.


  • Removable insulation.
  • Branded waterproof sole.
  • Designed wider for a better fit.
  • Durable.


  • Must get the right size.

SOREL Winter Carnival Boots

Designed especially for women ice anglers, these boots are known to give the ultimate kind of protection against bad weather. And indeed, ice fishing areas are fraught with rough and uneven grounds that make walking and navigating difficult. These boots with excellent traction, insulation, and waterproofing were meant to combat such hostile conditions.

Wearing them you can stomp into the ice fishing areas without much worry since these are pretty reliable with the nylon seam-sealed waterproof construction that is paired with microfleece lining. Coupled together they not only provide warmth but comfort and coziness against the elements. It also uses a 6mm felt inner boot and a 2.5 mm bonded felt frost plug.

For better chances against the snow, you have a heel of 3/4 inch and a platform of ½ inch. This way your boots won’t sink into the snow and you’ll be able to have better strides.


  • Anti slippage.
  • Heeled and platform boots.
  • Warm and cozy.
  • Vulcanized rubber soles.


  • May run a bit large on small feet.

ALEADER Winter Snow Boots

My favorite thing about these boots is their fabric type, which is the upper material. It is made of stuff that is water and wind resistant. It is also coated with PU coating is the synthetic textile upper, and is extremely durable in nature.

As an ice fishing boot, it is extremely useful because of its rubber soles that are designed to combat all kinds of rugged terrains be it Rocky grounds or snowy slopes. It gives you a sort of sure footing that you could only imagine in your comfiest dreams. The anti-slip feature also helps in keeping the right footing required in dangerous jaunts on snowy mountains.

Additionally, it features a cushioned underfoot that ensures your snow adventures are not only safe but comfortable as well. Coupled with the insulation and protection against the elements, it is one of the best options out there. The convenience is maintained by easy fit and drawstring with barrel lock closure.


  • Durable.
  • Anti slippage. 
  • Insulated. 
  • Easy fit.


  • Ensure you get the correct size.

Baffin Wolf Snow Boot

Personally, I feel that the most important feature of an ice fishing boot is its sole. And Baffin’s has advanced engineered boot soles that are made by the amalgamation of several thermo-set polymers. These combined achieve the right type of balance, warmth, protection, and weight.

So with these on, you won’t feel chilled toes or the usual bulkiness associated with Snow Boots. Additionally, you’ll find that the sole and the midsole of the boot are in continuity with the base and this ensures a firmer fit. You can easily wade through thick snow or puddles since these boots are waterproof as well. 

It features a 5-layer thermaplush boot liner that provides the required warmth and the 6mm contoured footbed gives the comfort with which you can stay cozy and toasty for a longer duration. It is also stylish that gels well with its high-performance functionality. 


  • Drawcords and double buckling system.
  • Cold-resistant EVA midsole.
  • Gives integrated arch support.
  • Foam-based inner boot system.


  • May seem too large for some people.

StrikerIce Rubber Boot

Ice fishing is fun as long as your boots work in your favor. But the problem with the weather on slopes is they change frequently and thus you may never seem to decide on what kind of boot you should wear. Striker’s Ice Boot might be your solution.

The reason is, it has a very convenient feature where you can roll down the boots to handle higher temperatures and then pull them up to tackle low temperatures. They are meant to tolerate minus 40 temperatures at most, so you are open to exposing them to even the chilliest of weather. They use molded rubber for anti-slippage under the sole giving it much traction to walk on slippery ice.

The anti-slippage is aided by the leather veneer bottom and the Ergonomic fit at the heel and ankle is one of the best characteristics of ice fishing boots as they provide protection and comfort at the same time!


  • Customizable. 
  • Superior traction.
  • Thinsulate insulation. 
  • Waterproof welded construction. 


  • Not as warm.

Baffin Icebreaker Snow Boots

Ice fishing will get pretty annoying once you keep getting stuck in snow puddles with your pants drenched up to your knees. So to prevent this you’d require better ice fishing boots with long shafts which may be found in the Baffin breaker as it sports boots with 12 inches of shaft height. These can soon become an irreplaceable part of your winter gear with their astounding features.

The boots are made specifically to tolerate the undulations of rugged terrains. They use Arctic flex rubber soles for flexibility in cold weather. And the ICEPAW outsole gives you an enhanced grip to stride on snow-covered grounds without slipping every other minute.

While the exterior is made cold-resistant the interior also uses a removable multi-layer foam boot system. This gives you additional warmth and also helps in putting less impact on your feet in the snow and ice. Also, the drawstring top line with the D ring drawstring lacing gives you all kinds of added warmth as you trek in the trails.


  • High performance. 
  • Superior comfort.
  • Good height.
  • Lightweight. 
  • Easy wearable.


  • The nylon material may not be great in many cases.

Sorel Caribou Winter Boots

Using Nubuck leather for the construction of these winter boots, they sport soles made of rubber. These two features coupled together ensure that your boots are durable and even when handled with less care they may still survive. The rubber soles are there to take care of the fact that you don’t go all slipping into the snow and land on your back as they are meant to provide you with the required traction.

The best thing I like about the boots is the removable felt lining with the faux sterling trim. They offer you the required comfort and since you can remove them as you please they are convenient enough even in relatively higher temperatures. Also to keep in the warmth in your feet they have sealed rubber sidewalls and toe boxes.

With the escape of heat prevented the boots feature leather pull tabs that further lock in the heat and yet give you room for maneuverability as well. The lace-up closure and the casual style are awesome to wear in weather and winter sports of all kinds.


  • Soft and comfortable inside.
  • Durable rubber soles.
  • Heavy lugged soles for better strides.
  • Keep warm.


  • be careful about the size if you have wider feet.

Kamik Canuck Cold Weather Boots

Ice fishing is made simpler and less slushy with Kamik’s Canuck Cold Weather Boots. These boots are usually made with a knee High shaft that protects your shins and your knees from the cold and also offers an additional impact save if you hit the icy grounds on your knees. These boots are meant to keep you dry with the 1000 Denier nylon waterproofing.

They have a rubber shell under the foot so as to give you the perfect type of traction necessary for the icy grounds. The shell is also flexible enough that you can get many odd jobs done without them hindering your progress. This also features a snow collar with a bungee lace lock. And what I like about this is that these lace locks keep out the flying snow and moisture as you go drilling on the ice for your ice-angling sessions. 

It features an 8mm Zylex liner that offers the required warmth and comfort from the inside and keeps you at work for a long.


  • Convenient snow collar.
  • Keeps you dry and moisture free.
  • Slip resistant. 
  • Easy draw Cords.


  • May not be warm enough for extremely cold conditions. 

Muck Boots Arctic Ice

These snow boots have 5 mm neoprene, provide comfort and flexibility, and excellent waterproofing, shock absorption, and heat retention properties.

The boots adjust to your foot shape to prevent your feet from any blisters and chafing.

It has an extended, soft rubber coverage, and its tough, flexible Spandura adds protection against wear and tear. It has an improved midsole for better support.

The boots’ soft fleece lining enhances comfort, provides superior warmth, and is durable for long cold treks. It gives comfort rated from -40 °F to 40 °F (-40 °C to 4 °C).

Its Vibram Arctic Grip outsole pads deliver the most advanced traction on wet ice, and the base layer also provides the highest level of traction on dry ice!

Its multi-directional outsole lug design offers excellent traction on multi-surface terrain; the boots also have a rear pull loop for easy on/off.

ArcticShield Winter Snow Boots

These snow boots have a rubber sole and a shaft that measures approximately 14″ from the arch.

It has an 8 mm removable liner with ArcticShield’s Patented Retain technology that keeps you warm on any tundra down to -40 degrees F.

The boots also have an adjustable bungee cord at the opening to keep the snow out.

These Waterproof boots will keep your feet nice and dry in snowy, muddy, and wet conditions.

These boots have a super lite base that protects against cold and wet elements. Its durable thick treaded rubber outsole provides great traction on slippery, icy surfaces.

It has heat-resistant retain insulation that captures and returns up to 90% of your body’s warmth, preventing radiated body heat from escaping and cool external conditions from gaining access.

Plus, this lightweight, windproof water-resistant insulation keeps you comfortable in most extreme conditions. 

SOREL Glacier XT Insulated Winter Boot

These boots have a removable felt lining and Omni-Heat reflective thermal technology.

Its DWR-coated synthetic upper is complemented by a handmade vulcanized rubber outsole to protect you from rain and snow.

It also has a PU-coated synthetic fabric exterior, making it durable and water resistant; it has an adjustable cord with tanca closure and a 13mm ThermoPlus removable inner boot for easy use. 

This boot has a 2.5mm felt glued anti-freeze midsole and an AeroTrac SOREL anti-accumulation sole. 

These boots have frost plugs used underfoot to increase the thermal barrier between you and the cold ground and keep your feet warm. 

best boots for ice fishing

Korkers Winter Boots Snow

These boots have their soles made of rubber and come with a closure-type fit system of Boa M4 for fast and effortless on/off and custom fit.

They offer versatile traction because they include two OmniTrax 3.0 interchangeable soles for customized traction.

These boots have 600g of 3M Thinsulate insulation for the ultimate warmth during less active adventures like ice fishing. 

It has an aerogel frost barrier footbed with a Fahrenheit Heat Warmer compatibility to keep your feet warm on icy cold days.

They also fit very snug with a good pair of ice fishing socks, providing your feet with that additional warmth.

Clam Sub-Zero X Boots

The Clam Sub-Zero X Rubber Boots are an excellent choice for ice fishing enthusiasts who need a reliable and durable pair of boots to keep their feet warm, dry, and stable on slippery terrain.

Made in the USA, these boots feature 100% waterproof construction with full rubber material and a reflective cuff with a tie closure to keep your feet secure.

Plus, the removable wool padded liner adds extra warmth and comfort while the true traction grip keeps you stable on slippery surfaces.

These ice fishing boots have a heel kick tab for easy removal at the end of the day, making them perfect for long hours out on the lake!

They’re tried and tested by hundreds of ice fishing people, and they will keep you protected even if the temperature is below -40°F.

TIDEWE Deck Boots

These boots are made of neoprene and soft rubber material to provide durability. It is 100% waterproof. 

These boots have edge grooves and a middle tread pattern on the outsole.

This makes it suitable for different terrain surfaces, and the grip texture design on the front and back anti-slip zone provides excellent traction on uneven footing.

Its liner is made of moisture-wicking and breathable material. This keeps your feet dry and comfortable as you are ice fishing. 

These boots have an EVA insole with memory foam that brings more comfort and arch support.

It has a reinforced rubber shell on the toe and heel, providing additional protection for your foot. The kick plate and the pull loop also enable easy on and off. 

DRYCODE Deck Boots

These boots come with a reinforced rubber shell and neoprene for additional protection in the heel and toe.

It has a non-slip outsole tread pattern that gives a lockdown grip even on wet and slippery surfaces.

It is built with complete rubber 100% waterproof construction and keeps your feet dry all day long, with a full rubber upper construction that provides durability and comfort.

Furthermore, it allows air to move freely in and out of the soles, keeping your feet dry. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Ice Fishing Boots 

How to choose snow boots for ice fishing


Your ice fishing boots must provide enough warmth to prevent your feet from the cold snow and ice.

This ensures you have a comfortable time fishing on the ice for long periods. 

Look for the insulation weight and decide based on the region where you would go ice fishing.

Do not go for heavy insulation ones with no breathable liners as it may result in sweat, causing discomfort. 


You are ready to spend a lot of bucks on a good ice fishing boot, and what is the point if it doesn’t have enough durability?

Durability refers to the strength ice fishing boots have and how far they can tolerate without any wear and tear. 

Ensure that you pay attention to the construction and the material of the sole so that you can know how durable and long-lasting your ice fishing boots will be.

Easy On/Off

It’s very important to wear boots which are easy to wear and remove. If you have to take time and tie your laces or undo them, you might miss that fish waiting beneath to fall for your bait. 

So look for features like elastic loops that help you wear your boots and take them off easily. 

Also, many times people choose to go ice fishing at night. You must wear quick and easy shoes to come on/off during such times.


What’s a good pair of boots without that comfy home-like feel? If your ice fishing boots are gonna cause blisters and chafing, then it’s a big no-no.

Go for soft and comfy ones to have a pleasant ice fishing experience. 

A proper fitting is also very crucial. So choose your boots by taking a careful look at the size chart. Look for the sole materials and check if the liner is removable and breathable. 


The price of ice fishing boots also plays an important role in deciding which one to buy. Expensive ones are usually better but they don’t always guarantee a comfortable fishing time.

Choose one that fits your budget and also provides enough insulation, durability, and easy on/off features. 

Safety Features 

It’s important to look for safety features in the boots you choose for ice fishing. Look for features like waterproofing, slip-resistant soles, and warm insulation to keep your feet dry and warm on the icy lake.

You must also look for boots that have reflective accents to make you visible in dark conditions, especially if you plan to go ice fishing at night.

Finally, pick a pair of boots with good ankle support so that it can provide stability while walking on slippery surfaces. 

These are some of the key features to keep in mind when choosing boots for ice fishing.

Make sure you consider all of these factors before making your purchase and make sure you always stay safe on the lake!

FAQs about Ice Fishing Boots

What are the best boots for ice fishing?

The best boots for ice fishing depend on your budget, comfort needs, and desired safety features. Look for boots that are 100% waterproof and have insulation, reflective accents, slip-resistant soles, and good ankle support.

How do I keep my feet warm while ice fishing?

The best way to keep your feet warm while ice fishing is to wear a pair of insulated boots with a wool liner. Make sure the boot is waterproof so you don’t get your feet wet in icy water. Additionally, wearing multiple layers of socks will help keep your feet extra warm!

It’s also important to be careful when drilling holes because when you take out your auger, it also brings a lot of water. So, you should avoid water as much as possible. If you have no idea about ice augers, you can read my other article where I have shared some of the best battery-powered augers for ice fishing, that’ll be helpful for you.

How tight should ice fishing boots be?

Ice fishing should fit snugly but comfortably – they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. You want them to feel on your feet like a glove – tight enough to provide good ankle support but not too tight that it causes discomfort.

Are ice fishing boots safe?

Yes, as long as you choose the right pair of boots with all of the necessary safety features, we can say, these boots are safe and will keep your feet safe from the cold weather. Always make sure your boots fit well and you will be safe while out ice fishing!

What should I look for in a good pair of ice fishing boots?

A good pair of ice fishing boots should have waterproofing, insulation, reflective accents, slip-resistant soles, and good ankle support. Additionally, easy on/off features such as elastic loops can make it easier to put your boots on and take them off quickly when out on the lake.  Price should also be taken into consideration when purchasing them, as more expensive ones are usually of higher quality but not always necessary.

How do I properly care for my ice fishing boots?

To properly care for your ice fishing boots, it is important to clean them after each use. Remove any dirt and mud from the surfaces, and make sure not to submerge them in water. Once you have cleaned them, dry them off with a towel and store them in a cool, dry place. Finally, make sure to check for any signs of wear or damage before each use – if there are any issues it is best to replace the boots as soon as possible.

Which brands manufacture the best boots for ice fishing?

Popular brands that manufacture quality, and reliable ice fishing boots include Muck Boots, LaCrosse, Korkers, Baffin, Aleader, Kamik, and Sorel. However, there are many other brands out there – make sure you research and read reviews before choosing so you can find the best boots for your needs.

Is it worth investing in expensive boots?

It depends – if you are an avid ice fisherman, then investing in a higher quality, more durable pair of boots may be worth it. Higher-end boots are typically made from better-quality materials and have more features, such as slip-resistant soles and comfortable insoles. However, if you are a casual ice fisherman then a cheaper pair of boots may still do the job.


Ice fishing boots are an essential part of staying safe and comfortable on the ice. When choosing a pair, it’s important to consider factors such as waterproofing, insulation, reflective accents, slip-resistant soles, and good ankle support.

Make sure you research different brands and read reviews before making your purchase so that you can find the best boot for your needs.

With proper care and maintenance, these boots should last many seasons – investing in a higher-quality pair may be worth it if you plan on doing lots of ice fishing!

Happy Fishing

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