Canada Goose Victoria Parka Review: Tested in Minnesota

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I’m Olivia, and I live in Minnesota. It’s a great state for so many reasons, but the one thing that stands out about it is its cold winters. The temperatures can drop to well below zero degrees Celsius during winter months, so if you want to stay comfortable outdoors then you need a good warm jacket.

Last winter I decided that enough was enough and purchased myself a Canada Goose Victoria Parka. When I first tried it on I was amazed by how cozy and warm it felt – like my own personal cocoon of warmth! Even though it looked bulky at first, after wearing it around town all winter long I came to appreciate just how lightweight yet effective this coat really is.

So, today, I’m writing this review of Victoria Parka and sharing my thoughts & personal experience after using it for over a year.

Why I Purchased This Expensive Parka?

In 2021, again, the winter chill had arrived in Minnesota, and I knew that I needed a good warm coat to survive the frigid temperatures. My friend (Jane) was a big fan of Canada Goose parkas, so when she suggested looking into them for warmth and style, I decided to give it a try.

I browsed around online and eventually settled on the Victoria Parka of Canada Goose. It was a little more expensive than other coats out there but its features promised to keep me warm during even the coldest days. Plus, it looked really nice too!

So after some deliberation, I finally purchased the Victora Parka – confident that it would be worth my investment in both comfort and style.

My Experience with Victor Parka

I had been searching for the perfect parka for weeks. I wanted something that was stylish, warm, and practical. After much deliberation, I decided to buy a mid-thigh length parka with a real fur hood. It was a bit of an investment but I knew it would be worth it in the long run.

When I got my new parka, I eagerly tried it on and admired myself in the mirror. The fit was perfect—it came down just far enough to cover my hips while still being light enough to move around comfortably. And when I went outside and felt the chill wind against my face, I could immediately tell why they use real fur for these kinds of coats—the warmth and protection were unparalleled!

Adjustable hood of Victoria Parka

But despite all its features, I couldn’t figure out what purpose those backpack straps served until recently in December when I went out snowshoeing with some friends. After about half an hour hiking through deep snow drifts, I found myself sweating underneath all those layers and wished there was some way to free up my hands without taking off any clothing items or having to stuff my jacket into my already overstuffed pack! That’s when inspiration struck: as soon as I removed the straps from their place on either side of the coat’s back panel, strapped them onto each armhole of the coat itself, and then quickly put it on like a vest–I had instantly created exactly what I needed! Now, whenever I feel the warmth is too much, I just carry it like a backpack.

Backpack straps of Canada Goose Parkas

The sleek black design with its slim body-flattering silhouette and clean aesthetic made it ideal for both city and country living. Its mid-thigh length provided great coverage and protection against icy winds and snowfall while still being fashionable enough to wear anywhere.

But what really sold me on this coat was its adjustable fit due to an interior drawcord that allowed me to customize it so it felt like a second skin – because nothing is worse than having a bulky winter jacket in your way!

Plus, since all of their products are made in Canada with top-quality materials, I knew this parka would last me through many winters ahead without fail.

A Little Expensive But Worth It

I know this parka is a little expensive, or maybe overpriced. But, I couldn’t find any other coat that is so warm and comfortable. It’s lightweight yet effective and it looks incredible. All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase, and I’d definitely recommend this Victoria Parka to anyone looking for a reliable and long-lasting jacket.

After all, when it comes to winter wear, you get what you pay for! It may be a bit pricey but it’s worth it. With Canada Goose, you won’t have to compromise on style or warmth. You’ll be ready for anything the winter throws at you!

Final Thoughts

I’m confident that the Victoria Parka from Canada Goose will keep me warm and comfortable for the next few years. So far, it has been more than a year since I bought it, and I’m happy to report that it’s still as good as new. From stylish city living to outdoor snowshoeing, this jacket has got me covered.

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