Is Eddie Bauer a Good Brand? Based on My Experience

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Many people talk about the perks of trusting new and lesser-known brands, but I don’t understand why most people do not talk about big and old brands being trustworthy!?

I never buy anything before I find a good enough review from a person who has first-hand experience of the product to convince me to buy it.   

Today I am gonna be your first-hand experience reviewer for Eddie Bauer apparels. So, let’s get started!  

A Little History Of Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Sporting Goods in 1920

As we all know, Eddie Bauer is a very famous American clothing brand that was established in Seattle in 1920. Judging by the founding location, we can all determine why its most famous products are parkas and winter jackets, but you will be surprised to know that Eddie Bauer did not start its journey with the products they are known for today. 

Yes, you heard it right.

Eddie Bauer initially specialized in making and repairing tennis rackets. The first store Bauer opened, “Eddie Bauer’s Tennis Shop”, was at the back of a local hunting and fishing store. Soon, he had to change the name to “Eddie Bauer’s Sports Shop” because he started repairing and building goods for other sports as well. Especially badminton.

He developed the first ever shuttlecock called the “Bauer’s Shuttlecock.” This shuttlecock popularized badminton in the United States. The European birdies were replaced with these goose feather shuttlecocks. By the 1930s, his shuttlecocks were being used in national tournaments.

Eddie Bauer's Shuttlecock in 1930s

Eddie Bauer’s first breakthrough in 1940 was a revolution for the entire industry as it patented the quilted down jacket, the first of its kind in the market. This was the Skyliner. 

The efforts and talent of the brand were recognized by the US Army. They hired Eddie Bauer to produce outdoor clothing and gear for World War II. The patented quilted jacket Skyliner, which had incorporated the quilted down insulation and ripstop nylon shell to provide warmth to the soldiers in extreme cold weather while remaining lightweight at the same time, became the standard issue for US Army Air Corps during the war. 

Eddie Bauer Jackets during World War 2

Today, Eddie Bauer as an outdoor brand sells its products on a large scale with a lot of regular customers. It has more than 400 outlets all around the world. Its merchandise includes outerwear, apparel, footwear, accessories, and gear. Below, you can see the image of Eddie Bauer Outlet in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It is now headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.      

Is Eddie Bauer A Good Brand?

Eddie Bauer is definitely one of the best brands for clothing out there. Considering the craze and fame we can surely tell that Eddie Bauer has got quite the number of happy and satisfied customers. 

Having been acquainted with a few products of Eddie Bauer, I can tell you for sure that quality and comfort are a constant in Eddie Bauer products. These two things are never compromised. 

Eddie Baure is praised for its ability to provide customers with exactly what they want. Right from pants to blankets, quilts to t-shirts, etc. Eddie Bauer has got fans for everything they sell. Think about it, just how big a brand can get if they are dedicated towards it!? 

Everything about Eddie Bauer is way too perfect. That is why there’s still a gap that is yet to be filled. The price!

Eddie Bauer sells a wide range of products as already has been mentioned, and unfortunately, all these products are priced at an exorbitant rate! Even simple shorts and shirts and t-shirts are priced at $25-$45+, which is insane. No way will someone pay that much for normal clothing when they’re gonna get good-quality clothes for less than $20 from brands like U.S Polo Association, Gap, Hollister, etc…       

Products like Hollister Easy Fit & Flattering T-Shirt, U.S Polo Assn Solid Interlock Shirt, and Gap Long Sleeve T-Shirt, are loved by the public not just for their affordability and quality but also for the amazing collection they exhibit. Feel free to check them out my darlings until we move to everyone’s most wanted section. 

Are Eddie Bauer Jackets Good?

Yes, Eddie Bauer jackets are actually really good in both functionality and durability. Coming from a place where even the winters do not feel much chilly, Denver, I don’t really have a need for a great-quality, expensive parka or jacket like what Eddie Bauer sells. But, I do own an Eddie Bauer Sun Down Valley Parka for times when I go out with my friends, or for late-night walks with my dog. 

This parka is commendable in every perspective, not gonna lie. It has amazing insulation qualities and if the temperature is not cold enough for the parka but I am still wearing it, I don’t even sweat. It is as if it molds its properties as per the temperature. It’s magical. 

The best part about this parka is that sometimes when I am too into the moment while being out, I don’t even remember or feel that I am wearing it! It is very lightweight and so easy to carry that you won’t even fuss about wearing it for a long time. 

The price is at a higher point indeed but is also very apt if we look at its functionality. If you look at the prices of brands like Canada Goose, Arc’teryx, etc. Eddie Bauer’s price point is still very feasible. But if you are tight on budget and are looking for more affordable brands, check out Columbia Autumn Park Jacket, Adidas Men’s Down Parka, Levi’s Men’s Arctic Cloth Quilted Performance Parka, and Nautica Men’s Hooded Parka Jacket

The Parka I own is for those extreme winter days in Denver when I can’t do without it, or when I need to go out. We all have jackets for outside and jackets for everyday use. I have the Eddie Bauer Women’s CirrusLite Down Jacket. And, I would not ever stop praising it. The properties of this jacket are similar to the parka above, but at a much lesser rate and fit for cozy days. (I can’t dare wear these on chilly days I am afraid I might freeze!) 

Also, my brother James has been using the Eddie Bauer Men’s Superior Down Parka for four years, and it still works like brand new! It was a wonderful investment as it cost more than $200, but damn, it is durable. 

But, do not forget, I come from Colorado. You do not. If you’re from very cold states like Minnesota or Maine, I am afraid Eddie Bauer is not gonna be good enough for you. You will need much better quality parkas and jackets even if you are chilling on your couch in front of the TV and eating out of a bag of chips! 

I would recommend you to check out the Laurette Parka, Nobis The Astrid Women’s Parka, and Women’s Metropolis Parka III. These are not very affordable, especially Canada Goose, but since you are living in a place where it’s cold all year round, it is better to invest in the best quality parkas. 

Is Eddie Bauer Still in Business?

Yes, Eddie Bauer is still in business. However, in June 2009, Eddie Bauer was acquired by Golded Gate Capital. Then, later in 2021, it was acquired by Authentic Brands Group and SPARC Group LLC. As you can see, now, the brand has been acquired by another big company, but still, it’s one of the best outdoor sportswear brands in the world. Below, you can see the image of the Eddie Bauer outlet at Hamilton Corner in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


You might have come to the same conclusion as me. The brand is overall a wonderful brand with a high price point being its only foe. Remember to consider the various factors before you buy anything. Do not make rash decisions. 

And with this, we come to an end! Happy shopping~

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