12 Best Snowmobile Helmets: Tried & Tested 

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Buying the best snowmobile helmet can be confusing. It’s also important to get the best snowmobile helmet to have a safe and comfortable snowmobiling adventure. 

If you are looking for the best snowmobile helmets which are budget-friendly then read this article to know more! We have given a list of the top best snowmobile helmets from which you can choose yours. 

Best Snowmobile Helmets 

509 Delta R4 Ignite Helmet

509 Delta R4 Ignite Helmet

This helmet weighs 4.2 pounds. It measures 12.5 x 11 x 15 inches.

This helmet is a modular one with a flip-up shield. The shield also has dual pane ignited heating that can prevent fogging even in ice-cold or sub-zero degrees. 

The 509 Delta R4 Ignite helmet comes in 2 shell sizes and dual density EPS for an optimal fit. The helmet’s shield is oversized to give a maximum field of vision and also flips us instantly with a push of a glove-friendly button.

This helmet also has a Fidlock easy-open magnetic strap clasp for secure fastening. It has a pro liner and cheek pads for maximizing comfort and warmth. The helmet also has climate-friendly ventilation to prevent fogging up and vision obstruction. 

CastleX CX950 Diverge Electric Modular Snowmobile Helmet

This helmet weighs 5.4 pounds and measures ‎15 x 11.25 x 11.5 inches. This modular helmet has a flip-up shield that opens with a push of a button. 

The helmet is made of ‎EPS and Polycarbonate. It comes with a wire for the heated shield and a sun visor. This prevents your helmet shield from getting fogged up. The helmet also comes with a chin stra 

Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet

CastleX CX950 Diverge Electric Modular Snowmobile Helmet

This oxygen helmet is lightweight and weighs only 7.3 pounds. It is made of an M-FORGE Composite shell which is 20% lighter than the BV2S helmet and 16% lighter than the modular helmet.

The temperature inside is managed through remote control and it has a manually adjusted airflow chamber. The sun visor heated chamber makes it one of the best anti-fog snowmobile helmets. 

Its shield has an anti-scratch coating and a front LED utility light. It also has adjusted humidity extractor vents.

509 Altitude 2.0 Helmet

509 Altitude 2.0 Helmet

This helmet can be used for vehicle types such as ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles. The helmet comes with a hand lay-up carbon fiber composite construction which makes it strong, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. 

It weighs about 5.14 pounds and measures 12 x 12 x 16 inches. The helmet also has upper vents with on or off shutter closure for airflow control. This makes it anti-fog by providing space for proper air circulation. 

Its Fidlock chinstrap strap closure offers easy in and out movement. The helmet also comes with a Pro series breath box for full protection. It’s also removable so that it allows optimal airflow. 

KLIM F3 Carbon Off-Road Snowmobile/Motorcycle Helmet 

KLIM F3 Carbon Off-Road Snowmobile/Motorcycle Helmet

This KLIM helmet is made of a carbon fiber hand-laid shell that avoids any imperfections and deposits. It is also one of the lightest snowmobile helmets available. 

It has extra large eye ports to maximize your field of vision. The helmet also comes with a Fid-Lock quick-release strap. It is also compatible with neck braces and is comfortable to use.

The helmet has a moisture-wicking liner and 3D cheek pad foam. It has 13 intake vents and 6 exhaust vents. 

Castle X Mode D/S SV Dual Sport Snowmobile Helmet

This helmet measures  ‎15 x 11.25 x 11.5 inches. It comes with a dual-pane shield, smoke-tinted sun visor, breath box, and cold weather chin curtain. It has an aggressive, modern shell design made with CAD technology. 

Its inner surface is made of expanded polystyrene. It is made with the method of composite injection molding. This helmet also has an inbuilt sun shield. 

The helmet comes in shell sizes from small to 3XL. It has a double D chin strap for a secure fit. It allows good ventilation through its advanced system to remove excess heat via the airflow channels in the EPS liner.\

Scorpion AT950 Helmet – Outrigger with Dual Pane Shield 

Castle X Mode D/S SV Dual Sport Snowmobile Helmet

The EXO-AT950 is a full-face adventure helmet with an external peak visor attached. It can also be used with the visor removed to have an aerodynamic touring helmet.

It comes with a removable no-fog Ever Clear shield. It is made of advanced polycarbonate to maximize impact displacement. 

The helmet comes with an oversized eye port to improve peripheral vision and downward visibility. It also has enough space to accommodate your goggles. 

It has a retractable interchangeable internal sun visor so you can choose the up or down position with an easy-sliding mechanism and easy use of a flip-up chin bar. 

HJC CS-R3 Dosta Adult Snowmobile Helmet

This helmet is made from an advanced Polycarbonate composite shell so it’s lightweight and gives superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology.

It has an HJ-09 frameless snow shield with two options to choose from – dual lens snow or electric snow shield.

This provides an increased field of vision and air circulation by integrated exhaust ventilation.

It has a simple and secure shield ratchet system that provides ultra-quick, toolless removal and installation for efficient operation.

This helmet also has an ACS” Advanced Channeling ventilation system with adjustable forehead and chin vents, and two rear exhaust vents create a full front-to-back airflow. It also comes with a fully removable and washable inner liner made of nylon and plush. 

Typhoon TH158 Dual Visor Modular Full Face Snowmobile Helmet

This is one of the warmest snowmobile helmets available. It comes with a heated electric shield and a cord is included. It also has an adjustable breath box and chin skirt.

It has a double pane shield with an anti-fog coating. It also has an advanced front flow opening and closing ventilation system. The helmet comes with an easy-to-use button for flipping open the shield. It has an easily washable and removable liner. 

The helmet also comes with a drawstring fabric carrying bag and a quick-release closure for the chin strap. 

VEGA Helmets V-Star Snowmobile Helmet with Electric Heated Shield Evolution

VEGA Helmets V-Star Snowmobile Helmet with Electric Heated Shield Evolution

This helmet weighs only 3.6 lbs. The helmet comes with an Aerodynamic Special Engineering ABS shell that has 3 large adjustable air intake ports and a massive rear exhaust combined with a multichannel inner EPS for maximum protection and airflow for your rider.

This helmet prevents water penetration and fogging through its electric heat shield and locking shield system. It also comes with a cord to attach. This makes it the best snowmobile helmet with a heated shield

The helmet has a removable liner that is easy to wash and soft and comfy to wear. It has a durable double D ring strap system.  

509 Tactical 2.0 Helmet

The helmet is made from a polycarbonate blend for stiffness and absorption. It has a 

deep shell for full coverage.

This helmet is an intermediate oval shape for an excellent fit. Its innovative Venturi Vent pulls moist air from the helmet without cold wind coming into the helmet. This prevents fogging. It also comes with a removable arctic chin curtain.

Things to Consider When Buying a Snowmobile Helmet 

Choose the Right Helmet Type 

Snowmobile helmets come in different styles and types such as standard full-faced, modular ones, etc. You might also need to look at features such as a dual-pane of electrically heated shields based on your needs. 


Make sure to choose your helmet according to the climatic conditions under which you will be snowmobiling. For extremely cold places, it’s better to go for snowmobile helmets with electric shields. 

Choose the Right Fit:

Be sure to choose the right size for your snowmobile helmet. Try different sizes before you buy your first snowmobile helmet. If you’re an experienced rider, then make sure to look at the size chart before you place your order. 


This is very important as far as snowmobile helmets are considered. Your helmet needs to fit snugly in your head without pressing too much or less. Look for the material of the inner liner of your helmet to see if you will feel soft and comfy as you ride. 

Choose Based on Your Need 

Go for the appropriate snowmobile helmet based on your needs. If you are planning to ride in open areas, a full-face helmet is likely the best option for you. These helmets offer more protection than half-face helmets, but they can be more cumbersome to wear and may not be comfortable for long rides. 

If you are only an occasional rider or plan to ride in cold weather only, go for insulated helmets.

Consider Your Budget 

There are many budget-friendly options available that can help you save money. Don’t spend more than needed on snowmobile helmets with advanced features if you are a beginner. 

Experienced professional riders can go for more advanced models based on their budget. 

Final Words

Having seen some of the best snowmobile helmets available, you can choose from the wide options based on your needs. Snowmobile helmets are very crucial to having a safe and comfortable snowmobiling adventure. 

Never compromise on the quality of the helmet you buy as it is a life-saving accessory. Go through the features well before you purchase your snowmobile helmet. 

Have a safe, protected, and comfortable snowmobiling adventure! 

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