How Often Should You Replace a Snowmobile Helmet: Find Out!

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You would know why snowmobile helmets are essential to protect yourself from injuries.

But do you know how often you should replace your snowmobile helmet with a new one?

Read this article to find out how often and why your snowmobile helmet must be replaced. 

replace snow mobile helmet every 3-5 years

How Often Should You Replace Snowmobile Helmet?

This entirely depends on the usage. It’s pretty obvious that you need to replace your helmet if it has worn out by constant use and has become damaged. 

A good snowmobile helmet, especially one with a communicator, is a must for a safe snowmobiling adventure.

Though you may be tempted to go for helmets based on their color and style, you should consider their quality before anything else. 

It is recommended that you replace your helmet every 3-5 years, even if it has not been damaged.

Within this range, the duration depends on the quality and usage of your helmet. Refer to the date of manufacture before you replace your helmet. 

how often to replace snowmobile helmet

Why Is It Recommended to Replace Your Snowmobile Helmet After a Few Years? 

Now you know you must consider replacing your snowmobile helmet every 3-5 years. But remember that three to five years is not the expiry date of your snowmobile helmet.

It just indicates that there are possibilities that your helmet could have lost its durability. This is because snowmobile helmets are exposed to extreme cold weather and rough use.

This can make the helmet get brittle over time. 

So you should replace your snowmobile helmet whenever you find its quality getting poor, or even if not, get it replaced every 3-5 years. This will ensure maximum safety during snowmobiling.

Also, ensure that you correctly measure the size and fitting of your helmet every time you change or replace them because an ill-fitting helmet is equally a hazard as a non-functional one.