Canada Goose vs. Nobis: Which Brand is Better?

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As the frigid “winter is coming,” you need to stock up on the apparel and garments before it’s too late! Buying apparel that suits you and serves its purpose is the best deal. 

With the constant evolution of new trends, a plethora of choices, and innumerable brands, more often than not, we get stuck! To help with this dilemma, we have chosen two amazing brands for you already! 

These two luxurious brands are trending this season and curating new styles in fashion. This 2020, let the battle of Canada Goose versus Nobis begin, and may the best brand win!

Company Overview

Canada Goose

This brand has been in the market since the 1960s. It was founded in a small warehouse in Toronto and from that period to now, it has developed and grown into one of the world’s top makers of luxury garments and clothing. 

As a brand that is constantly evolving, Canada Goose has deep-rooted values from the past and it also believes in incorporating the modern ones as well. With the concerns of “fast fashion,” and ever-increasing pollution, Canada Goose works towards reducing its carbon emissions as well as the greenhouse gas footprint. The brand is extremely serious and vocal about managing its environmental impact and takes steps to mitigate the negative impact.

The founders and owners believe in sustainability and state that:

“Our sustainability goals are rooted in our core beliefs. They spring from our sense of responsibility to positively impact society and align with our commitment to honor the land from which we were born. We have always worked to inspire people to action and have now set out these goals to inspire our people, our suppliers, and our customers to come together to protect the world outside.”

The brand produces sustainable and prime outerwear products which are of A-grade quality. The cloth for their product is also sustainably sourced. Canada Goose’s apparels are made with a purpose to endure and last. Before the shipment, each product is inspected by the “quality assurance team.” They do not compromise on their quality under any circumstances. 

Moreover, Canada Goose is also supremely proud of its workmanship, and to prove so, they say “each jacket is crafted by 60 people from start to finish.” They use the local and global strategy to remain steadfast in the market. Striving to improve each day, Canada Goose works on developing the supplier practices and work actively with the suppliers to make the process productive and fruitful. 

Constantly developing, expanding, and evolving as a company by adapting and listening to consumer needs, Canada Goose aims to introduce better features that help the product perform better and improve its functionality. 


A company founded in 2007 to provide the consumers with intricate and advanced alternatives for garments commonly seen in the markers, Nobis continues to dominate the Canadian market. It was founded by the former Vice President of Canada Goose- Robin Yates.

Nobis is a Latin word, which translates to “us.” It is often referred to as the “outerwear that exceeds expectations.” Currently, the brand is present in over 40 countries and it is famous worldwide for innovative, versatile, stylish, and fashionable as well. 

Moreover, Nobis actively seeks collaborations and co-branding ventures with companies like BMW x Nobis, Sully Wong x Nobis, PSG x Nobis and more! Furthermore, as one of the major brands in the industry, they work on making their apparel sustainable. They have various short-term and long-term initiatives in place to help them be more and more environmentally friendly as the days go by. 

Starting this 2020, they plan to make garments that are sustainable at every single stage, including their safe disposal. Their apparels are designed in a durable way and can be home laundered, so as to take care of the environment overall. The products are made in a way that they can be laundered and tumble-dried at home, saving trips to the dry-cleaning stores. 

Moreover, unlike regular clothes that get spoiled and creased after a few washes, Nobis garments’ product life extends by keeping the materials clean, hence, at their best performance level. Nobis works with selective and only a few suppliers that provide the top-quality products.

Robin Yates, the President and Co-Founder of Nobis states that, 

“We create the finest outerwear, always carefully considering our materials, practices, and facilities. Our performance textiles have distinct ethical properties. We use premium Canadian origin white duck down, ethically sourced and produced.”

All Canadian duck farms used are fully audited and are in strict compliance with the regulations and humane treatment standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Each part of the production lot is thoroughly tested for quality and purity. It also can be traced back to the farm of its origin. Nobis’ down practices state that it is cleaned to the highest purity, ensuring that it is exceeding international hypoallergenic standards.

Canada Goose versus Nobis 

Product Pricing

As mentioned earlier, both Canada Goose and Nobis are luxurious and high-end brands. Their products are not really affordable and pocket friendly. They are meant for a higher target market and the marketing is done in the same manner.

Although Canada Goose’s jacket pricing starts at around $500 and ranges up to $1000 depending on the design, quality, and fabric, the jacket is surely worth the price. It is a guaranteed best quality and performance product that is supremely durable. 

In comparison, Nobis is slightly more expensive. The brand’s jacket’s range from $700 and go to $1200 sometimes, making it an extremely expensive price for certain customers. Given the quality, beautiful designs, and consumer feedback, the jackets do seem to be worth it!

Product Quality

Canada Goose, as well as Nobis, have extremely high-quality products which are durable, high performance, stylish, fashionable, sustainable, and environment friendly. Their quality is unmatched as they rely on certain and selective suppliers that match their belief and overall thought process. While buying either brand, you should be assured that you will be getting a supreme lot of the best quality products. 


Canada Goose products purchased from an authorized retailer are covered under lifetime warranty defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product “– which means the usual and customary wearable life of the product, by the original owner.”

Nobis products are covered under a full warranty against defects in the material and workmanship. They have a lifetime warranty for their products and in rare events where the product fails due to some component failure or a manufacturing defect, they promise to repair the product without any charge or replace it at their discretion. 


A Canada Goose jacket goes through a 13-step process to examine and evaluate its quality among other things. This is one of the sole reasons that their jackets last for decades. 

Usually, Canada Goose uses nylon and polyester but merino wool is also used to a certain extent. For insulation, they meet the RDS standards, like Nobis, and use goose or duck down, which provide maximum insulation. 

The noticeable fur trim on some hoods of the jackets is made out of coyote fur. It is considered to be soft and hygienic, providing the best quality. Their craftsmanship, designs, embroidery, and knitting are remarkable and it shows why Canada Nobis is a leading brand in the market. 

Nobis, on the other hand, develops its specific and intricate fabrics and materials. It uses various blends and mixes of polyester, wool, cotton, nylon, and other materials as well. Further, they also use “duck down insulation” of the Canadian origin which is certified and approved as completely ethical and has no down insulation. 

Moreover, the laminates they use to make their garments weatherproof are durable and extremely breathable. There are certain underarm vents that are present in some jackets which help in optimizing the breathability. 

Nobis uses Coyote fur for the fluffy fur jackets and trims and it also has a lining down its jackets that reduce the shedding of down and feathers while wearing. 

Overall, both the brands use top-notch quality fabrics and materials that lead to high performance and durability of their products. 

To sum up, both these brands are not very different at all. While Nobis has the upper hand in designs and wider alternatives, Canada Goose provides comparatively lower prices and durable high-performance products. Ultimately, it is your choice.

Final Words 

Finally, there are some aspects where Canada Goose is better than Nobis and others where Nobis does far better than Canada Goose. In the end, it all comes down to your preferences and the trends you like. 

To conclude, no matter what you pick, Canada Goose or Nobis, both of them remain fabulous brands. It depends on your choice, the style you prefer, and connect with, that leads you to make a final decision. 

Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to pick one brand, apparels, and garments from both the brands that may connect to you and take your heart!

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