Columbia Bugaboot III Review: Pros & Cons in 2020

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Whether you want an urban style stylish boots to flaunt or a rough and tough pair of boots for your trekking, we’ve got you all covered. Columbia Bugaboot III makes a reliable solution for real outdoorsmen looking for adventure, fashion, and salvation all packed in one. With Bugaboot III, style and comfort go hand in hand.

Whether you are an athlete or fond of hiking on uneven paths, its build-in extreme cushioning absorbs the impacts giving you high energy return. Its heavy insulations guarantee you no frostbites even in snowfalls. Columbia Bugaboot III’s features are detailed below.

My Personal Opinion

In my opinion, the Columbia Bugaboot III is one of the best snow boots for men and women.

This snow boot is made up of durable leather and textile. The sole is made up of rubber that helps you prevent slipping especially when outside for your safety.

It comes between the knee and the ankle and is high enough even for some deep snow conditions. The boots are waterproof and keep you warm even below zero conditions.

This is why the Columbia Bugaboot III is a great pair of boots for many outdoor activities in freezing cold weather. So, make sure to check the customer reviews of the Columbia Bugaboot III.

 Columbia Bugaboot 3
MaterialWaterproof leather
TechnologyOmni-Grip™ suction technology
DesignWaterproof seam-sealed membrane bootie
Insulation200g insulation
Temperature Ratingup to -25F/-32C
Size7 to 17
Color3 color choices
Weight1.5 pounds
PerksTechlite™ lightweight midsole for long lasting comfort and cushioning
PriceSee Current Price

Columbia Bugaboot III Review

Waterproof Leather

Unlike the other winter boots available in the market, Columbia Bugaboot III is 100% waterproof. The upper part of Columbia Bugaboot III comprises high-grade original leather and doesn’t manifest a single stitch; instead, it is molded with a high-tech injection machine to make it seem-sealed. This Full-grain leather is naturally hydrophobic and does not permit moisture or water to penetrate through the outer walls. Additionally, the upper leather lining is designed by Gore-Tex® liner. Gore-Tex® is a fabric membrane that is waterproof, dustproof, and windproof. Therefore, the Gore-Tex® lining makes it impossible for water or moisture to penetrate the boot. The high-grade material and the High-Tec molding procedure keep your feet dry, regardless of rain, snow, or mud.

Omni-Heat Thermal Insulation

Another fantastic feature of Columbia Bugaboot III is the Omni-Heat thermal insulation. It offers exceptional insulation in freezing weather. When you walk or run, your feet generate heat, and Columbia Omni Heat helps you trap and retain that heat inside the boot. This surprisingly odd feature makes Columbia Bugaboot top-notch among all other boots.

The Omni-Heat thermal insulation is a unique multi-layered fiber made from 50% recycled material that offers the highest warmth to weight figure, resulting in an increased warmth and low weight boot. In Columbia Bugaboot III, the inner lining contains metallic dots that retain and regulate the heat with Omni-Heat insulation. Columbia Bugaboot III has 200-gram Omni-Heat thermal insulation to protect your feet from the outdoor climate. Thus, providing you mellow feels and comfort all along your journey, be it heavy rain or snowy area.

Breathable Winter Boots

The feature that marks the Columbia Bugaboot III as the best snow boots in the market is its breathable structure. In contrast to rubber boots, these boots allow air to pass through and cause less perspiration. Its upper part comprises high-grade leather that upholds the boot’s inside atmosphere favorable to your feet. The leather consists of micro-pores that allow small water vapors to pass through but resist large water molecules. In cold weather, it releases extra heat and moisture from time to time, which improves the foot surroundings and makes it ventilated while keeping it warm. It helps prevent foul odor from occurring and avoid fungus growth inside the boot.

Techlite™ Mid Sole

Techlite™ midsole is yet another excellent feature of Columbia Bugaboot III. Techlite midsole is light in weight and highly durable. It yields a soft cushioning that absorbs the impacts and energy return. Columbia Bugaboots owe their success to Techlite massively. Techlite midsole makes Bugaboots long-lasting, lightweight, reliable, and guarantees long-running durability. That means you can continue your long journey on uneven terrains and rough grounds without having to worry about sore feet or foot aches.

Omni-Grip™ Traction Rubber

The Columbia Bugaboot III foot sole incorporates a special kind of rubber. It is equipped with unique formulated Omni-Grip™ traction rubber. It offers a reliable and stable grip on any terrain or ground and allows a firm hold on rock, loose dirt, and gravel.  The traction rubber’s multi-directional molded patterns promote acceleration while walking on uneven paths. Its water traction treatment offers firm resistance in and around water without allowing the slightest of unintentional movement.

The Omni-Grip™ traction rubber is formulated with special compounds for a perfect grip on every surface and is lightweight. Therefore, with your Columbia Bugaboot III, you don’t have to sweat over falling or slipping as your boots are always there to your rescue. The firm grip and light-weightiness that Columbia Bugaboot offers in this price range are hard to find in other pairs of boots in the entire market. 

Orthostep Round Athletic Laces

Shoelaces act as the best and constant partners of your favourite shoes. The right shoelaces help you cover your journey with confidence and style. Columbia Bugaboot III has the Orthostep laces, which are superb for athletic footwear. Unlike the OEM laces, these are excellent and never become entangled.

One of the big issues one faces with these laces is that they go loose while walking or hiking. Excess of pressure on the boot puts tension on the laces, and resultantly the laces don’t remain tight. However, a good pair of hands is all you need to fix this problem, and your laces will be perfectly fit in no time. Its 1/8″ thickness makes it look nifty and smart altogether.

Effortless Cleaning

Columbia Bugaboot III is waterproof; therefore, you can clean them with a high-pressure water hose and gently scrub with any regular detergent. Ornament the boots with wax polish to retain their original shine.

  • High-grade leather skin
  • Injection-molded shell with high-tech molding machines
  • Waterproof seam-sealed construction
  • Waterproof with 200g insulation
  • Techlite™ lightweight midsole
  • Omni-Grip™ non-marking traction rubber
  • Weighs merely 694g
  • Stylish laces for firmer grip
  • Has a stiff skin

Final Words

Columbia Bugaboot III is the best choice for winter season outdoor activities. These are lightweight, waterproof, Omni-Heat insulated, and have the Omni-Grip for a stable and firm grip on almost any surface. These boots keep you warm in the winter season and dry in the rainy season. Plus, you can pair them with your favorite socks for additional warmth and a more suited style. Don’t hesitate to grab a pair of these boots – high-end material, awe-inspiring designs, and premium craftsmanship at such a ‘Wow’ price, is a jackpot to treat upon. 

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