5 Best Snowmobile Covers in 2020: You’ll Love Them

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If the snowmobile is the knight of the snow, the cover is its shiny armor. Without proper protection, a snowmobile can’t last long.

It will bear damages of many sorts. Especially, during the off-season, when the snowmobile is stored away and is not in use, the snowmobile cover plays a vital role in protecting it from sun, rain, dust, mold, etc.

Therefore, a cover is not just any ordinary accessory, but it has a significant role to play. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Snowmobile Cover

Before taking that plunge to invest in a snowmobile, which can be pretty expensive, one usually ponders a lot and is often in a dilemma about choosing the right one. And when you have chosen the right one, it is equally important to protect it and find a suitable cover for it.

Here are a few things to consider before buying a cover.

Your Need for the Cover.

A cover comes in both as a cover for trailering and storage. Both are slightly different in functions.

Both of the covers do fulfill the one common purpose of covering, but the former is more rugged as it is to be used while trailering more than storage, which means it must protect the snowmobile from UV rays. Must have hooks, straps, and an elastic cinch cord to keep it intact on the snowmobile.

The cover must also protect the snowmobile from any kind of scratches and harsh weather. For easy access to the gas tank, the cover also should have a zippered opening so that the whole cover does not need to be taken off while filling gas.

Covers for storage is not a travel cover, it need not have all those features as it is only used to keep the snowmobile away somewhere safe when not in use.

Material Used

The material should be paid attention to as it is crucial for the snowmobile cover to be made of good quality heavy-duty material, which is durable and waterproof, comes with PU backing and UV resistance, and is also highly breathable.

It is essential because the cover should not only protect the snowmobile from dirt, rain, and mud but also keep it safe from mold and mildew growth.


For maximum protection, you should choose a cover that is the size of your snowmobile and wraps around the tip of the snowmobile, the handle, and the spindles and the windshield while trailering or storing it away.

Remember to check size recommendation when buying your cover. Be familiar with the length, width, and height of your vehicle before picking the right size.

Built-in Storage Bag

This feature is a significant one. To keep the cover stored away securely when not in use, a built-in storage bag could be of great use.

Elastic at the Bottom

Make sure the cover is secured with elastic at the bottom to hold on to the snowmobile well while trailering. This feature aids for a more snug fit. It is adjustable and thus makes it easier for a snowmobile owner to clothe the snowmobile from top to bottom.

Soft Interiors

Soft interior lining in the cover is also important to keep the snowmobile covered without being scratched by any rough material of the cover that touches the body of the vehicle.

Air Vents

To keep the snowmobile dry and moist free, it is necessary for the covers to have air vents. Moisture could damage the color of the snowmobile and could also form rust or mold and mildew. All that can be prevented if better ventilation is present.

Reflective Yield Sign

For increased visibility during night travel, a bright reflective yield sign helps an open trailer to be seen even from a distance and which can prevent accidents. A small feature it is but has an important function.

Best Snowmobile Covers

Classic Accessories SledGear Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover

This cover is made of good quality material, not just any material but heavy-duty ProtekX Extreme fabric with PU backing. It is treated with a UV protection shield. This cover is designed to keep your snowmobile safe from abrasions, dust-free, and protects from any kind of harsh weather threats.

This cover is available in three sizes, Large, Extra Large and Medium. Therefore, finding the right size would not be a problem. It is well equipped for trailering and is equipped with durable straps, tensioning panels and elasticized cords around the hem to secure it on the snowmobile while trailering.

There is a tank access door which makes it easier for filling up fuel without having to remove the cover. Also, it has a bright reflective yield sign that makes it visible from a distance while traveling at night. The cover comes with an integrated storage bag which helps you to store the cover away when not in use.

  • Scratch Proof Material
  • Zippered Opening
  • Built-in Storage Bag
  • Elasticized Hem Cord
  • Available in Three Sizes
  • Built-in UV Protection
  • Comparatively Smaller for a Few Models
  • Seldom Rips Around the Handle-Bar

Lunatic, L-17706, Snowmobile Cover

This cover is recommended for indoor storage. It has an elastic cord sewn at the bottom for a snug fit. It is waterproof and measures approximately 107″ x 29″ x 45.3″. It comes in a storage bag. It is for indoor use even though it says it is UV resistant; it can only protect so much in light weather conditions.

It is a bit thinner than usual covers but taking into account its price, it just serves right. It is reasonably priced thereby making it a good buy for people with a shoestring budget.

  • UV Resistant.
  • Reasonably Priced.
  • Water-Resistant Material.
  • Comes With an Appropriate Cover.
  • Fits Properly.
  • Unsuitable for Outdoor Use
  • Comparatively Thinner Construction

Raider 02-7718 SX-Series Weather and UV-Resistant Cover

This cover is available in three different sizes, Large, X-large, XX-large. The fabric it is made of is durable and is polyester with double-stitched reinforced seams. It provides premium weather protection.

The cover is treated with a UV protection shield to keep it safe from the damages made by the sun. It has an elastic hem for a perfect snug fit for maximum protection. Like most other quality covers, this, too, comes with a storage bag.

  • UV Resistant.
  • Available in Three Sizes.
  • Accompanied with a Storage Bag.
  • Cover Fades after Continous Exposure to Sunlight.
  • Not Suitable for Trailering.
  • Material is Not Heavy-Duty.

Snowmobile Cover Deluxe Heavy Duty Cover

This cover is just the right armor that your snowmobile needs. Like the name itself suggests, it is made of heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric. The cover is water-resistant and is treated with UV protection. This cover protects your snowmobile from all kinds of weather elements.

It is equipped with rear dual air vents to keep it breathable. To keep your snowmobile moisture-free when stored away is very important as it can result in the growth of mold and mildew.  With this cover, there is no such fear.

It is equipped with built-in adjusting straps and tension panels to secure cover the snowmobile while storing away or trailering. For safe travel at night, the cover also has a reflective yield sign to make the trailer seen from afar. It also has an elastic cord at the hem for perfect fitting and a soft non-scratch hoop liner.

It has access to the gas tank as there is a zippered opening for easy and fast fuelling. It has a storage bag included.

  • Superior UV Protection.
  • Durable Material.
  • Water Resistant with Air Vents.
  • Protects Against Mold and Mildew.
  • Zippered Opening.
  • Comes with a Storage Bag.
  • The Cover is not Deep Enough.

Snowmobile Cover Deluxe All-Weather Storage Sled Cover

It is an all-weather storage snowmobile cover. You cannot use it while trailering. However, it functions well as a storage cover as it protects your snowmobile just fine from harsh weather conditions.

It is water-resistant. It also has a UV protection shield that prevents harmful sun rays to cause damage to the color of your snowmobile. It comes in three sizes, up to 115”, 130” and up to 140”.

It also has an elasticized cord at the hem of it to keep it snugly fit on the snowmobile guaranteeing maximum protection from dust and other particles. To also protect the snowmobile from developing mold and mildew, the cover has dual air vents that keep it cool, dry and breathable. It has built-in adjustable straps and tension panels too.

  • Provides UV Protection.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Elasticized Hem Cords.
  • Comes with Air Vents.
  • Comes with a Free Storage Bag.
  • Not Suited for Trailering.

Final Words

Every snowmobile owner needs to take proper care of the snowmobile. A cover for your snowmobile is no less critical than the snowmobile itself. Choosing the best for the beast is only fair. Every feature that has been mentioned above has equal importance and adds up to ensure the best protection.

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