Canada Goose vs Nobis: Battle of 2 Big Brands

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Well, it is okay if you are feeling confused regarding Canada Goose vs Nobis, the two amazingly chic luxurious brands, as they are worth getting confused over!

Both of them are highly similar and when it comes to buying since they are luxurious, you’ll be spending more, so you need to understand which brand you prefer or which one you like!

Scroll through the article to know about both brands, and here is a comparison for you as well, so it can help you form a better opinion of your own!

Company History

Let’s begin with a brief history of both the brands,

Canada Goose

Founded in 1957 by Sam Tick in Toronto, Canada Goose is a designer brand offering high-quality winter garments and had its first office in a warehouse. Later in the year 1972, David Reiss, the owner’s son-in-law brought quite a change by launching Snow Goose.

By 2001, David’s son Dani Reiss became the CEO and decided that the production will be done under the name of Canada Goose and only in Canada. With a huge jump of 3 million US dollars to 200 million US dollars from the year 2001 to 2014, the company has come a long way.


Founded in 2007 by Robin Yates, who interestingly served as a vice president at Canad Goose too committed they’ll be providing what the customers want. Nobis unlike Canada Goose has clothing that can also be used in summers.

With their 10th anniversary celebration, the decision to expand out of Toronto and hence showed its success which is also evident since world-famous celebrities like Vin Fiesel, Tom Cruise, etc. also wear this brand.

Brand Popularity

Canada Goose

With growing sales since 200, the brand is much more popular compared to any other well-known brands in the market. The company is also constantly expanding by introducing new products like footwear, accessories, and Black label line.

According to the sources from 2017 to 2021 the total sales were around $1 billion, and the company is also quite popular on social media as well, for instance on Instagram they have 1M followers. 


Like Canada Goose, Nobis is also a popular brand in Toronto. With their premium products, the sales are growing every year. The total revenue collected till last year combining quarters 1 and 2 is estimated to be around $40 million. 

Nobis has many retailers in 40 countries making them an international brand and an Instagram following of almost 36.9K.

Types Of Products Canada Goose And Nobis Offer

Both companies offer a variety of products ranging for different sexes, ages, and types.

Canada Goose deals in women, men, kids, their outerwear, apparel, footwear, accessories, etc., what makes it more special is their gift cards and lightweight essentials. It provides special collections like the spring collection as well.

Nobis on the other hand deals in similar ways, as it deals in women, men, kids, their outerwear, highlights, accessories, and more. 

Even though both the brands deal in a variety of products they are mainly famous for their Parkas and jackets, which are extremely adaptable, useful in harsh weather, tough, and just the must-have in your wardrobe feel!

How Costly Are Their Products?

Talking about the costs, products from Canada Goose are not buyer-friendly as they range over 500 US dollars and easily jump in thousands, whereas Nobis isn’t much far behind with almost the same price range, they are a tough competition to one another.

For example, talking about jackets, where on one hand Canada Goose will range it in 500-1000 US dollars, Nobis will take an edge and will be a bit more expensive with around 700-1200 US dollars.

Warranty & Replacement

Both the brands are great promises when it comes to warranty and replacement as they provide lifetime warranty and even replacement if deemed fit. The warranty in terms of repair or replacement is when there exist defects in materials and workmanship/

Availability Of Used Items

Since both the brands represent luxury and focus on making clothing that is just the perfect fit for the customer, they do not deal in selling used items, but in case you are looking for some used items from these brands you can find these on thrift stores or Facebook marketplace.

Do They Give Back Something To The Society?

Both the stores serve society in their ways, like Canada Goose donated over a million meters of fabric to northern communities, and even appreciates and celebrate the tradition of craftsmanship with their exclusive special logo patch that reads “HAND SEWN” in Inuktitut. Whereas Nobis on the other hand donated used jackets to the most vulnerable community in society.

Number Of Stores

Moving on to the number of stores, Canada Goose has as high as more than 40 stores worldwide, whereas Nobis on the other hand has way more stores that are also situated worldwide.

Which Brand Is Better From Canada Goose And Nobis?

Well, since both the brands are quite good on their own, and represent luxury even combined with comfort most of the time, it is difficult to choose one, but Canada Goose takes over the edge because of their quality standards of raw material and making.

Nobis on the other hand is not a bad choice at all either, but Canada Goose does act like the GOAT at times.

Is Nobis A Good Brand?

Yes, Nobis is a good brand! Canada Goose does overshadow it at times but Nobis in itself is a great brand. With the qualities of Nobis namely durability and elegancy, it is a choice for many people. Also, it is suitable for all-weather types!

Final Words

After reading through the entire article one thing is evident both the brands are so similar that it cannot be denied, but on these minor, slight, glass-like thin differences your decision depends. 

So, consider your budget, use of the product, and the brand that you trust and support before making a decision. 

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