Best Ice Fishing Boots in 2022: Warm and Waterproof

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Do you realize how chilly your hands and feet become after prolonged exposure to the cold weather?

They’re the first things to become cold during ice fishing, but let’s focus more on the feet; you step them closer to the ice surface, and the last thing you want to happen is to feel sick because your feet are not protected from the icy weather!

Luckily, boots were made to protect the anglers, and we will show you the best ice boots that are warm and waterproof to keep you cozy and confident while ice fishing with friends.

Read ahead to know more about the best list of ice fishing boots!

Best Ice Fishing Boots in 2022

Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boot

This boot has 200 grams of insulation in it that will keep your feet warm in severely cold temperatures. It is rated down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The boot is covered by faux fur trim at the cuff that goes a little inside as well. It will make you feel warm when it touches your skin. 

The shoe has suede at the front that won’t get ruined by wet weather. It has a quilted section at the back that is very distinctive. It is waterproof, so your feet will stay dry even when they are in the water. 

This boot is designed specifically for slippery conditions. It has an Omni grip sole to give you good traction. The midsole is very comfy,  lightweight, and provides good support. This boot is about nine inches tall and will come midway on your calf. This boot is good-looking and available in a variety of colors.

XPETI Women’s Outdoor Hiking Boot

This boot consists of Hydroshield Membrane waterproof mesh that keeps the feet warm and dry. It has 200 grams of insulation for -13 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has an EVA midsole that helps to distribute weight and provide stability. The MD midsole decreases the weariness of the foot, provides flexibility, and absorbs shock. 

This boot also features a TPU heel stabilizer on the outsole. It makes the boot highly durable and lightweight. 

The rubber outsole has an aggressive X grip with 7mm multi-directional lugs. It has a high traction grip on several different outdoor terrains. 

The boot is suitable for both regular use and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, etc.

Sorel Women’s Explorer Joan

This boot is made of full-grain leather. It has waterproof nylon upper. The faux fur trim on the top gives it a stylish look. 

The boot is easy to lace up. There’s a pull tab on the back of the shoe that helps with taking the shoe on and off. 

The boot has insulation and a microfleece lining to keep your feet warm. It has a removable EVA footpad with a microfleece top cover. The EVA midsole has good flexibility. The EVA outsole has molded rubber parts that provide good stability and grip, 

The boot is available in a variety of colors.

ALEADER Men’s Winter Snow Boots

This boot has a lightweight TPR shell. It consists of 3M insulation technology which keeps the foot warm. It has a PU-coated synthetic textile upper that makes it durable and water-resistant.

The boot has a warm faux fur trim at the top. It has a drawstring with a barrel lock closure to keep the heat inside the boot.

It has an adjustable hoop and loop ankle strap and adjustable nylon lace. It has a non-slip sole. 

The boot has a rubber insole that provides a lot of traction. The boot is seamless so water won’t get inside the boot. 

There’s a strap on the back of the boot that helps in taking the boot on and off. The footpad is cushioned for comfort. 

Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot

The boot has a removable liner with 3M  Thinsulate insulation that provides warmth up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit

The outer rubber of the boot is very flexible that allows you to use your entire foot while walking. The boot is easy to take on and off. The waterproof rubber shell is complemented by a deep tread and lug design to distribute water, mud, slush, and snow and provide you with good stability.

The boot is waterproof. This boot has a waterproof suede upper and waterproof nylon tongue. The tongue is gusseted to keep water and snow out. It is also seam-sealed to keep your feet dry. It has speed laces for quick fastening. 

NORTIV 8 Men’s Winter Snow Boots

The boot has 200 gram 3M Thinsulate insulation. The temperature is rated at -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

The thick rubber outsole of the boot provides stability and traction. It is slip and abrasion-resistant. It makes the boot suitable for various outdoor terrain.

The boot is waterproof. It has a synthetic toe cap for an anti-collision. 

It has a removable comfy insole that provides comfort and support. It also has an insulated comfortable lining for protection against cold. 

The boot is suitable for both regular use and outdoor activities like ice fishing, hiking, cycling, shoveling, etc.

How to Choose Ice Fishing Boots

How to choose snow boots for ice fishing


Winter boots are meant to keep water from contacting your calves’ and feet’ skin directly, so waterproof boots are essential. If they are not waterproof, then the boots are useless.

Winter boots are not totally dry during ice fishing, especially when you are in a cold area, stepping on an icy surface. You may feel a little cold when you wear them, but you should check if water penetrated through the boots.

Your boots don’t need to be extremely dry in snowy weather because the outside can contact the ice. So long as you keep the boot’s opening away from snow, then the waterproofing is good to go.


What makes the winter boot protect you from being cold because of the icy weather is the insulation.

Most especially that you will go ice fishing, you will be in contact with an icy surface for a long period, and you may not tolerate the temperature.

So, the insulation must be the feature that protects you from becoming cold because of the cold surroundings. 

Boots with fleece linings are the best pick for insulation since they are the most common, but some with warm fabric and materials will work as excellent. These insulators will keep your calves and feet cozy and warm, and it would be a lot better if you leave room for your socks to ensure that your feet are protected from ice.

Tall Boots

When stepping on snow, we have tendencies to step on a deep one, and the snow enters the boots, making us freeze big time!

Hence, you have to choose tall winter boots to keep you away from freezing because of the trespassing snow inside. Whether you are ice fishing or not, winter is not a good time to wear low-cut shoes, especially when we easily get cold when coming in contact with the ice.

As much as possible, choose one that is knee-high or, if not, one that is close to your knees to ensure that the snow will be afraid to enter your boots!

Final Words

From all the ice fishing boots we have chosen and reviewed, you probably understood the gist about which winter boots to choose to enjoy your ice fishing with the group. There is a lot to pick from but know about which type of boots you prefer after seeing the quality of boots you need to have.

You can get frostbite quickly if you don’t have proper protective equipment during ice fishing, so prevent it from happening by having the best pair of winter boots dedicated to your angling.

Take your time to choose your best bet, and hopefully, we helped you with this informational guide.

Go ahead and protect your feet!

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