Difference Between Snowmobile Helmet and Motorcycle Helmet

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You might have thought you could interchangeably use your motorcycle helmet and snowmobile helmet.

But did you know that some differences make it unnecessary to swap them? 

This article will explain how snowmobile helmets, and motorcycle helmets differ from each other.

Snowmobile Helmet and Motorcycle Helmet

What is the Difference Between Snowmobile Helmet & Motorcycle Helmet?

The purpose of a helmet is to protect your head. In this aspect, snowmobile helmets, ski helmets and motorcycle helmets serve the same purpose.

But here are three critical elements by which snowmobile and motorcycle helmets differ:

  • Insulation
  • Lenses
  • Breath Deflectors

Snowmobile helmets provide extra warmth and comfort as they come with layers of thermal insulation.

On the other hand, a standard motorcycle helmet may not give you such warmth. 

Snowmobile helmets come with a double pane shield, communicators, ventilation, and other features considering snowmobiling as the focus. 

The double pane shield decreases the fogging on the lens due to having an insulating layer of air or gas. This is not available in motorcycle helmets, so it’s not advisable to use it for snowmobiling.

Your vision might get disturbed by the fogging, which is dangerous. 

More advanced models of snowmobile helmets also have an electrical heating system to provide warmth and avoid foggy lenses.

The breath box and deflectors in snowmobile helmets act as covers for your cheeks and nose, thus improving the visibility and driving conditions. 

The breath deflectors work by directing the warm, humid air from inside the helmet to the bottom of the helmet and stopping it from going up and fogging your lens.

Snowmobile helmets also have a unique ventilation system to remove moisture from the inside, thus avoiding damp skin while riding. Here are the different styles in which snowmobile helmets come in:

  • Full face (covers your whole head)
  • Modular (covers most of the head, with the chin being free)
  • Dual-sport style
snowmobile vs. motorcycle helmet

Final Words

So these are some features that make snowmobile helmets different from motorcycle helmets.

Snowmobile helmets are indeed quite expensive, and you might think that you could instead use your motorcycle helmet with some extra accessories. But it’s not a great idea.

Now that you know the critical differences between snowmobile and motorcycle helmets, you will also understand how they differ in functioning.

So it’s always better to go for snowmobile helmets to have a comfortable and safe snowmobiling adventure

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