Bombas Socks Review: Should You Buy These Socks?

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Without a shadow of a doubt, the apparel market is crowded with a range of products, and that goes for socks too.

If you don’t have a specific brand that you prefer and like to experience new socks from time to time. Then you know very well how hard it is to find a good brand.

This brings us to Bombas socks, one of the most loved products in the market for the quality which they offer, as well as the social cause they bring along with.

The company has a range of socks in various color combinations and price ambit in their catalog. You will learn more about them through our review of Bombas Socks.

 Bombas Socks
MaterialMerino Wool
DesignHoneycomb Arch Support System Design
ColorBombas' unique colors
CushionAchilles Cushion
VentAirflow Venting
SizeM to XL
TechnologyStay-Up Technology
PerksOne purchased = One donated

Introduction to Bombas

Socks are the most demanded thing in homeless shelters, providing basic comfort during the winters. Recognizing this, Bombas was launched in 2013 by Randy Goldberg and David Heath with an aim of donating one pair of sock for each set purchased by you.

Over the years, they have grown into selling other premium clothing products as well. But at the end of the day, their aim and goal remained the same. Donating one pair of cloth for each set you buy.

Our article will focus on reviewing Bombas socks in-depth. In the process, we will mention a few recommended ones for you that are available in 2020.

Bombas Socks Review

Quality of Socks

Before we even begin to shower compliments for their amazing design, let’s talk a bit about their quality.

Most of their socks are made of extremely skin-friendly material known as merino wool and selected cotton. When compared to normal wool, merino wool has a much thinner and softer texture.

Along with this, the company always keep updating their technology and introduces new features in their socks. Most often than not, these small changes have proved their worth.

The general opinion of these socks in the market is that they are long-lasting, and rightly so. Unlike your average sock, these last for months at a stretch without shrinking or losing their vibrant colors.

Price of Socks

The average price range of a single pair is 16$ in 2020, and they differ according to their advantages, features, and most importantly, their purpose.

For toddlers aged between 1 to 5, a 4 pack calf or ankle length sock will cost you 20$. The price increases depending on the pack size and features.

Whereas for youth aged between 5 to 11 years, the starting price for a pack of 3 ankle-length socks is 20$, this increases to $30 if you want to buy calf-length sock.

For women, a single pair of ankle or calf size sock starts at $12, whereas quarter size comes at $14, and compression sock at $18. The prices increase with the growing pack size.

For men, a single pair of running, golf, and all-purpose ankle length sock cost $16. Quarter and calf sock $12, and compression sock $18.

Different Styles of Bombas Socks

Ankle, quarter, and calf size socks only just form the tip of the iceberg. From casual wear to sports fanatics, literally, whatever be the case, the company has got your covered.

With Bombas, it is not just about providing socks for every occasion, they carefully design and pick colors for each pair as well. This can be seen through the classy looks in their “dress over the calf” collection, made to be worn with your business formals.

In the men’s section, the socks can be classified according to the activities they are made for. These activities include running, golfing, hiking, basketball, cycling, tennis, ski, snowboarding, all-purpose, casual, and grippers socks for yoga and pilates.

The company even provides compression socks for better blood flow so that you can improve your performance in sports or be comfortable during long flights.

Just like men, even women have the same number of options to choose from. Youth have casual, grippers, ski, snowboarding, and basketball-specific socks, whereas, toddlers have casual, grippers, and lightweight options.

In each category, the socks are available in a wide range of colors, and the designs are age and gender centric in nature.

30 Million+ Pairs Donated

The company has partnered with more than 3,000 non-profits, shelters, and organization for distributing apparel. Their website claims to have donated more than 39 million socks and clothes until July 2020 and still counting.

We as a reviewer can only be awestruck by this staggering number. Undoubtedly the sheer number of lives impacted by them is worth commendable. But that being said, we haven’t let their social cause and good deeds cloud our judgment.

Our reviews hold an honest opinion of the brand’s product quality, which we have experienced after using their socks extensively.

Returns and Exchanges

Returning your Bombas sock is pretty simple. First, you have to place a call to their customer happiness team. Once that’s done, you should receive an email with pre-paid return label.

Take a print out of the label and attach it to the bag with the item you will be returning. Now, along with the bag, you have to send your packing slip (if you still have it) back to them.

Once they receive the product back, your refund should be processed in 3 to 5 business days.

Same with their exchange policy, all you need to do is contact their customer happiness team, who will ask you a few questions, and take care fo the rest.

Final Words

Not many brands have successfully built a business model catering to all sections of society.

The brand has found a fine balance between doing good at the same time being profitable. In today’s world, it is not just about making money anymore.

Along with brands even people like to be a part of something larger than life and giving back. If you are one such individual, we believe Bombas is a perfect option for you.

Even if you not inclined towards social causes, their socks are still one of the best premium range products you can find in the market in 2020.

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