Canada Goose Victoria Parka Review: Trusted & Tested

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Winter is that time of year when many women would happily trade style for comfort. They would take out their giant, boxy and long winter coats with oversized pockets just to stay warm. But not anymore, the new and stylish Canada Goose Victoria parka for ladies brings you comfort from the freezing cold weather but does not compromise with the style. Its amazing features keep you warm at the same time its chic and creative design allows you to make a fashion statement even in the below zero temperature.

So, let’s have a deep dive and review the Canada Goose Victoria Parka to see why this parka should be in the shopping list of every girl in 2020.

My Personal Opinion

For me, the Canada Goose Women’s Victoria Parka is one of the best parkas available out there.

It has a body-flattering silhouette and a clean aesthetic without sacrificing warmth and protection.

It features the world’s best natural insulators known to be extremely warm and lightweight. The textile is utilized to keep you dry in extremely cold weather. It is also hypoallergenic perfect for people who have sensitive skin.

The parka has an adjustable hood and removable fur ruff for added protection against ice, snow, and wind.

You can also customized the fit of the parka according to your preferences with the interior drawcord on the waist. It also has interior backpack straps, a placket with hidden snap closures for more mobility or ventilation, and two exterior pockets for convenience.

All-in-all, the Canada Goose Women’s Victoria Parka combines style and comfort this winter season flawlessly with its amazing features you will surely enjoy.

 Canada Goose Victoria Parka
TechnologyArcticTech Technology
Insulation625 Fill Power White Duck Down
DesignRemovable Fur Ruff
Color8 color choices
SizeXXS to XXL
Weight1.9 pounds
CareDry clean only
PerksFleece-line hand warmer pockets
PriceSee Current Price

Canada Goose Victoria Parka Review

Analysis of Canada Goose Victoria Parka Coat

Let’s review the parka in three main categories: Thermal, Style and Comfort to give you an overall picture of how Canada Goose has extensively designed the Victoria parka in all three areas.

Thermal features of Canada Goose Victoria Parka

The Canada Goose Victoria Parka provides you high insulation from extreme cold even in sub-zero temperatures. With its 625-fill power white duck down, the parka insulates you from the icy cold winter air. The higher down fills provide more loft once compressed; hence they retain more heat within the parka. Moreover, the Victoria parka has a Thermal Experience Index of 3, making it perfect for regulating warmth for everyday use and does not leave you sweaty when the weather fluctuates. This feature makes the parka very useful even for short city walks.

The parka has a down-filled hood that comes with a removable ruff. The shaping wire in the collar keeps it in place in extreme weather. You can also adjust the hood as per your head shape for a perfect fit. Another great feature that maximizes heat retention is the rib-knit cuffs. These cuffs lock in the heat by stopping the cold wind entry from sleeves without restricting your hand movements. The parka comes in a mid-thigh length, which gives you full coverage and protection.

Style features of Canada Goose Victoria Parka

The great thermal features of the Victoria parka surely leaves being cold out of the question. So now let’s focus on how the parka keeps you warm but keeps your style quotient up as well.

The parka has interior drawcords in the waist section to adjust the fit. This allows you to tighten the waist area for a more elegant look and avoid looking baggy. Another factor that does not make you look bulky in the parka is it’s True to size fitting, which ensures you get your actual size irrespective of if you are purchasing via a retailer on in an online store, you will always get the exact measurements.

Another complaint that women usually have is that they generally have to wear only dark colours during the winter. But the Victoria parka comes with a wide range of colours to choose from such as standard colors like Black, Graphite, white, and Navy but also unique colors like Atlantic Navy, Military green, and Admiral blue. So, it does not matter how gloomy the winter weather may be, you can always dress up in chic colors.

Comfort features of Canada Goose Victoria Parka

Comfort is one area that Canada Goose always takes care of in all their jackets, whether it’s the Canada Goose Trillium Parka or Canada Goose Expedition Parka; they know the importance of ease and comfort the wearer should feel when they put on the jacket and they have taken care of this in Victoria Parka as well.

With all the style and warmth, an ideal parka for ladies also packs a massive element of comfort. This parka, indeed, has many features that bring comfort to the next level. Starting with large Pockets, the parka has two large exterior pockets that are lined with fleece. They act as hand warmers as well as an additional layer of insulation for your thigh area. The pockets are zipped to safeguard your essentials like a mobile wallet by keeping them from falling out. With a two-way zipper, you can also unzip the parka from the bottom for enhanced ease of motion.

Mist and fogs are another challenge in the extreme cold weather which can leave your clothes wet and make you extremely uncomfortable. To combat this the Victoria parka comes with a water resistance outer surface designed with Arctic technology to provide durable water insulation.

But on the other hand, if you are planning a long trip on a sunny day in winter where you do not want to wear the parka but carry it around with you for just in case the weather changes.  Don’t worry the interior backpack straps of the parka allows you to take it on your shoulders, keeping your hands free for other stuff. Now you can still have your parka around and wear it whenever you feel cold.

  • High fill power of 625
  • TEI rating of 3
  • Interior waist drawcord
  • Adjustable wire string on the hood
  • Knit sleeves retain the heat
  • A fleece-lined hood
  • 2 large zip-lined pockets
  • The jacket is water-resistant and durable
  • Relatively expensive
  • Only 2 pockets for storage
  • Not available in higher sizes such as 2XL.
  • Made with real fur which can be discouraging

Final Words

The Victoria parka from Canada Goose Parka range is an ideal choice if you want a one-time investment in a high-quality product that checks all the boxes for a suitable winter jacket. It will indeed prove to be a go-to jacket for your daily needs, even in the harshest of winter.

Gone are the days when you have to choose between warm but baggy oversized jackets or useless but stylish coats. With the Canada Goose Victoria parka now, you can combine the warmth and style and make the winter of 2020 the most comfortable winter you have experience yet.

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